DAN BONGINO: We don’t have a message problem, we have a messenger problem

Dan Bongino gave a great speech in North Carolina earlier this month where he discussed the uphill battle the Republican Party faces in winning back the hearts and minds of the country. He said if we want a good example of that we need look no further than the 2012 presidential elections where 80% of Obama voters said that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the little guy, but a community organizer does. This, he says, despite having a candidate who led a life of charity, never taking a salary as the governor of Massachusetts or as the head of the Olympics, who dedicated his life to a higher mission than just governing.

Bongino points out that when liberalism fails at 100% rate and yet we’re losing elections like this, we have a messenger problem, not a message problem.

And there’s a lot more. Watch below:

NOTE: Bongino starts at about 3:25.


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50 thoughts on “DAN BONGINO: We don’t have a message problem, we have a messenger problem

  1. It’s actually even worse than that. We have a media that completely distorts the message and lies about things conservatives say. Remember the “black cloud comment” by Rick Perry? They do it to Limbaugh all the time.

    I listened to Rush’s show once where he listed off his proposed immigration laws, and they were really harsh. But at the end he said those weren’t his proposed laws at all, but rather Mexico’s immigration laws. The very next day the MSM was reporting the list as Limbaugh’s proposals and didn’t show the comment saying they were Mexico’s laws.

    I hate the dishonest MSM.

      1. I don’t know that they had too much of a choice. Discerning what is true and what is false could be a problem. You can turn truths into lies just by omitting certain things, yet never tell a single direct lie.

  2. Dan Bongino is da’ man! I have heard him speak many times and the Republicans need many more like him. The Republican Party was non existent in MD for generations. Hopefully he can bring it back and win a seat for himself in Congress at the same time.

  3. Love Love Love Him – Voted for him for Senator in Md! Would vote for him again – If only I lived in his district !!!!

  4. 1 thing i disagree with him,

    i dont think that reagan won 49 states just because his great ability to connect (which surely he possessed) i think that Carter’s incompetence and lack of second term agenda coupled with his infamous Iran hostage problem contributed greatly to reagans success,

    1. It’s true that the table is generally set by the predecessor and Carter was no exception. Things need to get bad enough to garner the voters’ attention, and in Reagan’s case he was a worthy candidate ready to lead the country out of the morass. That’s my recollection, anyway. I was old enough to have felt the misery index personally and Reagan put the sun back up in my sky. It felt good to be a young American with a bright future.

  5. i really enjoy listening to him, explains things so well that even a 3 yr. old can understand it,

  6. It’s interesting that Bongino says at one point concerning our social and economic devastation, “We didn’t do this.” He rightly blames the democrats. But later on, he asks, “How can we look at each other … knowing WE have relegated the black community to 2nd-class status…”

    I’m afraid I know why Bongino lost: good intentions, but scrambled thinking.

    1. When I am in a conversation about what is wrong with America, I often use “we,” when I really mean “them.” I think perhaps that is what he was doing.

    2. We relegated blacks to 2nd class by not waking up sooner to the threat from within and naming it. Liberalism kills, it kills families, dreams and now its after the whole country. Our blame is not in our beliefs but that we didn’t fight for them sooner and yes we’re relegating blacks and everyone else to second class if we don’t expose liberalism and defeat it now.

      1. “… and everyone else …”
        That’s correct, but Bongino highlighted the status of blacks and placed the blame for their situation on “us”. I have no guilt for the status of blacks. It sounds as if Bongino is pandering to blacks and in the process attempting to re-infect white Americans with white guilt. If that’s not what he’s doing, then he needs to take speech communications classes until he can communicate. If that is what he’s doing, then he needs to take a flying leap at the moon.

  7. If the message is coming from the gop, I have to disagree. They have clearly communicated their desire to be “the new democrats”.

    If the message is coming from conservatives, again I have to disagree. Bongino pointed out the biggest problem when he said “We’ve lost the hearts and minds. We lost them long ago.”

    I just finished a brief conversation with a disillusioned democrat about an hour before I saw this video. He bewailed the pervasive corruption in politics, proclaimed the need for a third party – then blamed Bush for increasing the national debt. When I pointed out to him that only in the years the democrats had control of Congress did that happen (until now!!!) he rolled his eyes and walked away. He didn’t want truth – that’s the problem with far too many millions of Americans. The greatest culprit: the “public” school system – indoctrination of America’s children.

    It’s the 47% plus the corruption in the gop that has cost us our beloved nation. Of course, the democrat-controlled vote counting in 2012 helped.

    We have to hope that the havoc obama and the dem leadership created has turned around the thinking of enough of the 47%, and that conservative orgs have enough amperage to overcome the war the rinos are waging against us. That’s a slim chance.

    Even then – I have to say this, because I honestly believe it’s necessary to win – we had better have the help of the God of the Bible. That means we have to meet His conditions. See 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Not just a few Christians here and there, but a large percentage of American Christians. There’s no other way.

  8. As Dan points out, we do indeed have a messenger problem, but it goes much deeper than that. We have a problem with our citizens no longer listening to the messenger, even when the message is a good one, especially our younger generation.

    It all begins with the indoctrination camps we call our school system. No matter how they began life, or what their parents think, by the time they graduate high school or college, our young people are either full-blown Liberals, or are at least sympathetic to some Liberal ideas.

    Dan Bongino is one of the most sincere Conservatives on the landscape right now, and he’s a powerful speaker, but he nonetheless lost in his bid for a Senate seat from Maryland.

    Colonel Allen West is also a good example of a powerful messenger and a good, decent American with strong Conservative values. He lost in Florida to an opponent who is not worthy to shine his shoes.

