Daily Caller: We’re standing by our story on Menendez

I’ve noticed that since a WaPo article has emerged stating that one of the so-called Menendez Dominican prostitutes has now recanted, saying she never had sex with Menendez, that now the MSM is running with the story. It’s on every MSM website I’ve been to today. Imagine that.

But the Daily Caller is saying WaPo got the wrong prostitute and are standing by their story:

Statement from The Daily Caller:

The Washington Post falsely reported a story yesterday claiming our source had recanted her statement, without contacting The Daily Caller for comment before posting. In reality, the prostitute in the Post’s story does not appear to be one of the women we interviewed in 2012. Details provided by the prostitute identified as Ms. Santana in the Post story conflict with the taped interviews The Daily Caller posted on November 1, including the mention of a person whose name would not come to light for months afterward. In addition, Melanio Figueroa, the attorney for TheDC’s sources, has said the Post’s allegations are fabricated and that the affidavit is false. The Post would not provide TheDC with a copy of the affidavit, despite our request. We stand by our reporting.

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20 thoughts on “Daily Caller: We’re standing by our story on Menendez

  1. The fact that a dim rag is covering for a corrupt dim comes as no surprise. It is just more obvious with our current Marxist administration.

  2. Watched a documentary this weekend on Goebbels via Netflix. The Secretary of Propaganda, literally. The similarities between these two propaganda machines is stunning. We see a light case here.

  3. Actually, the prostitution angle of this story is the least of Menendez’s problems. The real charges (the ones that can land him in jail) are that he sold influence to a campaign contributor from Florida. That this rich campaign donor lives in Florida but Menendez is a Senator from New Jersey doesn’t seem to bother anybody, but, hey, that’s politics today. Anyway, if I were Menendez I’d be pretty worried becuase he has the FBI after him, and they generally don’t give up until they get a conviction.

    1. I would normally agree with you but the FBI reports to Obama and Obama will protect Menendez and all other Dems. Sad state of affairs…..

    2. Don’t forget that Menendez comes from the Hudson County political machine. Accordingly, he has friends in a certain Italian American fraternal organization. And its in their best interest to keep him where he is, so that they continue to collect their taxpayer funded royalties. Betting against them could get ya a pair of cement shoes followed by a swim in the ocean.

  4. It is an attempt by the left to discredit the messenger, thereby discrediting the message. They do this all the time, here they run a false story or make up a story that, “Attacks the messenger”, by doing so they are letting their candidate off the hook or planting doubt of guilt.

    It is known as providing cover. The left do it well enough to be affective on LIV (low information voters).

  5. I love it!

    It’s a story because the wrong hooker denied having had sex with Menendez – so Menendez is pure as the driven snow. doesn’t matter that it’s the wrong hooker!
    It’s a story because anything which can be used to whitewash any dem politician must be used, regardless of its being a lie.

    Now just think what woud’ve happened if Menendez had had an (R) behind his name ….

    This is a wonderful example of how the Dem/BHO propaganda machine works.
    It’s wonderful to see them being caught out.


  6. I used to go to the DC often, and thought accusations of censorship were coming from the kooks. That was until I experienced it for myself, with remarks that were tame. Especially when posts being moderated or deleted are benign, and have no graphic language or attitude. I’ve seen several reasonable and rational remarks from both sides of the issue deleted or censored….multiple times.

    That can’t help the credibility very much either.

    The DC also runs a lot of articles from “conservative” pundits that belong on HuffPo.

    With the DC, at least for me, it’s trust but verify.

    1. I’ve seen the same thing and haven’t gone to the DC in months. I used to check there daily but no more.

  7. Washington Post and all the other liberal rags want so bad to protect one of their own who literally got caught with his pants down, that they’ll grab at any straw they can. See Clinton in the 1990s for context.

  8. Gotta get the National Enquirer on this, the only publication to break the John Edwards scandal. Then we will find the truth….maybe

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