Dana Perino REALLY DOESN’T LIKE something Donald Trump said in his speech today

Donald Trump said something today in his presidential announcement speech that Dana Perino blasted as ‘simply not plausible’. She even put Bolling into a corner when he suggested it might be possible and then beat him with a broomstick until he cried. Ok, maybe not the last part, but she was pretty aggressive.

The statement from Trump that she didn’t like was that he’d build a fence/wall on the border of Mexico and make Mexico pay for it.


I admit it sounds kinda crazy that he’s going to make Mexico pay for a border fence. But I’m with Eric on this one, maybe it’s possible. I want to hear how he plans to do it before I put the kibosh on it. If he can’t explain it within reason, then it will prove that he’s willing to say absurd things to get elected and he deserves the angwy rage of THE PERINO!

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