CNN says evidence reveals that George Zimmerman is not a racist

Something I think most of us already suspected, but it’s good to see the evidence already bear it out. But the thing that miffed me about this video is the hack lawyer for Trayvon Martin’s family setting up a straw man that Zimmerman shot Martin because he was wearing a hoodie. But that’s not why he shot him at all. In fact the police said that Zimmerman’s actions were based on Martin’s attire AND the total circumstances of the encounter AND the previous burglary suspects in the community. It’s only this hack-lawyer that spins the report as Zimmerman shooting Martin because of a hoodie.

From everything we know, Zimmerman shot Martin because he was on top of him pounding his face in the concrete and Zimmerman reacted to save is own life. And that’s likely going to be difficult to disprove with all the witness testimony.

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