Dana Loesch On Mandatory Mental Exams For NY Public School Students

In New York, a bill has been proposed by Democrat Assemblywoman Margaret Markey that would require all public school students to undergo mental health exams, more than once, in order to attend.


The bill would amend current law requiring physical health examinations to include the following language:


Loesch points out how this fits into a larger picture that is forming with Common Core requirements and various state legislatures across the country. Schools are collecting information such as parental political affiliations, firearm ownership, religious affiliations, and other forms of data mining. She also poses the important question of who would pay for this. Is it going to be yet another financial burden for low and middle income families imposed by the busybody state?

Interference in the family unit and absolute disregard for privacy are becoming de rigeur in America on two fronts. We have the safety and security minded, hoping to prevent tragedy though screening, and we have the we know what’s best crowd, creating a better tomorrow by shrinking soda sizes, seizing sodium, and generally aiming to clothe Americans in the bubble wrap of a federal government that’s just “looking out for their best interests.”

School shootings, as noted in the clip above, are the immediate concern that comes to mind in assessing the motivation behind a proposition such as this. But the question we have to ask ourselves is the age old conflict: how much freedom are we wiling to surrender in the name of security?

There is a non-trivial portion of this nation that is willing to surrender a great deal indeed. In fact, who see it as no surrender at all. On the surface, these things always sound like reasonable ideas. Why not make sure we’re keeping a sharp eye out of the next potential school shooter by keeping tabs on students’ mental health? But taken in context and as part of a bigger picture, the question you should be asking is “do you want a state or federal bureaucracy to have to the power to turn your personal life, practices and beliefs into a series of checkboxes on a form that determines whether you are fit or not? And what are the consequences if you’re not? If you don’t, or your child doesn’t, pass muster, what happens next? Will Social Services step in and break apart your family? Or worse, brand you as criminally negligent parents?

Who believes that your fitness as a parent or a person in general can be properly assessed by some entrenched petty dictator bureaucrat reading a report on which books you buy or what percentage of your grocery bill goes to sweets vs. vegetables?

Right now, the proposed bill would require that the mental health exam produce a certificate stating the child is ‘fit” to attend school. What happens if it goes further?

Certainly we can agree that we all have an interest in preventing the next school shooting. One can only hope that this interest in safety does not evolve into a bludgeon of oppression. As a society of free people, it’s our responsibility to ask such questions, and to watch the watchers. so as to prevent the inevitable attempt to overreach.

To do less would just be mentally unstable.

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63 thoughts on “Dana Loesch On Mandatory Mental Exams For NY Public School Students

  1. Mmmmmm…..Dana!
    But I digress….at any rate, I pity the good people of NY. I really do. I know there has to be some real Americans yet out there. Fight back against this non-sense. Or move.

  2. This will not go through because there are many students in urban schools at least who have mental problems ranging from depression, stress related illnesses, and the like. They will not want to lose the state $$ if those kids are not permitted to come to school—and many illegals will stop sending their kids to school. Teachers, aides, counselors, and administrators are mandated reporters of apparent child abuse symptoms which could also be mental illness. Any responsible person in a school would refer a child who exhibited symptoms to the school psychologist. This is an invasion of privacy to the nth degree.

    1. You tell it Tasha22, Many of those Big City Punks Feed on the Weaker Students in those so-Called Public Schools in the Inner Cities these days. That’s one reason we Support Home Schooling in My City.
      My Youngest Grandson is reading at a 10Th. Grade level & he’s just turned 11 years old! His Sister is just turning 16 & is Studying for her College Entrance Exams, How many Children in PUBLIC [Camps] Schools can Match that?
      Kids today, Have SOCIALISM to Thank for their Lack of Getting a Good, Rounded Education. Considering how Much of their time is Covered by, SEX, Drugs, Bullying, Assaults, Gang Violence, Beatings From Rent a cops,Suicides,By students that have Never been tested to see WHY they act so Depressed..

  3. With the assault on gun owners currently happening in NY. Don’t be fooled. It is illegal to have firearms in a home which has a mentally unstable person living there. This is nothing more than a backdoor to more gun grabbing.

