Craigslist ad offered as PROOF protesters are being PAID at Trump rallies!

I’m seeing Trumpbots tweeting these images in support of the idea that someone is paying off protesters:

Here are the images close up:


craigslist ad 02

Isn’t that outrageous?!?! I can’t believe this is happening in America!! Call the Department of Justice!! Call the Army!! Call the Marines!! Let’s invade something and set this right!!

Except one thing – anyone can post something like that in just a few minutes. None of these people actually checked to see if this is a real post. I wouldn’t be surprised if Roger Stone answered when you called the number.

In fact, I happened to find an ad for people paying for PRO-TRUMP protesters!! I can’t believe it!!


This is ABSOLUTE proof that someone is hiring pro-Trump protesters!!! CALL THE MARINES!!!

Right? Yes?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Oh, also… have an open thread and go NUTS!!!

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