David Horowitz: Only time Republicans show an appetite for blood is when they are fighting each other

David Horowitz explains how he would unite the right and in doing so argues that one of the big problems on the right is there are many conservatives who “are not disposed to fight a political war”. He says that the only time Republicans show an appetite for blood in the political arena is when they are fighting each other — which is absolutely true. Just look at the government shutdown when McCain and the Senate Republicans opposed the House Republicans and Senator Ted Cruz. It got ugly. But they always roll over when it comes to fighting the left and McCain’s 2008 campaign for president is all the proof you need of that.

Horowitz goes on to explain that “you can’t galvanize a force capable of opposing these progressives…without having a passionate cause yourself” and argues that passionate cause should be “freedom”.

He explains fully below:

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126 thoughts on “David Horowitz: Only time Republicans show an appetite for blood is when they are fighting each other

  1. Explain the “Anger Gap”?
    RINOs are betrayers.
    Progressives are pathetic damaged goods bound for Hell.
    But Horowitz is right we need a moral crusade and recognize the consequence not prevailing over progressives.

  2. Notice that RINOs are constantly scolding conservatives into “compromise.” Lesser of two evils and all that nonsensical drivel. If RINOs want to see compromise – THEY HAD BETTER START COMPROMISING. I can only speak for my family, but we will no longer be willingly held hostage to the GOP. Casting a vote for the “lesser of two evils” is immoral. We conservatives delivered the GOP an astonishing landslide victory in 2010 and they repay us with treachery. Clinging to power is infinitely more important to RINOs (and Democrats) than America or any of its citizens.

  3. So says the man who personally attacked then waged a jihad on several websites against Diana West?!!!!

    So says the man who called all those opposed to the politicizing of Trayvon Martin trial and railroading of George Zimmerman racist?!!!

    I call BS on Horowitz who I used to respect but he has shown himself quite capable of divide and conquer with the best of them.

    1. Obviously you followed the real stories. Let me know if you ever find the motive for both those strange obsessions.

      Bill Whittle was right when he called the Conservative Tree House folks “citizen journalists” for their first-rate investigation of the Zimmerman railroading.


      1. I have to totally agree. Conservative Tree House did a splendid job. I occasionally go over and read there but I do not comment. Same with a few other sites.

        Yes I followed Diana West being attacked and the whole scenario at American Thinker, PJ Media, and Horowitz’s site as well. Those that attacked Diana didn’t really come out on the better end of it and the premise that Diana put forth in her book is proving to be correct since more has come out on that since the fight began. I should point out that neither Horowitz nor American Thinker ever offered Diana West the space to defend herself.

        I doubt I will ever find the motives out. What I will never understand is why, just when the dust was settling over West, Horowitz felt the need, along with Michael Savage, to brand everyone a racist over Trayvon Martin. Furthermore they branded everyone as such with no evidence and prior to any facts coming out at trial.

    2. The whole, West/Horowitz-Glazov thing was a mystery to most observers.

      Sometimes something like that is just personal, and we can’t do anything about it. The whole thing makes all the people who know and respect those on both sides (and for most it is both, not just one) just feel sad.

      So it’s pointless to make a big deal of it. Until they solve their own mess, we should avoid fanning the flames.

      Beck also screwed up the Zimmerman case. I imagine a lot of “conservatives” did. Even Allen West’s first comments were based on assuming GZ was racially profiling.

      We can’t expect any of or best activists and thinkers to be perfect. That false assumption is exactly why people on the right fight amongst themselves the hardest. People on the right demand better reason always.

      People on the left just assume every leftist is bloody brilliant, and applaud everything they say. Which is easy because none of them understand any of the issues at all, other than to reflexively blame the right.

      1. KBob I agree with you for the most part but a couple of things disturb me about the whole affair…well both actually. It wasn’t whether Horowitz was right or wrong but it was the sheer viciousness he went after West. This wasn’t a simple agree to disagree. He made it personal, rallied others to his side to attack, then set out to destroy her and discredit her permanently. His tactics were just plain over the top bad. And be aware he initially endorsed her book before reading it. He put up an endorsement at Frontpage as well. He sought to discredit her among every conservative website that he had a connection to.

        I personally think now is the time to scrutinize everyone in the public arena on both sides of the aisle. No I’m not a lefty so I don’t just blindly follow and do appreciate disagreement but knowing all of this I stand back and know full well that the mess this country is in didn’t happen overnight and no one singular side did it all by themselves. If we are going to begin to clean up this country we must begin with our own house and the status quo. While Horowitz is a great attack dog he has reached the end of his rope. His limits are obvious. I will take the good and discard the bad but I do so with prejudice.

        His and Beck’s comments on Trayvon Martin trial were an example of verbal diarrhea. They are duly noted and will be held against them in the future. Even if they were correct in their assessment, which they weren’t, the bottom line is in the end they helped to perpetuate a huge problem in this country which is race hustling. That race hustling has done enormous amounts of damage to all races and society in general. I didn’t hear what Allen West said so I will go and look it up.

        And believe me when I say I don’t expect perfection by any stretch.

        1. I’m afraid it was a two-way street. West committed a few faux pas on her own that a wiser person would have avoided. I saw problems in both camps on that score, although to her credit, she appeared to stop the escalation from her side once it had all blown up.