  4. Your rant shows why kids need school mental exams. These kids go to class hungry, dirty, tired, no social skills, angry, hostile, bitter, no manners or respect for anyone. They disrupt the class of well behaved students who have parents that care about the well being of their children. Discipline is not administered at home and then they go to school and teachers are not allowed to discipline either.

    Where did you get the notion that this cost will be borne by low income families? You’ve got to be kidding me right? Most of these low income families pay little or no tax. Their kids get free breakfast and lunch and all kinds of other freebies. They pay for very little.

    The enormous cost of not helping kids be more mentally stable is much greater than a mental exam. Do you realize how many kids these days are developing a multitude of different mental disorders because of parental neglect and abuse? Millions.

    If parents want to use the free public school system then they need to realize that accountability for their kids and their home environment is necessary for the safety and well being of all the kids attending school. If they don’t like it, then keep them at home and school them yourself.

    1. One problem is that the government REWARDS CHILDREN who have children. Responsible people do not grow the government and government can’t have any of that.

    2. And school is somehow going to make them more mentally stable, especially in the absence of the school’s ability to discipline them? BTW, many, if not most, of the truly sociopathic, are intelligent and skilled at appearing ‘normal’.

      1. Bureaucratic UNWILLINGNESS. You know of course that bam has handed down the edict (and DeBlasio is implementing it) that black and Hispanic students must be suspended less often. But they are the ONLY students in many schools, and the supermajority of kids who start fights, sell and use drugs and the like.

    3. It won’t happen because this is the eternal democrat voting base. And the schools want those bodies in the building regardless of how much they destroy classes. What would be better is not giving money to those who breed children and do not support them. Require them to work full time plus or give the child up for adoption r(as used to be done) rather than handing out welfare checks for several generations. It would be an incentive for single mothers to work and to get their acts together, and for those who won’t, their children would be given a safe and wholesome home with two stable parents.

  5. This is the biggest hypocritical scam in the making! New York is horrible when it comes to meeting the needs of special education! Their inclusion philosophy cheats children who’s learning needs require lesser ratios! Now they plan on certifying more kids…doesn’t make sense! This is a ploy to achieve something greater…something sinister! Perhaps a way to get to parents. Don’t forget the new regime in NY is of communist, dictatorial mentality!

  6. Its just a ruse, a cover for identifying kids whose parents are known to have politically incorrect tendencies, like ethics & morals, owning a gun, voting for a conservative, going to synagogue or church etc. These kids will be segregated out for special attention, discipline and punishment, as they will likely be harder to brainwash. They don’t want these kids to be integrated with the rest who will respond positively to the “common core” brainwashing and indoctrination.

      1. Their is a Simple Answer to Most of The New Yorkers problems in Dealing with their present Duel-Nurtured(Socialistic/Communistic) Rulers & That is; ” To Excise That Festering Boil on their Cities Backside We Call the ” United Nations ” !!
        Get Rid of that Group of Communistic/Socialistic Drug Pushing, War Mongering, Invaders & Their Adverse influence they exert on this nation & PEACE may return (SLOWLY) to our Shores once again!
        That OLD & FOOLISH Notion of,” Keeping your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer,” Has had a Trickle down effect that has Caused our School systems to Fail! By Forbidding such things as, MORALITY Teaching, LOYALTY To One’s Country, HONESTY & being Honorable in all things.
        Now we have LOOK out for #1 Only & How to Screw others & Run!

  7. Remember that progressives/Marxists often claim that conservatives and libertarians are mentally ill. This “mental health screening” will very likely end up being a way of identifying, intimidating, and punishing conservative thought criminals, not only among the students but their parents as well.

  8. “What happens if it goes further?”

    Not if. How soon. It’s all part of the plan.

    I remember watching movies and Twilight Zone episodes where “benevolent” dictators started with things like this and quickly turned them into waking nightmares for everyone except willing serfs. When the movie was over, we’d say or think, “Horrible! Terrifying! Thank God we live in America, where that can’t happen!”

    All the time the marxists in education and government and hollywood were patiently, quietly putting the foundations in place and beginning construction on the footers and eventually the walls …

  9. Best way to find out just how crazy most of those teachers really are.. Have the kids prove what they are teaching is pure horse puckey !

  10. All government employees need to have a mental exam, random drug testing, criminal background check, credit check, and present their prescription medications for review as a condition of employment. This is for as matter of public safety.
    Then MAYBE
    they can ask others to follow suit.

