CNN host to Christian group rep: How does serving a gay wedding violate your Christian faith?

This brow-beating by CNN’s Chris Cuomo of a Christian group representative, a senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, is something that all Christians should watch. You can skip the debate about the Indiana law if you want and start at the 5 minute mark because that’s where Cuomo begins arguing that serving a gay couple with regard to their wedding doesn’t violate your Christian faith:

Chris Cuomo doesn’t seem to understand that a Christian baking a cake for a gay wedding or photographing a gay wedding is a violation of the Christian faith. Cuomo argues that if you disagree with gay marriage, that’s a personal decision and that serving a gay couple in this manner has nothing to do with your Christian faith. He even says that Christ called us to ‘love, love, love’ until it hurts as a defense of his position, otherwise you are just judging people or something.

What a joke!

As a former wedding photographer myself, I can tell you that for me to participate in a gay wedding would be me saying that I condone the union of these two gay individuals and that is simply something I cannot do. The Bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin and when merging that with the act of marriage, a holy union God created for male and female, photographing such an ungodly union or baking a wedding cake for such a union would be participating in a flagrant public act of disobedience to God and giving it my seal of approval. As I said, I cannot do that.

I’m not sure why this is so difficult for Chris Cuomo to get through his thick head, especially given that he claims he is a Christian. But this is the argument that ‘equality advocates’ are trying to make mainstream in order to continue the oppression of Christians in business for the sake of the homosexual agenda. And it’s disgusting.

Anti-discrimination laws do violate the First Amendment if they prohibit me from practicing my religion, whether at home or in business. Period.

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