          I just look at it as ego clash, plain and simple, and neither side came out of it looking good, but both sides got a lot of traffic from it, so books were sold.

          (This is one of the many reasons I have had a long-standing policy of never buying or reading “politics” books. I’ve made exactly two exceptions to that rule. One was buying a copy of Levin’s Liberty And Tyranny as a gift. I did that to add to the sales figures as a way of helping send a message. I sure didn’t buy it to read.

          Second was my copy of Levin’s Liberty Amendments, because I believe in the process, and need to have his book on hand to address points peple bring up about what he’s said on the subject.)

          It’s hard for me to be upset with Horowitz, since he’s been right on the front lines for years, unlike people like Krauthammer and Will, who just sit back and opine. Horowitz, Geller, Spencer, and others who have been really solidly in the trenches have been treated like the crazy uncle in the attic by the right for decades. So they get very short tempered. It comes with the territory. That’s why I cut them some slack. They’ve actually moved the ball.

          None of those folks are gifted diplomats, and they are somewhat bad about making snap decisions on little information (which is one of Beck’s less endearing features as well).

          Even with Reagan, Limbaugh, and Palin as splendid examples of people who can (or did) carry a strong message without being angry or sounding pedantic, far too many “activists” follow a much more cranky style.

          So I get far more upset over Mitch McConnel than I ever would at Horowitz or West. Horowitz and West may be at war with each other, but both are fighting the left with every ounce of energy they have.

          1. I think you make fair and valid points which are duly noted.

            I do buy a lot of fiction books but I am selective. Very selective.

            As to McConnell I can’t decide who makes me angrier…him, Rove, or Christie.

            Beck uses far too much emotion and far too little thinking but even he has his place…I guess.

  4. Mr. Horowitz is a great guy and can really give it to the progressives, but he is a bit wrong when equating the two sides of the conservative movement, who for lack of more specific terms people call the RINOs and the Tea Party Conservatives. The Tea Party types generally were reluctant to attack RINO’s and always voted for them in the general election as the lesser of evil. RINO’s historically spend more energy attacking the Tea Party than they do their Democrat opponents. That is because they have more agreement with the Democrats than they do the small government Tea Party. The Tea Party types by contrast historically spent all their energy attacking big government Democrats. Only now that the RINO’s have lost two presidential elections in a row against an easy to beat hard left country destroying radical with two candidates that raised attacks on Tea Party types to a new level while going soft on that radical, has the Tea Party turned hard against the RINO’s. Another thing that has really ticked the Tea Party off is the RINO’s new tendency to abandon and sometimes even continue to attack Tea Party conservatives even after they win the nominations against RINOs fairly and squarely. Examples include Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Ken Cuccinelli, Todd Akin, Dan Bongino, Steve Lonegan, etc., all who might have won with some RINO support. Now the RINO’s are even doing preemptive attacks including on and threatening Republican donors of anyone who threatens to challenge any existing RINO Republicans in office. Tea Party types have never resorted to these last two tactics. So to equate the Tea Party types with RHINO types by describing them as being on a mutual political suicidal mission completely mis-characterizes the situation. A true description would be that the RINO’s are committing murder against the Republican party just like the Wigs did to themselves. Tea Party types and now attacking anyone who fails to stop our runaway train to tyranny, including RINO’s, who by their relentless assault of Tea Party types and candidates is making stopping that train impossible. In order to fix this problem and save the Republican party it is important to properly understand the situation. To ever have any hope of eliminating or disarming the bad guys it is important to first identify who they are. Hint: The problem is not the so called Tea Party.

    1. Excellent post. Horowitz is rather late to the party. Levin. Palin and others have been talking liberty for years and actually putting flesh on the bones by articulating policy and initiatives to achieve the objective

    2. you have nailed it here when you point these out:

      “Only now that the RINO’s have lost two presidential elections in a row against an easy to beat hard left country destroying radical with two candidates that raised attacks on Tea Party types to a new level while going soft on that radical, has the Tea Party turned hard against the RINO’s.

      Another thing that has really ticked the Tea Party off is the RINO’s new tendency to abandon and sometimes even continue to attack Tea Party conservatives even after they win the nominations against RINOs fairly and squarely. Examples include Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, Ken Cuccinelli, Todd Akin, Dan Bongino, Steve Lonegan, etc., all who might have won with some RINO support. Now the RINO’s are even doing preemptive attacks including on and threatening Republican donors of anyone who threatens to challenge any existing RINO Republicans in office.”

      In VA, that is *exactly* what happened, with the addition of the Left supporting a 3rd party candidate to assure the destruction.

      During the last week to ten days of the governor’s race in VA, GOP candidate Cuccinelli was out of money for ads. The RNC didn’t give him a dime. Was it because of Tea Party support? Will they let socialists like McAwful win in order to try to kill the Tea Party? Are they that threatened? Are they simply an arm of the Democrat Party and desperate to hold onto their own turf?

      Now the left’s pundits are saying McAwful won because of his support for gun control. What a sick joke.

