Cuomo: No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer

Personally I don’t hunt, but hunting isn’t what the 2nd amendment is about. And it’s people like Cuomo that make these stupid deer-hunting arguments to dumb-down the 2nd amendment and the reason for owning guns in the first place, to convince people to accept tighter gun restrictions using ill-informed logic:

NEWSMAX – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fiery State of the State speech pushed the state onto the national stage over gun control and other progressive issues that some observers said better positioned the governor for a possible 2016 run for president.

“The tragic events of just the last few weeks in Newtown, Conn., and West Webster, N.Y., have indelibly taught us guns can cut down small children, firefighters and policemen in a moment,” Cuomo said in his third State of the State address on Wednesday.

“No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer,” he said. “End the madness now!”

Cuomo called for tougher state bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines of ammunition in a bolstering of the state’s gun control laws, already some of the most restrictive in the nation.


The 2nd amendment is about the people protecting themselves from a tyrannical government which means our guns should be as good as theirs. It’s that simple.

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119 thoughts on “Cuomo: No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer

  1. I worked as a Suffolk County police officer for 20 years until I retired. The best thing I ever did was escape from New York and move to South Carolina six and half years ago. The police do a great job but you cannot depend on them to protect you. The police do their best but unfortunately by the time they arrive to your house you’ll either be dead or seriously injured that is why people need to take measures to protect themselves. That is why I support the right for every law abiding citizen to have access to as many guns and his many rounds of ammo as they believe is necessary to protect themselves.

    I would be willing to bet that the police that protect Cuomo have magazines with a higher capacity then Cuomo is willing to allow the average law-abiding citizen to have.

    By the way I do not own any high-capacity magazines all my magazines are normal capacity the 30, 50 and 100 round magazines I own are all normal capacity magazines.

  2. No one needs more than 16 ounces of soft drink either!
    Are Cuomo and Bloomberg somehow related? Or perhaps New York’s water fluoridation process ran amok at sometime in their youth.
    The only real solution to this “gun problem” is to repeal Boyle’s Law. Should have never been passed to begin with.

  3. First, the 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting. Its about protecting our freedom. Its about preventing tyranny.

    Now, if it were about hunting. “No one hunts with an assault rifle.” Wrong. Absolutely. 100’s of thousands of people hunt with “assault rifles.” He goes on to say no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. The Ruger 10-22 is one of the best selling guns in America, and comes standard with a 10 round magazine. There is no factory magazine with a 7 cartridge limit for this gun. All tube fed .22’s carry more than 10 rounds. So many if not most .22 rifles now on the market are illegal to own or sell in New York. So much for a kid saving lawn mowing money to buy himself his first .22 hunting rifle…

    The .223 round is very popular for hunting all sorts of game; from fox and coyotes to deer. The Ruger Mini-14 is chambered in this calaiber, and is a target of the so called assault rifle ban. I have hunted with this gun and know many others who have. So its a total falsehood that “no one hunts with assault rifles.”

    But this argument isn’t about hunting; its about our constitutional right to fight against tyranny. So who will now exercise that right?

  4. Cuomo is not only wrong but he is wrong. It does take some people 10 bullets to shoot a deer. I have seen it happen. And much more importantly, unless I missed it, the second amendment never mentions the word deer or hunting.

  5. He sounded like an absolute idiot screaming this…like he thought of the most unique comment to date on the subject!!! Stupid gutless politicians!!! reactionary this is all this is…people act with your own opinion not with what makes the person next you happy…

  6. 1) Who the hell are YOU to decide how big my clip is?
    2) Typical BS from the extreme Left. New york, you are idiots and deserve everything this
    piece of trash does to you. That goes for every Obama voter in the US. You will get what
    you voted for – TYRANNY.
    3) If he wants to try to take my weapons & ammo, I invite him to TRY. We’ll be waiting.
    My neighborhood is already organizing to defend each other.

  7. I guess Mr. Cuomo doesn’t know that we need 10 bullets, 20 bullets, 30 bullets, 100 bullets to protect us from tyranny. That would be the type of control and authority over the populace that Mr. Cuomo espouses! Don’t give up your CONSTITUTIONALLY guaranteed 2nd Amendment rights.

