Dan Bongino BLASTS Obama for trying to get ‘SICK political advantage’ from Orlando massacre

Dan Bongino is disgusted that Obama is trying to exploit the Orlando massacre for some ‘sick political advantage’ on gun control while the families are still mourning and bodies are still being buried. Bongino says it disturbing that Obama has this inclination to constantly politicize tragedies immediately after they happen:

Bongino also hits at the heart of this issue, saying Obama is using guns as a distraction from his failure to take out ISIS and the fact that they’ve grown on his watch.

Bongino rightly points out that this is NOT a gun control issue, that there were no gun laws broken at all.

I couldn’t agree more with Bongino here. Obama had plenty of chances to take out ISIS back in 2014 when they were a much smaller group. But he refused to take it seriously, instead letting them grow and grow and grow into that they are today.

But even more than all this, Obama was WARNED that the pre-ISIS groups he was funding back in 2012 would form an Islamic State, and yet he ignored that intelligence and funded them anyway.

Obama has been a catastrophic failure in the worst of ways, and now look at the death we are dealing with.

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