      1. The VAGOP pulled support from Cuccinelli a month out from the election. Rick Santorum told them he could bring in over 200 volunteers from around the country to help Ken (100 cadets from the Citadel and about 150 other volunteers from his organization Patriot Voices) but when he secured final plans in early October, VAGOP told him to pull the plug, that they were out of money for this and for Ken. Santorum knew exactly what was going on with these Rove underlings here in the Virginia GOP so he held a moneybomb via Patriot Voices and raised over $50k to bring these volunteers in, lodge and feed them, and gave the rest of the money to Ken’s campaign. They knocked on over 12,000 doors in Northern Virginia for Ken. I will add that the plan to submarine Cuccinelli, Jackson, and Obenshain was hatched immediately after all 3 won their nominations at the convention. The RNC/Rove machine went into hyperdrive to make sure these 3 socially conservative Republicans would lose so there would be justification to marginalize social/cultural conservatives going into 2016 in their push for the moderate Christie or Jeb Bush. You will notice that you only hear 2 voices recognized by the Rove/RNC anymore: the establishment RINO moderate and the newly annexed Libertarian wing, both who are on the same side of the culture war as liberal Democrats. The socially conservative base is being completely shut out.

        1. thank you. Even better info than I had. I will pass this on to those who are in the trenches…

          Hard to realize that the Dems *ever* had a socially conservative base once. I think Moynihan died of a broken heart when LBJ’s humungous entitlement corruption took off. M’s predictions about the destruction of the black family proved to be more true than he could have dreamed in his worst nightmare.

          Fitting that it was Hillary who took his Senate seat when he left.

          1. Also, when Laura Ingraham had Rick Santorum on her show last February she told him live on the air that she had just attended a prominent GOP dinner and several high level RNC people (she would not name) told her they had a real problem with “these social conservatives” and that they were going to “make sure Rick Santorum and anyone like him never makes it on a ballot again.” I would wager that Rove, Priebus, and big name moderate RNC donors were some of the aforemetioned unnamed. You’ll notice Santorum’s name is the ONLY one left off of 2016 polls and he is never mentioned at all on Fox News when any discussion of 2016 comes up. He has been super busy and active on the political and cultural fronts since he suspended his campaign but if you watch Fox News exclusively you’d never know he was even still around. He is Rove’s number one target to keeep out of the race. This is why the ever growing field of conservatives potentially entering the 2016 race is beyond Rove’s wildest dreams come true. This will splinter the conservative base support sufficiently to keep any from benefiting enough to overcome the pre-selected 2016 version of Mitt Romney: Christie or Bush.

  5. “Not disposed to fight a political war.” Then why have these republican poseurs taken the oath to defend the Constitution?

    These are men and women who don’t have enough patriotism and courage to fight against the treachery and treason of the marxist democrats who’s agenda is to subvert
    the Constitution and our liberty.

  6. Horowitz has one of the most researched web pages on the internet. His detailed research of all the radical progressive, socialist, Marxist, Communist surrounding Barack Hussein Obama is amazing. I have one gripe against this amazing man and that he has not thrown his full weight behind Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo. All of Horowitz’s information serves a purpose but none of it is going to bring an end to this nightmare Fraud in Chief. All that Arpaio and Zullo’s highly qualified investigators and document experts will eventually nail the coffin lid shut on this pathetic and sick administration and will set the radical progressive movement back decades. No one will trust those Communist/Marxist loving numskulls again. Please write Horowitz and encourage him to join Arpaio and Zullo as they prepare to take on the entire United States government.

    1. Horowitz’ research pages, a great resource for discovering the leftist connections among the socialists who want to change America to something resembling the old centralized command economy of the USSR, have been strangely skewed by the page he added to include Diana West. It’s a page devoted exclusively to her purported sins. If, as I was, you are an admirer of Horowitz work, that page is an embarrassment, a strange obsession with one person on the RIGHT…

  7. I don’t know what all the mess is about Diana West and David Horowitz, but I love them both and am thankful for their voices against the madness we are in.

  8. Look at Rubio. He joined the enemy to pass a welfare immigration invasion bill to destroy the country. Now he is pretending to be conservative to prepare for his next election. Boot him out of HIS FLORIDIAN SENATE SEAT!

    1. Immigration is one of the issues that Rubio campaigned and won on. He tried. He worked with Democrats to get a bill crafted. He was honest about it and even went on Levin’s show to answer hard questions. I think he was naive about it, but last I saw he had come out against the bill that the group he had been working with are pushing.

      Rubio isn’t up for re-election until the 2016 cycle, so I don’t think that he’s worried about positioning himself for it yet.

      Other than the immigration issue, Rubio has been very solid. If we’re going to demand 100% Conservative purity (whatever that is), what do we have in the Senate, like 1 or 2 guys that so far meet the test? We’ll never see any legislative progress if we demand that much purity.

      1. “Other than the immigration issue…” Seriously? This is one of the most far-reaching issues of our time. Decades ago, RINOs and Democrats DECIDED AMONG THEMSELVES that America was no longer worthy of “sovereign nation” status, that our national borders would be porous to allow cheap labor and cheap votes to enter with little opposition. A NATION WITHOUT SECURE BORDERS IS NO LONGER A SOVEREIGN NATION. PERIOD. We’re not talking about “purity” here, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE MOST BASIC OF TENETS. MY GOD, THIS IS MADDENING WHEN REPUBLICANS PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE WHAT AMNESTY WILL DO TO THIS COUNTRY. A vote FOR amnesty is a vote against the American middle-class. Spin it any way you like – there’s no escaping that fact.

