David Brooks: Obama knew there was no shovel ready projects

I don’t like duplicating posts in the blogosphere just to do it, and Hot Air has already covered this yesterday, but when I just listened to this for the first time, it just pissed me off royally. I am furious about this and I can’t believe what I am hearing! Not only has Obama admitting that he lied about shovel ready projects, but here is the New York Times reporter David Brooks admitting that Obama told him last year ‘off the record’ that there were no such things as shovel ready projects.


Seriously, do we have a better example of arrogance? Obama figures he can admit this lie now and not be persecuted in the press over it and he largely hasn’t. And now the press is admitting they knew it and didn’t care enough to find a way to report it? I mean, seriously, do they even care about the American people who pay for their sucky newspapers? Hell no they don’t! And to listen to David Brooks just say that he likes that Obama is now admitting it – wtf? Brooks is so in the tank that he’s now become the tank! He and the others like him in the MSM are just like the corrupt politicians who care more about ‘after parties’ and cocktail parties and their own damn power than they do about doing what is right for this country! And we all know the immediate hypocrisy of this, that if it were Bush then this would be the new impeachable offense in the MSM.

Do any of us need any better reason than to vote these corrupt politicians out and stop viewing these media-hack outlets so that they go down in flames? If this doesn’t do it, then I don’t know what will.

I’ve set the video to start at 10:04. You can stop listening at the 11:00 mark:

P.S. Because I’m watching football all day I wasn’t going to post anything, but this made me so angry I had to post it. Anyway, enjoy your Sunday night!

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