Coach BANNED from school for what he said about THUGS beating a special needs kid!!

A volunteer coach was banned from the school where he helped kids by some IDIOT of a super-intendant who CAVED like a coward before irrational calls from the mob that the coach was a racist.

What did he do?

Well, the coach saw a video online of two pathetic maggots beating on a 16-year-old student with special needs – and he called them “thugs.”

That’s IT! That’s all he did!!!

Watch below:


A youth wrestling coach is under fire and his program banned from using Ringgold School District facilities after he used the term “thugs” in a post on Facebook.

Coach Doug Conroy says he used the word to describe the actions of a pair of high school football players accused in a locker room brawl. Conroy added that the word ‘thugs’ to him means someone who is violent and had nothing to do with race.

The Ringgold School District has called on the Lil Rams Wrestling program to remove Conroy as coach and plans to ban the team from using school facilities until that happens.

Conroy and the parents who support him argue he hasn’t been given a chance to explain and that the district is rushing to judgment.

It is really disgusting when the mother of one of the maggots can whine about the supposed “racism” of this coach when she raised a piece of worthless crap that would attack a special needs kid.

The reporter said they tried to talk to the superintendent and they refused to comment. They need to be fired. Yesterday.

I’m seeing some reports that the parents are supporting the coach, but I would REALLY like to see a national uproar over this. There ARE cases of real racism, and this is NOT IT. Yes, some people use the word “thug” as a substitute for racial epithets – but in this case, he’s just calling a thug a THUG.

Somebody organize a national outrage to save this coach, I’m busy.

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