        1. Immigration is extraordinarily important. I don’t disagree at all about what open immigration will do to the electorate and our culture.

          That said, it’s already happening. Obama has already gutted enforcement of our borders and pretty much done what we most fear. Rubio was trying to at least find a compromise that wasn’t as bad as the de facto amnesty in place now coupled with Obama’s total lack of enforcement of existing laws.

          I give him credit that he tried. I give him credit that he has backed away from the bill they ended up with.

          Throwing the guy under the bus at this point would be harmful to the Conservative movement.

  9. Horowitz tells it like it is. He’s right, the debt is so massive it is hard to comprehend and can become just another statistic like all the kids shot in Chicago.

  10. The GOP has big constituencies, ie. the military, seniors on ss, etc. So when any shutdown occurs, which it always will as a result of a battle over budgeting, the Democrats simply threaten the GOP’s constituencies, so they fold. The GOP gets bashed for being wimps, squeamish, etc., but let’s be honest, they’re hearing from their own voters worried about getting their check in the mail. If they were hearing the opposite, you would see different actions from them.

  11. David knows the “dark side” and it is much easier for him to see the truth. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell, (is that a goiter or just a double chin?) blasts Tea Party people with righteous indignation. And Karl Rove, the size 55 guy in the size 42 suit, scribbles on his whiteboard and drools as he speaks his nonsense.

    Stay strong my friends, somehow we will endure.

  12. There is blame for wrong headed politicians, people that write books and make speeches…but WE are responsible..WE have made this mess. Our children are being indoctrinated every day and we allow it…well it is wearisome to go into particulars. This is not popular, but it is the truth. Our Constitution mandates WE get involved…despite our busy lives, or it won’t work!

    What would happen if we mounted a march or some equal gesture, like no other seen on the planet? They would take notice!

  13. CPAC 1977- Ronald Reagan: “We are a nation that has a government—not the other way around. And this makes us special among the nations of the Earth. Our Government has no power except that granted it by the people. It is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed.” unquote

    “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.

    Freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for our children to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children, what it was once like where men were free.

    We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind, and if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record that those who had the most to lose, did the least to prevent its happening.”
    ~Ronald Wilson Reagan- 1964 “A Time For Choosing” Speech

    If one has not Freedom, he or she, has nothing! If that’s not worth fighting and dying for, then nothing is. Only capitulating sheep lead servitude lives of existence at the behest and rule of tyrant overseerers like Obama.

  14. We the people need to hold our Representatives feet to the fire. The media too, we need to hold them accountable, they are suppose to be our free unfettered press, not the masters megaphone. Our Constitution can work….but it requires work from we the people…

  15. Our Constitution is the most unique form of governing on our planet. Capitalism, free enterprise, individual freedom and liberty are it’s engine. It is not antiquated, it self perpetuates and is always current. It is a living breathing document that needs our constant protection and vigilance to stay alive. If we let it die….WE will be throwing away a treasure, to live in misery.

  16. Remember that Mr. Horowitz came from the dark side.. His conversion to conservatism is recent.. But this man know what he is talking about.. He was a radical, and if there is one thing he knows is that we must unite for the common good. We must take the fight to the Progressives.

    1. amen kimber amen
      now will the stupid GOP listen????????????????????????????????????//
      so far not they got theirs so they give a damn less about us
      they worry about the poor illegals while our healthcare is being destroyed
      and this country is run by a dictator
      not much hope anymore………….even Cruz and Lee are quiet

      1. The stupid GOP need to feel the Constitutional Conservatives wrath if they do not uphold the Constitution and their constituents. We have an opportunity here, with the disastrous Obamacare, foreign policy and all the other atrocities abounding. We have got to get loud, visible and very vocal!

  17. David Horowitz is a great warrior, a great man for our age. However, I don’t think that this is the whole issue. The left-leaning part of the republican party want total control of the party. They have the money and they get called to the media spots to get their message out there. We HAVE to find a way to defeat the leftists in our own party. Otherwise we will see the demise of this party.
    Our great country began with our forefathers on their knees, pleading the cause, and then paying the price, some paying the greatest price of all. We MUST get on our knees…no, we’re NOT too grown up for that…and seek Divine guidance: then we have to man-up and do whatever it takes to defeat all the leftists…those within the party and without. Talk is cheap. We seem to talk instead of fight. We need to get behind the good men and women who are taking the bullets and we need to get reinforcements to them ASAP. In the meantime, prayer will do what we cannot do until the 2014 elections.

  18. May 22nd 1856 Senator Sumner was attacked and beaten close to death by a Democrat member of Congress on the Senate floor. Sumner was a member of what was known as the Radical Republicans who wanted to END SLAVERY and prevent the SLAVERY SUPPORTING DEMOCRATS from taking power and increasing slavery in the United States. The other Republican Senators stood by and watched as Sumner was beaten, reminds me of what we just witnessed what happend to Ted Cruz. This just might be time to cut bait and form a real Conservative Party…

    1. The radical Republicans were the far left party of that time; they got into power and 600,000 men died as a result. You have the wrong heros.

