CNN mocks the way Trump drinks water… [VIDEO]

I guess CNN is really embracing the ‘fake news’ moniker that Trump has given them, so much so that they are now mocking the way he drinks water from a cup (via Mediaite):

I’m not suggesting Trump has any health issues, but it is true that sometimes older people get arthritis in their hands and it makes it more difficult to do normal, everyday tasks such as drinking a cup of water or unscrewing a lid, or even pulling the trigger on a handgun.

CNN doesn’t even acknowledge this reality as they mock the way Trump drinks from his glass, with Cuomo even suggesting that he, himself, holds a glass ‘like a man’ with one hand.

I know Trump mocked Rubio last year during the campaign as he was entertaining people at his rally, but honestly that was worth a little mocking. Heck even Rubio has mocked it himself.

This is a bit different and even if it deserves a little mocking, which I think it doesn’t, CNN shouldn’t be the ones doing the mocking.

Consider this an open thread. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one, so go nuts.

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