  8. Cuomo doesn’t tell me crap since he is not a king and I’m not his peasant. However, he can come to Texas and kiss my ass. We are still the land of the free and the home of the brave even though some states elect mongoloid idiots.

  9. The late, great Win Rockefeller — former lieutenant governor of Arkansas — made one of the best points about the Second Amendment I’ve heard in the past decade. He was speaking to a group of students at the University of Arkansas when one of them observed that “no one really needs a gun.”

    “You don’t need free speech,” Rockefeller replied. “Need’s got nothing to do with it. It’s a right.”

      1. Good idea — I’ve used that quote for years. It’s rare to run across an elected official who actually understands the Bill of Rights and that it was written specifically to curb government power.

  10. Our government preaches about having extra water, food, batteries etc., in case of an emergency. I have taken their advice and am always prepared with extra ammo as well. Where I keep it is my business.
    This logic is so simple it hurts to think otherwise.

  11. The 2nd amendment is about the people protecting themselves from a Democratic Party government which means our guns should be as good as theirs. It’s that simple.

    Fixed it.

  12. I don’t own any “High Capacity” magazines, the 15 round magazines I have for my Sig are Standard Capacity, they are the magazine designed for and sold with the sidearm, so they are “Standard”. The 30 round STANAG magazines for my AR are the Standard Issue magazines. Now, I could go out and purchase a 100 round BETA Magazine for my AR and yes, you could label that as a “High Cap Mag”. However they are a seriously heavy unit when loaded up, which is why I forego that option and they’re kind of silly in my own opinion, if you choose to go with one, well you’re the one that has to carry it so it’s no skin off my nose. The point is this, we should not play the “gun grabber’s” game, my AR is a semi automatic rifle, not an “Assault Rifle”. It is not a Military Rifle, it is a Replica of a Military Rifle. I don’t have “High Caps”, I have Standard Cap Mags. The terms for and nomenclature of firearms are defined, stick to those definitions and don’t allow them to “redefine” the terms.

  13. The founders made it clear that the second Amendment was all about preventing a tyrannical government from taking over. That’s all it is for. High-capacity magazines and all the other pathetic leftist excuses for dilluting our ability to protect ourselves are non sequiturs.

  14. If Andrew Cuomo ever kills a deer, it will be his driver that hits one in his limo. Otherwise get your tail out in the woods and see how easy it is Andy.

  15. Cuomo,
    You are a STUPID, STUPID man. The second amendment is NOT about hunting. And YES we do nee 10 rounds of some caliber bullets to stop some people, not everyone is of the same weight or build.
    It is not about hunting, it is about stopping those who are trying to harm us. And you can take that any way you want.

  16. These people are dumber than a box of rocks. Now they want a limit on how much you can protect yourself. If you can’t take down a would-be killer in six shots, it’s your own freaking fault and too freaking bad. A group? Well, I guess the joke’s on you because your life isn’t important enough for us to allow you enough bullets to fend off all of them. If we allow you ten bullets, you’ll kill everyone in the neighborhood because hey, if you have a gun you’re going to use it.

    Complete idiots. I don’t know what their logic is, but to hell with them. We have to shut them down.

  17. Mr. Cuomo, I want my gun to hold as many rounds as I need to keep shooting until the perp drops. Sir can you tell me how many that will be?

  18. Interesting that Cuomo and the other politicians that want Gun Control have full protection from people that have an arsenal of Guns. They just want OUR Guns, controlled.

  19. Spoken like a true global authoritarian and by someone who obviously hasn’t done a lot of hunting. Classic gun-grabbing response that can be easily debunked. Hey Governor Coma, ever run into a bear while hunting? Ever run into a badger? How many bullets do you think it takes to take one of those down? Certain calibers of ammunition will not fully penetrate the hide of one of those creatures and .38 caliber bullets have been known to bounce right off of the skull of a bear, especially a Grizz. Did you ever see this video, Governor Coma?

    Granted, there aren’t African lions roaming the countryside. The point is, compared to a Grizzly or Kodiak, a lion is smaller and lighter. Most of the men in the video were using rifles and if you noticed, some were high-powered rifles with scopes. The muzzle velocity of a rifle is much different than that of a pistol and so are the rounds used. How many shots did it take to kill the lion and how many people were shooting? Now, if you were by yourself in the woods just innocently hunting a deer or elk and you saw a huge bear and that bear charged at you, would you use a rifle or a pistol to shoot the bear? What would the caliber of the pistol be and how many shots do you think it would take to defend yourself against the bear? With smaller bears, pepper spray or something similar might work to stave them off, but that is no guarantee that a bear will not dismiss it and charge again. One has to be prepared for any contingency.

