Colorado baker ordered to make wedding cakes for gay couples, Baker says “I will stand by my convictions”

The courts are continuing their persecution of Colorado baker Jack Phillips for not selling wedding cakes to gay couples. And now they are ordering him to not discriminate:

9 NEWS – A state panel ordered a Colorado baker to stop discriminating against gay couples if he wants to continue to make wedding cakes as part of his business.

Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission on Friday upheld a judge’s ruling that baker Jack Phillips cannot refuse to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples. The panel says doing so violates state laws prohibiting businesses from discriminating against gay people.

Phillips is a devout Christian who says he will make other cakes for gay couples but not ones for weddings. He was sued by a gay couple after refusing to make a cake for their reception.

The commission also ordered Phillips’ business, Masterpiece Cake Shop of Lakewood, Colo., to make quarterly reports for two years on any anti-discrimination training for staff and on any other gay couples turned away. Phillips can appeal the ruling to the state court of appeals, but his attorneys said Friday no decision has been made about whether to take that step.

Phillips says at the moment, his bakery has simply ceased making wedding cakes.

Asked whether he would continue to operate his business if he had to create wedding cakes for same-sex couples, Phillips said “I will stand by my convictions until somebody shuts me down.”

Once again, this is a big reason I am not in favor of gay marriage. Christians have a right to believe that homosexuality is a perversion of the union God created between man and woman and we don’t deserve to be persecuted for it. It is indeed our First Amendment right to do so in America.

If a gay couple really wants a wedding cake, they can always find another bakery that will support them. But as with this couple, it’s clear their goal wasn’t simply to get a wedding cake, but to force their perversion on people who don’t agree with it.

I stand with Jack Phillips.

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