    1. That is not an exaggeration. I once worked for a giant corporation involved in “higher education”. I ran afoul of criminal elements, came close to serious trouble, and was eventually fired, which is how I discovered how far up the rot went. The thugs let me know that they knew what car I drove, and I began to have severe recurring nightmares for the first time in my life.

      Before I was fired, I discussed the situation with a police officer, and he said, “When we investigate crimes on their property, we frequently find that the criminal is one of their employees, and that he has a long criminal record. When we ask how this happened, we get stonewalled.”

      Children are NOT safe in the public education system, at any grade level.

    2. Uhm, everyone who works in the school system does have mandatory drug testing, a background check and references called.

      1. Maybe not , some of these people still get through with out background checks or references . It’s who you know and not what you know that’s the problem .

      2. Uhm, the NEA, for one, is fighting against background checks for pedophilia. Don’t be complacent.

      3. Where? What state?
        My wife retired from teaching high school and was never tested.
        My oldest son is currently teaching at a community college and he has never been tested.
        I know of coaches and students in sports do, but that’s all.

    3. Teachers and other school personnel do have criminal background checks, as do many government employees—but elected officials DO NOT. See the problem?

  11. When are parents gonna’ wake up and pull their kids so government school will be shut down? Anyone who thinks reform is possible is delusional.

  12. A common way to get rid of political opponents in the Soviet Union was to get the person diagnosed as mentally ill and put away in an institution.

    Many Muslims believe that a Muslim who converts to Christianity must be mentally ill.

    Years ago, the official psychiatric manuals labeled homosexuality as a mental disorder. Today, they are on the verge of labeling anyone opposing gay marriage as mentally ill.

    Everyone once in a while, some badly done, biased ‘study’ comes out linking Conservatism or belief in God to some mental disorder or deficiency.

    Gov. Cuomo just announced that anyone who is pro-life, pro-gun, or anti-gay should leave NY State.

    Conclusion: Any mental health test they come up with will NOT be objective, but will be used to manipulate and to punish.

  13. And who has access to these files? How are they safeguarded? If they are lost/stolen, what are the penalties?

    Too many holes for my comfort.

  14. I thank God that I have the ability to put my child through a private, Christian High School. This insulates her from a bunch of this Bolshoi and helps to build an eternal foundation in Christ. For those who are able, I encourage either homeschooling or private Christian schools. It gives our kids more of a chance when future America is dumbed-down, brainwashed, and enslavable.

  15. This from the same type of people who say:

    No contact sports – it’s too dangerous

    No winners – because the loser will feel bad

    No playing cops or solders with a pretend gun, that’s encouraging violence

    Teaching explicit sex to kids is ok, but zero tolerance for hugging a friend

    Suspend a kid and give a sexual assault charge hugging a friend

    No mentioning of Jesus or God, because other 5 year old may be offended

    John and Mary must accept Gay’s – hell, maybe ever try it for a change

    John and Mary must accept Muslims – maybe say their prayers and dress up like them.

    Kids don’t have to say the Pledge – it might offend an imaginary friend

    So now this dip$$it queen thinks kids need mental exams:) DUH?

    Followed up by a simple civics test with questions such as:

    What are the first three words in the Constitution?

    What is the Supreme Law of the land?

    What are the 5 rights listed in the 1st Amendment?’

    What are the 3 rights granted in the Declaration of Independence, and where do these rights come from?

    What are the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution called?

    What stops (or should stop) one branch of government from becoming too powerful?

    Who becomes President if the President or Vice President can no longer serve?

    Why did the colonists fight the British in the Revolutionary War?

    Name 2 authors of the Federalist Papers

    How many wars during the 1900’s were started by Democrats?

    I know, none of this stuff has much to do with this lame idea of using common core to marginalize children who grow up in homes with at least one parent who is a patriotic, constitutionally literate, America loving citizen, but if people were required to be tested before voting, we would never have this kind of crap to deal with now.

    PS- new potential citizens are required to know this, swear an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, before becoming a citizen who can vote, so why not everyone who comes to voting age?