    So the answer to your argument Governor Coma, is that it would be necessary to carry a pistol or other weapon capable of taking high-capacity magazines for SELF DEFENSE. It is what is called a contingency plan, which is what a prepared person would do if he or she plans to go on a hunting expedition. Those in law enforcement and the military would also vehemently disagree with you, Governor Coma and for obvious reasons.

  20. The Rifleman was an American Western television program starring Chuck Connors as homesteader Lucas McCain. I’m sure Gov. Cuomo would label Lucas McCain’s 120 year old rifle, a Winchester Model 1892, as an assault weapon because it could hold 11 rounds.

    BTW, according Connecticut is ranked as having the fifth-toughest gun-control laws in the country by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, with a score of 58 out of 100 points.

    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

    Thus, tougher gun laws wouldn’t haven’t prevented the Newtown horrific tragedy.

  21. Its a stupid point. Is 9 rounds ok then? I love these stupid lefty politicians “I have a gun too…!” (after a quick call to the house keeper “hey, what’s the brand name on that old shotgun in the attic?”) – would like to see the guy go out with it… it would be like Kerry on one of his trips where he was fumbling around trying to figure out which end was the dangerous one.

  22. No honest person could ever think that the second amendment was about hunting. Period.
    The constitution was written by men afraid of big government, as a document specifically designed to LIMIT government and distribute power to the people, and the bill of rights, which the second amendment was specifically added as a single right by itself, was added specifically as an extra and redundant protection and limits against the government they just finished limiting…

    …and they think its about “hunting”?

    Here’s your sign.

    This is the exact discussion I use with my neighbors, and they stand there for a minute, and slowly they look at me like “I’ve been lied to my whole life…”

    Works great in Socratic method too. Ask them and correct the answers:

    For hunting? K… then…
    What is the purpose of the constitution?
    Why did they write it?
    What did they just get done fighting a war against?
    What is the purpose of the bill of rights?
    Do you still think it is about “hunting”?

    If they are logical or honest at all, you’ll get to watch a sunrise in their eyes as reason ignites. It helps to hand them a copy of the constitution when you do this. Let them discover it, it makes it harder for them to deny that way.

  23. Cuomo and the rest of his ilk are using this meme of ‘nobody needs ten bullets to kill a deer’ because it unconsciously appeals to the feelies on the left, who are sure to be for disarming everybody so that the deer can be ‘saved’.

    It is a cheap, emotional trick, but it nicely takes the eyes of the feelies away from the actual words of the 2nd Amendment and what they really mean.

  24. Along with James Madison, George Mason is called the “Father of the United States Bill of Rights.” Like anti-federalist Patrick Henry, he was a leader of those who pressed for the addition of explicit States rights and individual rights to the U.S. Constitution as a balance to the increased federal powers.

    His concerns included deterring tyrannical government, repelling invasion, suppressing insurrection, facilitating a natural right of self-defense and enabling the people to organize a militia system. His efforts eventually succeeded in convincing the Federalists to add the first ten amendments of the Constitution known as the Bill of Rights, were based on the earlier Virginia Declaration of Rights, which Mason had drafted in 1776.

    Of course a lefty like Cuomo will not be beholden to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights which define the rights of the people and states. To progressives our founding documents are no-longer needed and just get in the way of the government determining what’s in our best interests as Americans. That’s why a progressive like Cuomo has found common ground with a ‘Blue Dog’ Senator Joe Manchin who was the first I heard use the foolhardy “10 bullets to kill a deer” spin. BTW, ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ have no voice in their party and are used as tools of the lefties.

    Since I live in New York, I decided I will be buying new a gun and some larger magazines. Let’s see if the far left lunatics like Cuomo have the cojones to try to take fire arms from we the people.

  25. Well to be honest, Im not a real fan of killing animals….at least the not the four legged kind.

    Play nice in the neighborhood and everything should be ok. But just in case….We’d like to be prepared, thank you.

