CNN liberal EQUATES Christians to gay-murdering ISIS supporter, why not?

It really blows my brilliant brown mind just how far liberals have to shove their own heads up their Obamas in order to try to make sense of their irrational principles. In this case, well known liberal idiot Sally Kohn is FORCED to equate Christians refusing to bake cakes for gays to a guy pulling out an AR-15 and mowing down 50 gays in cold blood.

No, really:

You see? It’s ALL THE SAME. This is the previous tweet that illuminates what she’s equating:

So when we pass bills to keep men out of little girls’ bathrooms, we’re just as bad as a guy who murdered 50 gay people. When we pass a law saying that a Christian doesn’t have to bake a cake for a gay wedding if they don’t want to, that’s JUST AS EVIL as an Islamist MURDERING people!!

Thus it follows that you CANNOT paint all Muslims with the same perfidy from one Muslim extremist, but you DAMN WELL BETTER equate EVERY Christian with ANY EVIL that a Muslim commits!!! LOL!!!

Isn’t that amazing? I don’t think she’s actually this stupid. I think she has to force herself to think stupid things because she’s so invested in her idiotic liberal ideology.

Pretty impressive self-delusion, I have to admit.

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