CNN’s Vital And Serious Missing Plane Analysis Continues To Be Vital And Serious And Not Dumb. And Also Awesome

This CNN panel guest is offended by the use of flippant and childish terms that, really, minimize the seriousness of the situation and imply negatives that are not yet in evidence. Saying things like ‘zombie plane’ is frankly offensive, he thinks, and lets the rest of the panel guests and the host know that he, for one, will not stoop to the level of using such childish and sensationalistic terms. This is a story about a serious incident, involving serious problems, not some silly black hole nonsense, and doggonit, it should be dealt with seriously, not played up for ratings with inflammatory language. Here is his suggestion:

[flowplayer id=”93978″]

“I prefer to call it a ghost plane.”


This … is CNN.

h/t Paula Bolyard

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