  26. TRS couldn’t have stated it better.

    How do you get to be governor, and spew such ignorance on such a fundamental and simply worded law?

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to control the deer population….wait a second…

    1. Hey, Orangeone, did you see the bit of Maobamacare where Harry Reid had added that the feds may not collect info on legal ownership of weapons or ammo in the Maobamacare bill?

      1. I did!  And I’m still ROFL!!!! Oh Harry is piddin’ on the floor and someone better be labeling that hazardous material 🙂

        1. Funny, isn’t it? Now, I also heard that they have stricken the CARE (long term care) portion of Maobamacare down. Isn’t that just one large unseparable bill? And if so, doesn’t that mean that Maobamacare is no longer law?

          BTW, GREAT to have you back.

          1. The long-term care was pulled.  The study of it is in the fiscal cliff law.  I don’t know if there are lawsuits on this or not, check FreedomWorks, I think they track the lawsuits.

            1. But isn’t it part of Maobamacare? and wasn’t that written as a single, unseparable bill? So, if one part is repealed it’s all repealed.

              1. I’m not sure.  I only read the 2,700 page bill once 🙂 and long-term care was not my focus, it was the 21 tax provisions.

                1. You only read the whole 2700 page bill once? That is shameful!!

                  Just pulling your chain, Darlin’.


                2. I know and somehow I missed the registration provision Scoop rec’d the shoutout from Rush for. Gotta find time to re-read it.

    2. Ha! I live in Wyoming and we don’t have to have a license to conceal and carry. That law was passed almost a couple of years ago.

      I’m glad they are protecting our Second Amendment rights; however, they’re kicking the idea around on raising our fuel taxes by 10 cents per gallon. We do have some of the cheapest fuel prices in the country, but I don’t want to pay more just because our lawmakers think there is room to move on the premise that we already pay less for fuel than those in other states. That smacks of “redistribution” to me.

      Anyway, I believe our gun laws serve a dual purpose. One, to protect our Constitutional rights and two, to make it less attractive for leftist environmentalists, gun-grabbers, et al to move and reside in Wyoming…Jackson Hole aside, since it is really the only town in Wyoming that is occupied by a bunch of left-wing types.

      1. At least they are willing to keep the feds at bay.  Do you have enough support to get the conceal and carry included in this legislation?  Would love to see it tied to the consortium with MN or the one with FL so when we test we could carry in your state.

        1. They do have enough support to include it. Whether they will or not is another story. If WY could tie in with other states, I don’t see anything that would prevent that here. It depends on the leadership and the amount of support here, which is usually on the pro-Constitution side.

  27. Mario, you don’t understand I don’t need bullets to kill a deer but I may to stop a criminal or someone like you from the govt.

  28. You might if you’re a really bad shot. . .. Sorry, I couldn’t let it go. Cuomo is a freedom-strangling dictator-in-training, who hates the Bill of Rights, not to mention the rest of the Constitution. I’m not surprised at this at all.

    1. I hope he goes batcrap crazy with it. It’ll lessen the likelihood of him being our next President (theoretically).

  29. Anyone thinking about joining the NRA, better hold off. It appears that they might be on the verge of selling us out again,just like they did in the Thirties and in 1968 with the GCA and then again with the Assault Weapons Ban in the nineties. Not to mention supporting numerous dems like Harry Reid and Joe Manchin. They have done little to nothing other than piggyback of the works of Great Second Ammendment attorney’s like Allen Gura who got us the Heller Decision,while the NRA did not want to get involved. Pass on this ‘Wait and see’ to anyone you might know who is thinking about becoming an NRA member.

    1. I, my brother, and several of my friends are with Gun Owners of America and I haven’t been a member of the NRA for a few years now.

  30. It isn’t about killing deer or hunting. It’s about protecting your liberty. The 2nd Amendment wasn’t put in to satisfy hunters, but to give us the right to shoot at people who endanger our liberty (government or criminals, or otherwise, though the first two are often one in the same.)

  31. “The tragic events of just the last few weeks in Newtown, Conn., and West Webster, N.Y., have indelibly taught us guns can cut down small children, firefighters and policemen in a moment,” – Cuomo

    It shows how little you know about guns, then, Governor. Any responsible gun owner already knew that fact. That’s why gun knowledge and gun safety is paramount when owning a gun. Only people ignorant of guns are afraid of guns.

