Coptic Christian to Hannity: Sending F-16s and tanks to Morsi is like sending them to Osama bin Laden

Apart from a very thick accent, this is a great call. A Coptic Christian who lives in the US called into Hannity’s radio show today asking how the American people would feel if America was sending tanks and F-16s to Osama bin Laden – would there be outrage? He asks because he says Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Morsi are exactly the same. And he says the tanks we’re sending to Egypt are being used to oppress Coptic Christians.

He also points out something that I’ve been unaware of in the past, that apparently we are giving Egypt four Fast Missile Craft ships which cost the American people 2 billion dollars. He says 2 are back in Miss. getting repaired and Egyptians are there with them. You can read more about that here.

But the bottom line is that he feels Americans should be outraged, that people in Congress should get angry and explain to the American people what is really going on here.


UPDATE: Sadly, this is related. Ugh:

Egypt and the United States held a joint ceremony today in Cairo to mark the delivery of new F-16 aircraft to the Egyptian Air Force, confirming the two nations’ joint commitment to regional security.

“Today’s ceremony demonstrates the firm belief of the United States that a strong Egypt is in the interest of the U.S., the region, and the world,” said U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne W. Patterson. “We look to Egypt to continue to serve as a force for peace, security, and leadership as the Middle East proceeds with its challenging yet essential journey toward democracy.”

The U.S. delivery of four aircraft is part of a group of 20 F-16s that will arrive in Egypt over the course of the year. To date, the U.S. has delivered 224 F-16 aircraft to Egypt.

“Our thirty-four year security partnership is based upon shared interests and mutual respect,” said Ambassador Patterson. “The United States has long recognized Egypt as an indispensible partner.”

The F-16s are part of the $1.3 billion in the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program from the U.S. in annual military and security assistance to improve Egypt’s defensive capabilities and support Egypt’s contributions to regional security that counter terrorist threats.

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