CRUZ: Trump is a VERY SORE LOSER and he’s WORRIED that people will call him Losin’ Donald!

Ted Cruz was on with Glenn Beck Radio Show this morning for a sit down interview, where he blasted Trump as a very sore loser and one who wakes up in the middle of the night in cold sweats worried that people will call him losin’ Donald.

He said Trump’s temper tantrum over Colorado is absolutely ridiculous and went on to explain that the process was indeed fair and that 65,000 people voted in Colorado.

I’ve transcribed the good bits, but listen to the whole interview to catch more:

Look this is real simple, Donald is a very sore loser. He doesn’t handle losing well and he throws a fit. He is crying, screaming and yelling, and he insults people and he curses at people and he attacks people, when he loses. He behaves like a child, as Anderson Cooper pointed out, like a 5-year-old.

The simple reality is there have been eleven elections in four states across the country and we have beaten Donald Trump in all eleven elections. Donald is panicking, he’s scared.

You know Donald loves to call people a loser. Donald wakes up at night in cold sweats that people will call him Losin’ Donald. That is his ultimate fear.

The temper tantrum that Donald is throwing over Colorado is really ridiculous. Because they just didn’t have one election, they had eight elections in Colorado. They had one in each of the seven congressional districts and then they had a statewide convention. I was at the convention. Six thousand people at the convention were packed in there and voted statewide. In the eight elections, Donald Trump lost all eight. The elected 34 delegates and we won all 34.

Part of the reason Donald lost is he didn’t show up. I went and spoke at the convention. I went and asked the voters for their votes. Donald was supposed to go but he canceled because he realized he was gonna lose, that he didn’t have the support in Colorado. So he ran away scared and now he’s just making up nonsense.

Do you know how many people voted in the state of Colorado? 65,000 people voted. He’s screaming about stealing election. 65,000 people voted, they just did’t vote for Donald. They voted for our campaign instead and Donald can’t handle it, he’s scared. And so his response is to whine and cry and attack and complain.

He’s willing to say things that he knows are false. He’s willing to say things regardless of the consequences.

There’s another half to the interview that I will post in a bit, so be sure and check back later.

UPDATE: Here’s the remaining portion of the interview. I have it cued up to just after the 6 minute mark:

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