    “No one hunts with an assault rifle.” – Cuomo

    Correct, for once. I hunt with my shotgun. However, I own an AR-15 to stop the bad guys, should they ever stupidly decide that my belongings are better in their house than in mine.

    I also own a 9mm semi-automatic handgun with a 17 cartridge magazine. Why, you ask? To get me to my big guns, that’s why.

    1. Right, right, right!

      Cuomo is a dumb dingbat unfamiliar with the real world. I want as many rounds as possible with the largest magazine available.

      Deer don’t break into your house and rape your wife and kids do they you stupid SOB! (talking to Cuomo here) I want to be able to defend my home regardless of how many are coming at me. Whether it’s a gang of OWS’ers, black panthers or commies.

      THAT, is what the highly accurate, semi-automatic guns with large mags are for.

      I just bought a new one today in fact. Set me back well over a thousand dollars. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It is absolutely beautiful too and my best buds are already green with envy.

      1. My rifle’s name is Misty, as in, “Play Misty for me.” And I LOVE her. She is BEAUTIFUL, accurate, trustworthy, loaded and MINE.

        That last word is for the feds.

        She is a beauty. A 1987 Remington 700 classic, hand checkered walnut stock, .257 Roberts with about a 2″ drop at 300 yards.

        A shooters rifle.

        1. My new one is a Bushmaster .223 AR-15, 20″ target barrel, flat top.

          It looks brand new. Has had about a hundred rounds fired through it. I called the guy this morning and said “I’ll take it” before I even saw it. I was pleasantly surprised, and willingly pealed off 15 Benjamins for it.


        2. Oh my!

          If that movie doesn’t scare you nothing will when it comes to derranged stalker dates. Our son had a girl somewhat stalking him after he went out with her a couple times, and I recommended he watch it when he was still “nice” to her when she continued to harrass him on/off…even after a couple years.

  32. It’s a Bill of Rights not a Bill of Needs. There’s lots of things in life we don’t necessarily need, but we have them because we have the freedom to do so. And who is to decide we need or don’t need?

  33. Hey Mario, the 2nd ammendment has nothing to do with deer hunting. It is for the purpose of destroying our government when they get out of control. Cuomo, you are one stupid POS.

  34. You need 10 bullets to stop home invaders which usually come in pairs.

    Cuomo is disgusting. He is mouthing the propaganda talking points of progressive totalitarianism.

  35. no, but we’ll need more than 10 bullets to protect ourselves from a tyrannical goobermint. Amazes me how many of these fools don’t understand the 2nd amendment–no mention of hunting, that I’ve ever read.

  36. As one who has hunted, though the issue is irrelevant to the second amendment, one has to resist mocking the elected (??really NY??) governor. He must think all deer behave just like the images on paper targets or the lit up christmas animated versions of deer or lawn ornaments . . .all standing still, just waiting to be hit by the first bullet. What a maroon!

    1. LOL…Cuomo and those who think like him are short on common sense and are living in their own little fantasy world.

  37. But you might need that many to bring down a drug crazed attacker or multiple home invaders. Real life is not the movies and the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting.

      1. Well actually Mr. Cuomo…some people DO need MORE than 10 shots to bring down a deer…

        True Story….

        I had been bow hunting at this property for a few years, but never with a gun, because the owner already had a group of Italian Guys from Ottawa he rented it to for the two weeks of Rifle Season.

        One day during rifle season, Buddy & I stop in to say “ goes the hunt?”??

        “Ya we Bow Hunt here, so we know the land”..yada yada yada….

        LMAO…I still can’t believe they actually TOLD ANYONE this…..

        “Any Luck yet”??

        “Well, no deer down yet, but we saw one yesterday…he came out in that field over there…we we sitting around the field…4 of us,…

        “And did you get him”??


        “Did you get a shot”?

        “We all did….22 shots in total”

        Buddy & I had a HOOT Laughing about that, and looked forward to getting back bow hunting after the City Folk we done scouting for us!

        We STILL laugh about it!…..

        So Mr. Cuomo….some guys really do need 10 shot clips…..LMAO………..

        1. LOL…thanks BlueGood. Good little story there. It just proves how completely devoid of critical thinking and/or common sense a great many of our politicians have. Governor Coma is a sterling example of such a person.

