CNN Legal Analyst: This autopsy report changes everything…

CNN Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos says that this autopsy report seems to change the narrative from a ‘fleeing’ Michael Brown to a Michael Brown who was facing the officer when he was shot. Cevallos noted that based on the pre-autopsy report narrative, we should have seen a few shots to the back. And while one or two wounds could have come from the rear, it appears now that Brown was shot as he was facing the officer. He says if that is true it completely changes the legal analysis of this case:

If you remember on the surveillance footage from the store, Michael Brown did turn and charge the clerk after he assaulted him to leave the store. I have no idea at this point whether Brown was on drugs or not, but he clearly had already shown aggressive behavior that night.

And now that we see the guns shot wounds may have all come from the front, along with the video account discovered yesterday suggesting Brown charged the officer, it seems likely that six gun shot wounds could be explained by the officer feeling his life was in danger. After all, he was alone at the time of the encounter and Brown was a big dude.

And really, it makes so much more sense for there to be six gunshot wounds in Brown’s front as opposed to his rear and that seems more consistent with how a police officer would have reacted than the execution narrative going around last week.

There’s still so much we don’t know but already the narrative seems to be shifting to the officer’s favor. We’ll see what happens when more evidence comes out.

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