CNN host STUNNED that Boehner would criticize Obama just hours after their face to face meeting

Today Speaker Boehner took to the floor of the House and revealed a report by the Obama administration that admits that for 2 out of 3 small businesses, health care premiums will rise because of Obamacare. Boehner called it another broken promise and a sucker punch to the economy:

Oh the humanity! That Boehner would have the audacity to disrespect the President by criticizing his signature health care law after he took time out of his busy schedule to sit down one on one with the Speaker. How dare he? Boehner should be getting out his prayer rug and aiming at the White House to pray that Obama would be kind to him during the rest of this legislative session!

Seriously though, Brooke Baldwin just heard that whole clip of Boehner talking about how much harm will come to the American people because of Obamacare and all she cares about is Boehner criticizing Obama just hours after their face to face meeting? Is she serious?

And they wonder why people don’t trust them.

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105 thoughts on “CNN host STUNNED that Boehner would criticize Obama just hours after their face to face meeting

  1. Per Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, Congress alone has the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States.

  2. Boehner is old school. He is trying to get things done with compromise, which is what we should expect from a Speaker, but the Imperial President and obstructionist Senate Majority Leader, with help from the press, are making this effort look stupid.

  3. Why Boehner said here does NOT MATTER. He met with OBAMA and they were talking about language for Illegal Immigrants to get their status.

    Boehner is like Obama. Boehner is lying on the floor of the house, and he is just trying to show he looks Conservative.

    Poor Obama and Boehner, this to me was the set up speech of the day.

    Poor Johnny boy just cant’ win with the Liberals, even when he is trying so hard to be just like them, at the same time get re elected saying he is just like Conservatives. The Joke is on US !! but hey he will get re elected, why not after all he is doing a GREAT JOB>

  4. But that’s how the left does it . Good for Boehner it’s time the Right plays they game , and all it takes is the TRUTH .

  5. I’m sure she would have the same opinion if Harry Reid made disparaging remarks about President George W. Bush after meeting with him at the White House.

  6. Boehner announces that the obama, once again in a BIG way lies to the American people, and all these posters attack the Speaker and CNN?


    Pick your fights appropriately America. This fight, on this article, should be about another BIG lie by the worst president ever, not CNN or Boehner.

    1. Good point…but when CNN won’t put it in the words you did, and instead cover for the LIAR, it’s worth commenting on.

  7. Unfortunately we can sit here and type until we’re “Blue in the Face” as far as “John Boehner” is concerned. Technically the only people who have the power to “Defeat” him are the “Ohio Voters” and I’m not quite sure that “State” is capable of removing him quite yet. The “Republican Party” is now starting to resemble “Cockroaches” in which they are “Scrambling” because the “Light Switch” has just been turned on and their every move is being “Observed”. They’re running to the “Left” and they’re running to the “Right” and it’s extremely “Pathetic” to watch. It’s no longer about the people in “John Boehners” eyes, it’s about “John Boehner’s” future. We are now living in a Country “Minus” the “Republican Party” because we no longer “Share” their “Values”. What the “Republican Party” doesn’t understand is that no matter what they do for the “Latinos” or the “Gay Community” they will “NEVER” change their mind into “Voting” Republican. It’s a waste of time and they’re are “Throwing” what’s left of the Republican/Conservative Party and their “Values” right into a “Landfill” never to be seen again. Mitt Romney needs to “Shut” his mouth and move on which he seems to be having a hard time accomplishing because he himself “Thirsts” for “Power” and it’s disgusting to watch.

  8. Hey, John, how’s that IRS “oversight” going? How about getting off your fat, tanned backside and protecting the first amendment from the IRS?

  9. Oh really love how he comes out and makes like he cares about the people. Also the toughness. If he was believable it would almost look like he grew a pair, but we know what happened….. They both had a cigarette or two and a beer or two and Boner sat back and kissed his ass!!!!

  10. If Boehner had only dumped on the TEA party again, Brooke would have glorified him for being so sensible.

    1. Brooke is what is coming out of journalism schools today. You think maybe the young’ns are being indoctrinated these days.

  11. He has a primary opponent, that’s all this is. Its a great sound bite for him to use for his campaign. He is working with Obama and this criminal takeover of our nation. I don’t have any trust for this RINO.