    1. You have to be kidding me laws that use to say you had to prove that you could read to vote was deemed racist during the 60s and 70s. Now you do not even have to read to graduate from High School in this country. Common Core is government continuing that downward spiral on “public education.” Work two or three jobs if necessary or Home school but do not send your kids to government schools unless they have rejected common core and leftist agenda. Some communities do still have control of their schools but not many.

      1. I homeschool mine. And in the past 4 years that’s been while we’ve had no income or part time seasonal income only. It can be done. I’ll threaten my child sometimes with Government School, but I’ll never send him to one.

  17. Is she related to that other Markey from Messuckchewshits? The politicians need mental health and drug testing.

  18. First, Margaret Markey is a far-left winger from NYC. This law might pass NY’s Assembly, but would fail in NY’s Senate IMO. NY’s Senate controlled changed in 2012 and I doubt anything that’s as ludicrous as Markey’s proposed bill will pass it.

    New York State Senate Slips To Republicans Via Coalition With Independent Democrats

    “…Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) and Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) announced Tuesday afternoon that the two groups have formed a coalition to govern the Senate for the next two years. The agreement includes power for both Skelos and Klein to set the Senate agenda, as well as having the two alternate in the post of Senate temporary president every two weeks. Klein had indicated last week that he was open to a power-sharing agreement with Republicans…”

    Plus, the majority of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts are also being treated by mental illness experts.

  19. I have a better example: how about subjecting all members of teachers unions to a 730 exam, in the State of NY? I think that a lot of them would fail.

  20. and again… another reason I home school my children.If you’re not, you should consider. Nothing good comes from “public” anything, especially public indoctrination… err… school.

  21. And “regular, mandatory evaluation” is a stepping stone toward constant monitoring. What next, a chip in your head to let officials know about your mental state?

  22. I’m OK with this as long as there is mandatory mental health testing for all teachers and DNC politicians, too. Oh, and all test results must be made public. No exceptions.

  23. But, of course, politicians’ kids and kids of Hollywood will be exempt from these tests, no? After all, it’s only those flyover states with the bitter clingers that they have to worry about, not the elite who tend to make the rules for others, but not for themselves.

  24. What is the purpose of mandatory psychological evaluation? To make sure people conform to standards of normalcy. It has no other use, really.

    It can help people to get help with mental problems, right? Well why do they need help? To be like they already are, or to be more like “normal” people?

    Of course, some people actually suffer delusions that harm them directly. But such people don’t need to be discovered by mandatory evaluation. It’s usually fairly obvious when people are suffering like that. So making help AVAILABLE to them is a good thing.

    But mandatory?

    And what happens after the evaluation? You can’t really use such evaluations to enforce “normalcy.” All you can do is use them like a forensics tool after a problem has occurred, and even then all you can do is say, “oh, that’s why he did it.” What you can’t do is say, “He has bisecretive valvulism so he can’t play any reindeer games.”

    I suggest something far simpler to enforce a form of “normalcy” on society. It’s called A Standard of Behavior. Each school should have one. Each business should have one. We should have a generic one for the public square. Oh wait, we do:

    It’s called The Law

  25. I’m sure the good woman is willing to submit herself to such a test and share it with her constituents!! No? Didn’t think so!

  26. I encourage to oligarchs of NY to do this. l also encourage freemen who live in NY to begin planning their relocation to states which will defend our rights not strip them.

    Then, as the lines form, things will get interesting in America.

  27. I agree with everything Megyn and Dana are saying. I just can’t get past the fact that they are both so damn good looking. Rock on ladies.

  28. Mental health issues, the number one way government uses to take away Second Amendment rights from people.

    Not that you have any second Amendment rights in New York, but still.

  29. The flipside of this though is Democrats are killing their own golden goose in the form of teachers and their unions with this crap. More and more will jerk their kids out and stay home to raise them. More communities will develop in house support networks to support that as well.

    The societal reset button is getting hit as a default button.

  30. This is an absolute violation of civil rights…period. And if the left wants that nonexistent right to privacy, ya know the one used to justify abortion, then it violates that as well.

    I am also curious if it was even considered what damage it will do to children to have them constantly ‘mentally examined’ ie interrogated and put under a microscope. Many many scientific studies have shown that privacy is integral to child development.

  31. Another tactic to grow government under the auspices of “helping.” The damage done by government “help” is a leviathon debris field that continues to grow.

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