  38. Cuomo don’t you worry about my ten rounds, lets talk about the Fed buying 1.6 billion rounds with taxpayers dollars.

    In the aftermath of the recent Sandy Hook shooting, Obama and his cohorts are screaming about how they all despise guns and ammo. Guns are the problem in America today, we’ve been told from every corner of the media, and so the only solution is to get rid of all the guns.

    But not exactly. There’s one organization in America that’s loading up on masses of assault rifles and enough ammunition to run a 10-year shooting war. That organization is, of course, the U.S. federal government and its Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has purchased a total of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition to be used domestically, inside the United States.

    It begs the question: Why does the Department of Homeland Security — named after Hitler’s “Office of Fatherland Security” — need 1.6 billion rounds of ammo?

    1) DHS does not fight wars with foreign nations. It’s entire theater of operations is on U.S. soil, dealing solely with the American people.

    2) Hollow point ammunition is banned by the Geneva convention and is not used by the U.S. military. This ammunition can only be used domestically, in the United States, against U.S. targets or people.

    Along with these 450 million rounds of ammunition, DHS also purchased $400,000 worth of radiation protection pills and thousands of bullet-proof roadside checkpoint booths. Is it expecting a radiological event? (Or perhaps planning one?)

    These 450 million rounds of ammo, Natural News calculated, is enough to wage a 7-year war with the American people.

    Learn more:

    1. They need these rounds for the governments Fast and Furious customers. You can’t run an illegal gun business without selling ammo.

    2. The rounds are for target practice and contingency operations. I’m all for that, but there are departments you would not generally associate with armed agents or law enforcement officers that have supposedly purchased rounds. Why? Policy changes? Do they have agents, constables, or law enforcement officers now? Hey, what about Zero’s civilian security forces? Maybe the rounds are for them. They have just been diverted to them from the other departments. Hmmm….

      1. The official response to initial inquiries is target practice. I don’t buy that at all, its a cover story. In total they have purchased 1.6 billion rounds, no targets . There is no logical reason for stockpiling this much ammo unless they are preparing for a prolonged marshal law/civil war type action while at the same time plotting to disarm the public.

      2. “what about Zero’s civilian security forces? Maybe the rounds are for them.”

        Correct,…..DHS is Obamas civilian security force.

  39. “end the madness now”.
    Hey, Cuomo, if we did that you would be in an insane asylum along with all the rest of the liberal lunatics in this country!

  40. “No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer…”

    My first question is, what makes you think I own an “assault rifle” to hunt deer??

    I own an “assault rifle” to hunt tyrants!

    Second, do you notice how radicals are using their OWN PREMISE to DEFINE the use of a gun?!

    No true gun owner believes that we own semi-automatic rifles for the purpose of “hunting deer”. That is the radical’s talking point, not ours! They are IMPOSING this talking point into the debate on our behalf! Radicals are IMPOSING THAT TALKING POINT to make the argument that the FOUNDERS only gave us the “right to bear arms” so that we can hunt food.

    This is a complete and total lie. They gave us the “right to bear arms” so that we can kill tyrants.

      1. NO, no, no….for the sake of the FBI, no, I’m not ACTIVELY hunting tyrants — I’m not a crazed liberal.

        So the FBI, if it monitors this site, doesn’t get its underwear in a bunch, my point was that the Founders’ reason for including the “right to bear arms” in the Constitution was so that the citizenry would be able to protect itself FROM TYRANTS. The gun in the hands of a well-armed citizenry was supposed to be a reasonable deterrent to tyranny. Then Hoover invented the FBI and that all went out the window. Now, they can just knock on your door and steal your “deterrent”.

        1. That’s the point, none of this would be necessary if the bastards would just follow the constraints of the constitution but they refuse. Oh, well, the tree of liberty needs watering anyway be it yours or mine but I hope it’s theirs.

    1. You are correct regarding talking points, the lefties are controlling the language!

      We need to point out that the 2nd amendment was written at a time when the military and private citizen had the same kind of weapons, Sword, machete, musket, canon, knife. Most of the weapons used to fight our Revolutionary war belong to private individuals, including canon.

      With that in mind, and the language used in the 2nd amendment, “Arms”, it is easy to argue that the intent is; that the citizenry of the United States of America “Bear” the same type of weapons as the military.