  12. It’s very revealing to know that there are media types out there who would object to someone providing the contents of a hidden administration report to the American people only because it puts Obama in a negative light. Since they wrote the report themselves, it was they who put themselves in a negative light. Somehow I don’t think she would complain if the party affiliations were reversed. There was a time when the media would jump at the chance to publicize a government document like the Pentagon Papers or other secrets. Now that I think about it, such embarrassing publications only seem to be published when a Republican Administration is in power. Funny that.

  13. Is CNN playing bad cop so Boehner can play good cop? Nope, they’re all bad cops. Boehner made sure this ‘sucker punch to the economy’ was funded all the way.

  14. Oh Brooke, maybe he didn’t mean it. Maybe everything is ok and they are still buds and Boehner is just making a show for the rube Tea Party people at home, to make us think he’s actually on our side and not working with Obama behind the scenes to pass amnesty and ensure the political aristocracy he and Obama are a part of rules over us for all eternity.

    Gonna be ok Brooke.

  15. Did Brooke Baldwin have a problem with Obama criticizing Republicans right after meeting with them to discuss the government slowdown? How about Obama criticizing Paul Ryan in a speech he invited Ryan to attend? Or when he criticized the Supreme Court in a State of the Union speech in their presence? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. Due to limited time, Brooke couldn’t address THOSE issues you bring up. Her deepest apologies to you:)

  16. Boehner went “to the house of the floor”? Man, she was shook up by him speaking ill of the President’s crappy Obamacare law.

  17. What does Boehner meeting with Obama have to do with a negative report about Obamacare???? Absolutely Nothing!!!!!!

  18. The slobbering love affair between the MSM and Obama is never ending and always nauseating. Would have this snarky info-b–ch have said the same when Pelosi criticized Bush after a meeting? I know, dumb question.

  19. Typical for CNN no real surprise there. However, Boehner should DO SOMETHING other than let things just keep going on. What exactly? I don’t know but there has got to be something he could do.

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  21. What the hell? Is she saying that Beohner is a bad boy for spilling the beans? Poor Mr. Obama, after being so kind to speak with the House Speaker, look what that nasty republican did. Give me a break. CNN, a pathetic example of socialized journalism.

  22. The masses cannot go against our Emperor! We must not disagree with his decrees! The Emperor has a pen and a phone and knows how to use them! No Boehner fan here but good grief the left is ignorant! But then ignorance is free and they load up with anything that is free!

  23. What is CNN again? I expect school kids won’t know as they are rapidly dying off from defending till broke , or the cameras die. Obama’s cadre of socialist & Marxists.

  24. How dare he?! Frankly, I’m shocked he did it. But, everyone has a breaking point it seems. Lets hope this is a change for Boehner instead of hiding behind his desk.

  25. ” And they wonder why people don’t trust them.” -TRS

    People do trust them. Thats the problem. Happens all day everyday. Dishonesty and omission. Watch the Sunday shows and you’ll find yourself looking for a hanky to wipe the blood from your eye sockets and the hydraulic fluid running out of your ears. When David Gregory interviewed Susan Rice on Benghazi ….it was a disgrace. The questions were ripe for the picking and, thud. Nothing. People watch that **** and actually think its the news. Propaganda.

  26. Obama attacks the GOP everytime he makes a speech. Who do these knucklehead women sleep with at CNN to get these jobs?

    1. Its the sun tan visits, seems all that UV has managed to damage the brain, not that there was to damage to begin with. At the State of the Union, do you recall who had darker skin, Boehner or Hussein? Watch the video…

  27. All theatrics.

    I would not be surprised if obama is letting bonehead rip on him about obamacare to DIVERT attention from the Executive Orders that will be coming related to amnesty which bonehead will agree with.

    Just guessing

  28. “Took to the House of the floor and was in total attack mode …”

    Yeah, this gal … she doesn’t get paid to speak for a living does she? “Took to the House of the Floor?”


  29. After Boehner craved on everything and giving Obama and Reid everything they wanted, I am surprised Boehner’s critical of anything Obama wants or says.

  30. It all depends on which Boehner was at the meeting….the sheepishly delightful Obama golf buddy or the steel-spined criticizer of Conservatives?

    1. I often listen to news and Fox with a set of Turtle Beaches on. You would be surprised how many slurs you can pick up, especially from Boehner.

      Can’t do it with The Five. You can hear Beckel wheezing and grunting in the background.