      1. Are you saying that the democrats who nearly beat Senator Sumner to death and who wanted to continue slavery were the right heroes?
        John Craven
        New Orleans

        1. They weren’t heros but they were mainstream Southerners. If not for the Republicans, there would have been no Civil War, and slavery would have ended anyway within a generation.

          1. There was no hero building in my statement, what you will find is historical fact. The point is there is a parallel between the 1850’s political landscape and the political landscape of today. The 1850’s produced the split within the Whig party and Democrat Party which resulting in the Republican Party being formed. That split is developing again before our eyes today and I hope and pray it results in a Conservative Party which has the ability to start the process of righting this sinking ship we currently have.

  19. I think what Horowitz views as in-party fighting is actually the early stage of party schism, and the emergence of a third party. There are unreconcilable differences between establishment republicans and ‘Tea party’ republicans–different vision, different goals and different principles. The GOPe like to use words like ‘freedom’, but when it comes to specifics, like real opposition to Obamacare, they demonstrate their real priority: Keeping the big centrallized government status quo.

    1. The Tea Party needs to take over the GOP, just like the commie, marxist, bolsheviks have taken over the Donkey party.

      I have reservations as to whether a third party is a pragmatically viable option.

      1. your reservations are spot on. We do not have a parliamentary govt. The Dems are so strong that a third party merely splits the people who think.

      2. I don’t think it’s possible for the Tea party to take over the GOP. RNC convention rules, and the suffocating republican culture in Washington DC, are stacked against that. In 2011, the majority of Tea party newcomers to congress were co-opted by the establishment. The handful who weren’t, like Louis Gohmert, are kept on the fringe. One has to recognize when something is past saving, and stop throwing good money after bad. After 50 years of trying to make the republican party more conservative, it’s only been getting more liberal. It’s the ideological killing field of many a well-intentioned conservative.

  20. They have had so many chances to go after Obama and all of his damage and be the united party that exposes them and instead divide the party and make us weak. It’s as if they are moles for the democrats.

  21. We didn’t follow OFA’s suggestion and talk about Obamacare at Thanksgiving, but Obama did come up. My parents asked how I could possibly keep up with all of the misfires, deceptions, and miscreant behavior of the Obama administration. I simply had to admit I no longer can. Cloward-Piven has worked. They are hitting us from all sides, and they still have 3 years to finish this country’s transformation. Though I admittedly have family issues that have been distracting of late, I have been heavy hearted with a an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness over what I see happening to this once great country. Can it be saved? My guess is that in the 2014/2016 elections there will be no mention of Democrat’s party affiliation (their commercials will be very Conservative) and not a single word about how they voted on Obamacare. As a result, (quoting Bill Whittle), I hope we either knock them on their ass or kick them out of their boots.
    Thanks for letting me vent, Scoopers. I hope you all had a Blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. Vent away my friend.Sorry to hear about your family problems.I can not speak for the others,but my Thanksgiving was great.

    2. Sorry to hear of your troubles and share your distress at the never ending debacles we see coming out of DC. I too feel powerless, as an individual, to effect any significant change as their tentacles are so widespread and so deep.
      This is only fixable by our Creator, IMHO. If I do not lose hope and faith, do what I can as an individual and pray for His guidance and direction then it is my hope that He will touch hearts and change minds. That’s what keeps me going.
      Prayers for you in getting through your family’s tough patch.

    3. Sure it can be saved. Deep breaths and don’t lose heart. Read the book “Flight of the Eagle” by Conrad Black and you will see we have been here before and actually at times worse.

  22. It’s politicians versus citizens, as I suspect has been for a very long time. We send Tea Party and they become Red Coats up there…or lied to us to get elected, not counting voter fraud.

    1. No it isn’t. It is almost entirely not the politician’s fault. A politician’s job is to get elected. The only way to change a politician’s behavior is to make it politically unprofitable to do something. That is the job of the voters.

      The fault lies with the electorate. Most conservative voters pay lip service to limited government rhetoric, but they don’t actually believe in the specifics. Most people people including Tea Partiers like big government. 62% of people who identify with with the TEA PARTY say Social Security and Medicare are worth the money. 58% of Republicans support RAISING the minimum wage. They don’t support eliminating it. They support raising it.

      1. Politician’s job is to vote how he’s TOLD, representational government, Presbyterian style as our Founders established, not how K ST pays them to vote. Voters are thwarted by VOTER FRAUD, thank God for True the Vote.I believe your stats are wrong, because I am the Tea Party and don’t know any who support raising minimum wage…where’d you get that? cspan? Rino politicians maybe love bribing voters w socialistic programs to steal our wealth, but not Conservatives.It’s about one thing…FREEDOM, and I’ve been to enough Townhalls to see our so-called Conservatives shaking in their boots because we watch one thing..not polls, not empty lying words, but how they VOTE, every single time.

        1. I agree. We are a representative form of government. I don’t think most people want small government.

          I said 62% of people who self identify as Tea Party support SS/Medicare. Here is the source http://www.cbsnews.com/news/tea-party-supporters-who-they-are-and-what-they-believe/

          “.It’s about one thing…FREEDOM” I assume that means you are for eliminating the FDA, Dept. of Education, drug laws, insider trading laws, restrictions on online gambling, etc.

          Edit; I see you listed CSPAN as I guess a liberal source. You should maybe look up Brian Lamb’s background.