      The left chooses to argue our Constitution is “antiquated”. The founding fathers could not for see the world changing as it has and we are smarter then they were. Yet our founding fathers new technology was changing, mans intellect has not. Our founding fathers meant for our documents to remain current. The language they chose in our governing documents was argued over for hours, days, weeks, months. The argument they put forth is timeless, and the logic they applied has proven to be true.

      If they had intended to restrict the citizenry from being able to “Keep and Bear Arms” even at a lesser level then the government, does anyone believe they would not have said as much? Instead they went out of their way with supporting documents to say the intent.

      “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      Gun control (gun free zones/defense free zones) has worked on law abiding people everywhere in this country. However gun control (gun free zones/defense free zones) has done nothing to stop criminals, it has however created large numbers of victims!

  41. No, we need more than 10 bullets to protect us from violent criminal Obama voters, and tyrannical politicians .

  42. gov cuomo, it is not legal to hunt whitetail with more than three rounds already where i live. however when it comes to two legged varmits ten may not be enough. by my reason, the gov’t must believe 10 rounds are not enough either.

    1. DHS needs a billion rounds for what? Cuomo, how many rounds do your police officers need? Certainly not more than 10, right?

    2. LOL…and sometimes, it takes more than 10. No kidding. My brother is in law enforcement and I have several friends who are in or who have been in the military. The stories they can tell….

        1. Bet there are thousands of similar LE/military stories Cuomo and his ill informed ilk needs to . . . LISTEN. . .to.

          Hopefully these trained and experienced experts will have their voices heard by tomorrow on the talk radio stations, cause lord knows they won’t be given the platform by this administration’s lapdog msm.

        2. Concur, need more than 10! Even though I practice at the range, if I actually encountered an intruder I imainge I would be shaking so bad that I’d need plenty of rounds to get him down/do some damage.

    3. If she had my .45, it would have been more than enough and if she had a .480, well, he wouldn’t have had enough energy to get back up.

      .38’s are nice when disposing of small animals but big ugly thugs, you best have at least a .357 mag, even better a .41 mag. The 41 has real good balance and great power.

  43. Our God Given Second Ammendment Right Has NOTHING to do with HUNTING! It is meant to be the last defense against a Tyrannical Government! Note to politicians: We are not giving up our semi-auto Fireams regardless of what unconstitutional law or executive order you pass!

    1. Cuomo and Biden are just a couple of babbling fools squealing for their masters. Biden was picked for this very reason to use his complete stupidity to exploit the depth of the ignorance of the American electorate. The Second Amendment was written for the very reason it is important today….”To protect from enemies, foreign and domestic.” The founding fathers knew freedom is not free and that some day tyranny would raise its head. This time it is tyranny from within (Domestic) and the Second Amendment is as important today as it was to our founding fathers. Ariel Durant said,”A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.” We are witnessing the progressives do just that. To some it is so obvious that they cannot comprehend the ramifications of what is happening.

    1. Here’s why we need more than ten bullets. A Georgia mom shot an intruder 5 times with a revolver (that holds 6 shots for the non-gun people) after he opened the crawl space where she and her two kids were hiding. If there had been more than one intruder, she would have been out of bullets!

      BTW, he lived and actually ran out of the house and drove off in his car before collapsing and hitting a tree. It’s not just bang and the person falls down dead–you often have to hit a person MULTIPLE times to stop them. Especially if they are on drugs and just the adrenalin will cause you to not be as accurate as you would at a range.

      An aside. I heard an expert on the subject say to NOT stay silent if they start knocking and you don’t want to open the door. Often they’re checking if someone is home so they can go break in. Or they can also try to draw your attention to the front door while someone breaks in the back. He said it was better to let them know someone is home and therefore a threat rather than to think the house is empty.

    2. Isn’t bad enough that we cannot even own a grenade or 105 mm howitzer?
      Damn government has that much and more and I can’t have a magazine with more that ten wound capacity? Tyrants, all of them. Can’t wait to prove their angst against free people owning guns of all types, correct.

  44. You couldn’t be more right TRS. The founders wanted us to have bad ass guns. Period. They were wise men and obviously didn’t want the people of this country to fight tyranny with a single shot shotgun.

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