  31. Just viewed a tweet from Byron York that states all of CNN’s nighttime lineup is down by major margins. Just a matter of time before the whole network implodes. I look forward to that day! As for the good ole’ Speaker…looking forward to when he is gone as well!

  32. When the lap dog bites, it means the show is over.

    Boehner knows his speakership will be done in January unless he rents a backbone.

    1. Oooo, y’all are in fine form tonight! Love it! “rents a backbone.” Oh my, I wish I would have thought of that phrase, nice!

    2. Maybe the D’s will keep him…. Pelosi…Boehner…Pelosi…Boehner…Pelosi…Boehner… What difference does it make at this point?

  33. Can we believe anything John Boehner says? If there was a Republican Senate and President would they repeal Obama Care? I doubt it. They are all for bigger government and trying to pull the wool over our eyes. He talks about sucker punching the American people. What about amnesty? He wants to bring 30 million illegals and new immigrants to America over the next 10 years. There have been numerous studies showing how that would hurt working Americans. It would drive down wages and increase unemployment. Everything this man and the Republican establishment says should be taken with a grain of salt.

  34. Surely Brooke Baldwin can muster a lot more righteous indignation than she had just shown. Too bad the smarmy and disingenuous Brit Piers Morgan is no longer around to tutor her.

  35. With the information age as it is…these political hacks and self-serving other people’s money for themselves…still think the American people are dumb as rocks…granted, there are those…quite a few of them, I’d wager…but their numbers are shrinking…and drunks like Boner will cease to pull the wool over the eyes of the dumbmasses….well, at least I’d like to think so 🙂

  36. I guess you can’t expect much logic from someone who claims that Boehner took to the House of the floor rather than the floor of the House.

  37. So what you are saying hag is that just being in the presence of our dear leader should make us all adore him? Make us not say “anything” that criticizes him? Sorry, but unlike you I do not march in lockstep with you and the rest of the liberal lemmings.

  38. Boehner/Obama – not much difference. Boehner always huffs and grumbles because it’s his job to do so or something… but honestly, he’s a toothless wombat. Who freaking cares what this impotent invertebrate has to say? And CNN/MSNBC – not much difference, should pat Boehner on the butt for the treasonous agreements and support he’s had with Obama all the way. Seriously, they should get it! Boehner puts on a show, then turns right around and votes WITH Obama or gives him EVERYTHING he wants. It’s all part of the Backstabber Two-Step. They ought to know that!
    But liberals are in full defense mode right now – they have to squelch ANY discontentment or truth speak… after all, Obama’s useful idiots are up for reelection. CNN and MSNBC must do their part. So, I don’t give two squats what feigned outrage these liberal rags spew out against anyone who defies their deity. And believe me… the stuff conservatives have to say about Boehner is likely a 1000x worse. He’s Number 1 (or is that Number 2?) on our list of blackballed (no racial pun intended) RINOs who will be fired in the upcoming elections. He’s WORSE than Demoncraps… and the toilet flushes in a few short months.

  39. Boehner’s only problem is he doesn’t go on the floor of the House every frikken day, and criticize this disastrous administration. It’s time to step up and be a leader John.

    1. I agree

      Which further shows that Boehner is NOT a leader and doesn’t really give a crap about the Citizens!

      AND what was her point? – Obama IS a liar – Has anyone told the CNN crew?

      1. Gasp! Obama is a liar??? OMG!!! /sarc

        I can not believe you called him a liar in public!!! Not good… not good at all!

    2. No, no, no. Boehner has many more problems than that, the first of which is his ability to cry on cue. If he spent the totality of EVERY day criticizing the Odministration, that would be a start to putting our great nation back on track. As it is, he’s only doing this now b/c mid-terms are right around the corner, and he can smell bacon.

    3. Really…really… Boehner has had three years to stand up and is still on his knees sucking up to Obuma’s Crown in the hope Obuma might spare him…maybe parade him around as Court Jester or something.

  40. Ok, what’s the problem? Boehner has been burned by Obama so many times and now hat he is standing up to the little dictator CNN has a problem with that? No wonder CNN has some of the worse ratings ever. There is only one other network worse, MSNBC. Besides, just give Boeher a minute, he’ll back down.

    1. Its an election year… They all will pretend to stand until they get reelected and then fall back to their knees.

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