          1. I think most people, rightfully in my opinion, look at Medicare and Social Security as earned benefits NOT entitlements though they are referred to as such. Studies have shown that most would be in better shape financially had they invested their SS contributions on their own behalf.
            It is a huge topic with far reaching effects and a real pity that Congress elected to put these contributions in the General Fund to spend on other things rather than hold them in a trust which is what they told the people.
            So yes, I think politicians are primarily our problem and I’ve never seen anything that government did better than private entities other than our freeway system and our military. They used to enforce immigration but let’s not talk about that big government fiasco.

            1. You are wrong to think that politicians are primarily the problem. In fact, they aren’t the problem at all. As Milton Friedman would say, “Electing the right people is nice. But the way you solve problems is by making it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right things.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac9j15eig_w

                1. I saw the 60 minutes piece and his interview with Glenn Beck. Politicians are the same now as they were 500 years ago. The politicians are 0.00% of the problem. The rules that allow politicians to spend money and buy votes are the problem.

                2. I sure can’t dispute that the rules for spending and vote buying have adverse affect. But it still takes a person with some honor and integrity to fulfill his obligation to the country and its citizens. There have always been good people and bad people. Perhaps we can begin to recognize that a “good” politician is not necessarily good for the country?

                3. I only vote for Christians, but realize they are sinners…who better fear their constituents as well as Jesus…feet to the fire, Baby!

            2. You think freeways and the military are also not artificially overpriced political boondoggles? Have you heard of unions and the Davis Bacon act? Did you know that our future overlords in China allow private companies to build and own freeways at a fraction of the cost per mile it cost our taxpayers? Can you tell me what part of the constitution allowed the Federal Government under Eisenhower to build highways? That’s right, there is no such clause. They argued it was for national defense and the Supremes went along with that legal farce. Did you know how defense projects are handed out based upon political influence, not because of economic criteria?. Did you know that many defense projects are cost plus, meaning the contractors, who funnel their winning bids back to the politican’s campaign contributions, have no incentive to lower the price? Did you know that any private company’s owners or managers that ran a ponzi scheme like social security and medicare would be put into prison for life for fraud and theft. Only in your favorite system of government provided savings and healthcare could a such a ponzi scheme ever reach such heights with no consequences to anyone but to the contributors. That is government for you. Bernie Madoff’s scheme was much smaller and he is in jail for life. Not so for the continued proponents of social security and medicare for they are immune to prosecution for their ponzi scheme lies with which they buy votes.

              It seems every small government Tea Party libertarian has their favorite sacred cow part of big government they want to keep, you included. If everyone is like you it seems to bode not well for our future of limited government or even national survival. One could argue that at least national defense is a constitutionally approved necessary expense so its waste and abuse is a necessary evil, but not so for highways, pension or medical care schemes, whether for charitable ;or any other purpose.

              1. I didn’t say they were not artificially overpriced boondoggles. But both are constitutional and not within the capacity of the individual states to accomplish. As with all things, oversight and penalties are required to keep contractors and politicians “honest”.

                1. The problem sir is that almost everything the government touches turns into an overpriced boondoggle. This happens despite the never ending hope by Liberals like you that someday it won’t be true and your ability to deny that it is. To make things worse, after this waste and courruption Government programs, unlike private sector undertakings, never go out of business after they become gigantic failures and/or riddled with fraud.. At the time of failure they have created massive dependency upon them and a constituency that pressures politicians to continue them to get that constituency’s vote. In addition to that dependency and failure, the programs then still have, in the face of all evidence and history, the naive hope of liberals like you that all they need is just “more oversight and penalties”. There may be some rare exceptions, but I think you will be hard pressed to find a single government program that does not follow this pattern. The classic example for me is the “Great Society’s War on Poverty”. After about 10 years and a trillion dollars (this was when a trillion was really a lot of money) the poverty rate went up, but all the programs continue to this day and the funding has grown exponentially. The only success was that they created an ever since growing deprived, despondent and dependent electoral base for the modern Democratic party. All we need is “more oversight and penalties”. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

                2. Look Mister, I’m not a Liberal and why do you feel entitled to come on this board and start throwing your personal opinions around? I’m not responding to any of your diatribe.

            3. They are entitlements…period. When you take out far more than you pay in, even accounting for interest, then it becomes an entitlement.

              And as it currently stands they aren’t even doing the military or roads well. Our military is superior due to innovation and strategy but the business side of it is a mess. They waste tons of money, upper echelon live like millionaires on our dime and time, bureaucracy is out of control paperwork nightmare. As to the roads…where are all of those gas taxes going because it isn’t going to the roads. That is why we have ‘crumbling roads and bridges’ to quote leftards so cities hire lobbyists to get bonds, tax kickbacks, stimulus dollars, among other methods to get road money. I get the vibe that gas tax money is the glue holding the daily robbing of Paul to pay Peter scenario our government operates on. They use that tax to show we can service our ‘debt’ as they continue spending.

