CNN, Morning Mika and Kellyanne Conway in snarky Twitter FEUD over her ‘credibility’

You may have noticed a lack of Kellyanne Conway’s visage and “alternative facts” on your CNN channel this weekend, and it’s not an accident – according to the New York Times, she was dropped over credibility issues:

Some, like the New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen, were calling upon the television networks to stop booking her. And CNN declined to have her as a guest on Sunday — in part because the Trump administration offered her in lieu of Vice President Mike Pence, but also because of what the network told me were “serious questions about her credibility.”

But HOLD UP!! Kellyanne Conway says there’s an alternative fact reason why she didn’t appear!!

She did it for family reasons, you lying fake news liars and purveyors of mendacity!!

CNN reiterated their claim that she was lying to save face:

You ain’t right, CNN, you ain’t right!!!

And of course, angry Clinton-lover Mika Brzezinski decided to walk by nonchalantly and stab Conway with the heel of her stiletto:

“Rawwwr!” This kitten has claws!! <--- Is something a very sexist writer would say, and certainly not anyone at the Right Scoop, I assure you. The "Morning Joe" crew seemed to be out of sorts with the Trump admin - just a while ago Conway called reporting by Joe Scarborough “sexist” and Trump even tweeted a threat about revealing something that sounded very much like cheating rumors on the show. SO much drama!!!

So will Kellyanne Conway ever appear on CNN again? Will she be banned from “Morning Joe” too??!? Stay tuned for the conclusions, on “As the World Trumps!!”

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