    These two great Conservatives and many others just like them are routinely ridiculed in the press and on college campuses across America, as being out of touch with average Americans.

    Until we regain control of our educational system from the communists who now run it, and find a way to counter the extreme bias of the Liberal media, we will continue to have trouble electing Conservative candidates to key positions in our government. My opinion.

    But I do like what he said about Reagan being able to, “break through,” the domination of the media by the Left. Maybe Liberal thought has grown so strong now, that something like that may no longer be possible. I sure hope not. Dan is a great motivational speaker. I always enjoy listening to him. He doesn’t speak about an America that is lost, he speaks about an America that is sick, and needs healing. I think his message is a good one.

    1. Gene, your thoughts on “..the indoctrination camps we call our school system.” are right on. The 800 pound gorilla in that room is the socialist based teachers unions, one of the lifelines of the Democrat party and one of its most useful and effective tools for the disassembly of our country. We will be destroyed from within, not from without.

      1. Thanks, Gino. Glenn Beck’s book, “Cowards,” has an excellent chapter on the problem with our nation’s schools.

  9. More reasons why victory eludes us;

    -We accept Democrat premises and defend against them rather than rejecting them forcefully and immediately. (When did you stop beating your spouse?)

    -We allow the MSM to twist and turn lies into accepted truths. ( What is covered and what is not )

    -We allow presidential debates to be held in liberal forums, covered and expounded on and even affected by outspoken liberals. (Candy Crowley )

    -We allow revisionist history to go on unchallenged aggressively. (Most people think Lincoln was a Democrat and that Democrats were always for civil rights.)

    -We sit back and allow an activist liberal billionaire’s company to potentially (?) effect the outcome of our elections. (George Soros, SCYTL )

    -We, in the name of “good sportsmanship” will openly praise Democrat opponents, even in the heat of elections. (McCain and Romney both did this)

    -We allow our focus to be distracted from Democrats’ failures easily and often. ( the subject is always changed, don’t look at the other hand.)

    -We allow ourselves to fall into the trap of accepting the idea that elections can’t be won without the black or Hispanic vote rather than accepting the fact that most people think along conservative lines. ( They put us on the defensive rather than us going on the offensive.)

    – We don’t have strong party leaders who can strengthen and congeal party thinking. (Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Priebus etc. )

    -We allow party infighting to define, divide and defeat us. ( Heartily encouraged and flaunted by the MSM, think Ted Cruz.)

    1. This is a great list! One item I might add, though, is the grave error made by failing to confront the Left’s ideology, which is foreign to our way of life. We suppose they are the “Democrats seated across the isle,” when in fact they are Communists, Marxists and Socialist-Statists WHO SEEK TO DESTROY our Constitution and our liberties (you know, “fundamentally transform America”). Their cancer continues to grow because Republican leaders refuse to stand on principles as embodied in our Constitution. And they refuse to unmask the Left in order to show who they really are!

      Ultimately, the message/messenger problem cannot be solved without someone articulating the right message in the first place.

      1. Thank you Sir.

        If they are not part of the solution then they are part of the problem as you state.

  10. He’s absolutely right. McLame, Romney… we could have done a LOT better. I think Ted Cruz is that ‘messenger’ and will make a great candidate in 2016. Of course, the GOPe will do all they can to stop that… so 2014 becomes all the more crucial to paving the way. Dan rocks! He’s a chef who keeps serving up delicious ‘truth sandwiches’!”

  11. With most politicians it’s all about them when they get into office , and not the country or it’s people , but Bongino sounds like he could be a person with principles , I hope , but time will tell .

    1. They are indeed one of the top 3 that are skewing elections and public opinion, and are destroying this country.

    2. I don’t think so, (at least not PERIOD) I think it’s the people who don’t want to take the time to educate themselves on the history of the GREATEST nation on earth! Americans are failing themselves because they are allowing politicians to redefine AMERICA. We fail when we make comments like, “I don’t vote because my vote doesn’t count anyway,” that’s bunk, you not voting takes away my vote and that really makes me mad. Or this one, or “I’m a democrat and I voted for Obama, PERIOD.” my neighbor said that to me, haha. That simple comment told me everything I needed to know about my neighbor, A low information voter who has been a life long democrat not willing to look at the facts and make a change.

      So, I want to encourage all scoopers, find one low information voter and change their life, (I’m working on my neighbor) help them see the truth about this current regime, they can be won, we just need to make the effort to educate them ourselves, the media IS failing America, BUT, we need to look no further than the mirror to see that we have a place in that failure, too.

  12. Bongino, a principled man who speaks from the heart and not a written speech. He stands strong and offers no apology because no apology is needed. Repub’s who keep saying their sorry don’t have conviction and need to leave public office.

    1. I think term limits could be the answer , for them who won’t sever our country on principals , and what is good for the country and our people , and not themselves .

  13. Romney also allowed Obama to define him, and was wary of throwing punches.

    Your messaging gets lost when the other side gets to define it.

    The main problem is that the ones that are “electable” think winning elections is one big debating society. They don’t want to get their hands dirty the way Dems do. Meaning they would rather lose than Dems call them mean names like racist, not caring about the poor, and hating women.

    1. Obama Camp wanted Mittens for the RINOGOP candidate for a reason ? And they were right , no BA***. Put another RINO up in 2016 and watch a repeat of 08,12. but the RINOGOP does not care about winning either as long as the Big Gov’t status quo is protected.

      1. That’s right. The book “Extortion” is proof positve. It details what we know already and then some! Only a very few have the heart and patriotism of a public servant as envisioned by our founders.

  14. high hopes for Bongino in November, but if he can’t win in Blue Maryland, he needs to move, we need him in elected office

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