              1. Good point about the gas tax. I think you could be on to something there.
                As respects the SS & Medicare, I would like it all to be out of the gov’ts hands. But I look at an entitlement as a handout. I’ve known for years that there is no SS lockbox and that it never was “insurance” as it was sold to the peons. But those who are older than me have relied on it and they worked all their lives believing they were contributing to their declining years.
                Life expectancies have increased dramatically which further strains their ponzi scheme; additionally, the left’s addiction to abortion has resulted in fewer able bodied young citizens coming up. Now they rely on illegals who are “living in the shadows” avoiding all of our taxes where ever possible. I hear some pay under ficticious documents never collecting a cent but I would bet they collect plenty of social service dollars funded by taxpayers..

                1. I agree with all that you have said. All that is happening with entitlements is they are shuffling the money around. Yeah they have illegals paying into one fund but they are taking out of another.

                  The problem is people in this country think retirement is a ‘right’. It isn’t. Retirement, historically speaking is a 20th century concept. those in the past that retired saved for it.

                  The only solution I can see to SS is to sunset it. Anyone born from 1965 on is not going to get to retire regardless due to the way the rest of the economy is stacking up.

                2. All true and just the tip of the iceberg. My Dad and Mom did not retire until they were forced to due to health. The SS Act completely turned our family oriented system on it’s head. And further government intervention have ruined the savings of many retirees who had the foresight to set aside additional funds. In years past, when granny & gramps couldn’t work their kids stepped up to the plate.
                  Your comment re sunsetting is good but what they will do instead is seize everyone’s private retirement accounts and then dole out however much they feel is adequate.

                3. Yeah I am…a Classical Liberal in the mold of the Founding Fathers, which is conservative, who knows there is a basic formula for success not only in this country but in the world unlike the Progressive Liberals who are just plain communist.

                  Tom Of Missouri sounds like a crank. It seems to be the day for it.

                4. The “liberal” label has been so abused I tend to call myself a Constitutional conservative. It’s a God given system of government in my eyes and like AGW I think the progs are arrogant and presumptious to believe they are smarter than our Founders, who were brilliant and still required assistance from our Maker.
                  I’m ignoring Tom because yes, he is a crank and I’m not feeling well today. I might just take his head off.

            1. We’re not going to agree on it. I’ve had the debate with you before. I think I remember you saying you knew George Shultz when I cited him as a source.

              1. Yeah I do, and you lost the debate. So…once again you are trying the old Liberal-tarian tactic of redefining conservatism. Conservatism doesn’t include drug legalization nor does it include no government at all like you suggest. Conservatism is limited or small government. And yeah I would be happy to do away with Dept of Education among a lot of others on your list but that doesn’t mean no government does it?!

                As James Madison said “If men were angels no government would be necessary”.

                1. There ya go again trying to equate and insert yourself into the positions of others. First your opinion is that of George Shultz and a few others if I remember correctly, and now it is of Milton Friedman. Tell me do you ever formulate an opinion of your own? And so what if Shultz and or Friedman or any other has an opinion on a topic? It doesn’t mean they are right or even correct let alone moral or righteous. Last I checked these men were part of the same human race as you and I, therefore they are just as fallible as you and I.

                  Whose opinion are you going to adopt next?

                2. No I learn from smarter people than me. Friedman is able to articulate complex issues clearly and logically. My opinions on most issues are shaped to some degree. from classical economists. If you aren’t basing your opinions on insights from smart people, you are likely basing your opinions on gut feel and instinct.

                3. Just the wording from in that statement alone tells me all I need to know.

                  My opinions are from classical economists but unlike you I didn’t just adopt those opinions as my own with little to no understanding of what I was adopting. I actually studied them and still do since people who are truly interested in knowledge never cease the pursuit of knowledge.

                  What you have done is to adopt opinions that you have little understanding of because you think they coincide with your point of view. You have never ever studied anyone else, any rebuttal or refutation. You know little of how those opinions were formulated hence the reason you cannot post to me any original thought. You whip out Friedman or Schultz as weapons and then end up hurting yourself.

                  You are less than an amateur because while you might try and grasp the economics you fail to see that the economics are but one ingredient of a much larger pie. Friedman knew that. Schultz knows that…most do.

      2. I for one am not looking for a politician what I am seeking in 2014 and beyond is a Representative.

        Someone who is looking beyond their time in office, beyond their life, someone who is looking to return to the values of our forefathers during their time in office, in hopes to further a better life for their progeny.

  23. “everything the Progressives do threatens individual liberty” – yes, it is a moral fight and the Democrats are now the Socialist Party of America. We have to get WDC cleaned out completely.

  24. If you don’t know where you are going you never arrive there. David is right Republicans have no idea what their ultimate goal is. First they must agree among themselves in what unite them, then go do the battle against the Dems.

    The other thing is that The republicans don’t know their enemy. They must learn how Dems think and operate. Just like NFL coach who watch every recorded video of every play and every move.

  25. I disagree. CONSERVATIVES aren’t attacking Conservatives. REPUBLICANS are attacking Conservatives, and even cannibalizing fellow Republicans. Romney and Huntsman and McCain and McConnell are perfect examples of this.

      1. Well, we have been chronicling a long blood bath ever since David Horowitz & Co. savaged Diana West for her new book.

        A few, very few, joined him in this sanguinary effort, but for the most part Conservatives hid under the table to avoid being thrown under the bus. DH claims “she started it” but the dates don’t lie. The first shots emanated from Front Page in August when Mr Horowitz removed a positive review of Diana West’s book from his website and replaced it with an attack by Ronald Radosh. A very strange attack in which RR accused West of saying things in her book which…weren’t there. His Act II was at Pajamas Media. Others took up the call at American Thinker, admitting they hadn’t read her book, but whatever Radosh said was good enough for them. Then Mr Horowitz himself took up the cudgels on Front Page.

        So, if David Horowitz is a conservative ,then sadly, VIrusX, this bloodletting among conservatives begins with him. There was lots more bloodletting over the months from August till now. Gatestone Institute is littered with a few bodies, too.

        West is bloodied but unbowed and two of the leading historians of the period she wrote about agreed with her version of events.

        IOW, the internecine fighting has broken out across the whole spectrum of “Conservatism”. It’s time to return to the fundamentals as expressed by Russell Kirk and start over.

        1. Thanks for posting this as it needed to be said though none of us enjoy knowing this about Horowitz.
          I was very disheartened to read David’s attacks on Diana West. At first I thought he was defending Radosh’s “honor” but he carried it much farther. I’ve always admired Horowitz and still find his actions in this matter to be utterly inconceivable.
          I hadn’t purchased West’s book prior to the savaging she took in the media, but went out and bought it purely in support of her credible and well researched work. I hope to have time to read it soon

          1. It’s a difficult and disheartening book to read – e.g., I didn’t know that our leaders in WWII, including FDR/Truman, knew the horrific fate of thousands of American military POWs who were in German hands as the war ended. They were grabbed by Russia and sent to the gulags as slave labor. And those at the top *knew*. What must those American prisoners have thought of their country, for whom they fought, only to die slowly of privation and want as slaves for our “ally” Uncle Joe?

            Now we’re fighting a new supremacism, but if we’re going to survive, we have to understand we didn’t really ‘win” WWII. Russia took half of Europe as its prize, and then it took our soldiers to its gulags – not to mention the thousands of Germans who committed suicide rather than be “repatriated” behind Russian borders. They knew from experience there are worse things than dying.

            We didn’t win the Cold War that followed, either. The USSR eventually imploded on its own, not because of anything we did, but because its centralized command economy became a huge FAIL.

            Now we’re busy building a centralized command economy for our medical system and it will end the same sad way: in corruption and corrosive failure, with a nomenklatura that gets excellent medical care while the rest of us recycle soviet era samizdat black humor and our life expectancy rates begin to fall.

            The children who don’t remember how it used to be will turn out to be the most fortunate because they won’t miss what they never had.

            1. Oh what we’ve learned about the infestations within our governmental units going back decades. Disheartening we both agree. I have read small bits of “Blacklisted by History” and it angers me to learn how our state department was propping up the wrong people in China. Yet another reason to wish Joe McCarthy had been successful. It’s hard to stand alone.

              1. It’s not just State. The whole Washington edifice is crony corruption. Just look at the numbers and the power of lobbyists.

                Joe McCarthy was demonized and thrown away -just like they’re trying to do to Diana West and like they did to Palin. Anyone who colors outside the lines is a target. I don’t think McC was an alcoholic until after they’d begun targeting him. Whatever his characterological flaws – and he had almost as many as Bill Clinton – he was on the right track. But no one can survive the power of Hollywood’s ridicule combined with the MSM’s smear machine.

                The received wisdom is the only one you may speak out loud. That goes for the Republican/Conservative “wisdom” too. A different consensus from the socialists, but every bit as constricting to free thought.

                Our country has slowly morphed into a totalitarian democracy. Just look at the presidential “choices” we were given in the last 6-8 campaigns. No wonder many people don’t bother to vote.

                1. I have to agree with you on all points. I just finished reading “Extortion” which explains so much about the lousy deal we are getting from our elected officials.
                  It is very easy to see that the big guys do.not.like.truthtellers. Period.

  26. I agree 100%, and thought the same thing during 2012.
    Interesting how Romney so savagely fought his fellow Republicans during the primary season……and then mostly stood there looking helpless while Obama lied his way through their debates.
    When Candy Crowley jumped into the debate and went at him too, he should have told her to sit her fat lying azz down and shut up, But he didn’t….he just stood there and took it.

  27. Our war is primarily against the GOPe first… once we clean house, we can turn to the evil cancer party next. And if we fail to clean house… then it’s time to build a new one. I will impatiently wait until the results of the 2014 and 2016 elections… and if the sane few in this country and government are unsuccessful in righting this ship, then it’s time for revolution.

    1. If the TEA Party doesn’t pick up a bunch of seats in 2014, I’m going to be fairly despondent and unsure of why I’m directing so much mental energy toward politics. Seriously… when will people wake the hell up?

      If America isn’t disgusted with RINOs and Democrats by 2014, you know that Hillary will be a shoe-in in 2016, running against some RINO bozo like Christie or Jeb Bush.

      I’m not really one for doom and gloom, but we’re already several touchdowns behind in the 4th quarter. We’re looking for multiple Hail Mary passes to turn this thing around.

      If we don’t start getting some solid wins soon, I’m afraid that this war is just about over. At that point, Mark Levin’s Amendment Convention will be our one last chance.

      1. Whichever Republican runs in 2016 will be deemed either unqualified, establishment, or unelectable. It doesn’t matter who it is.

      2. Yeah, I’m right there with you.
        For me, I will turn it over to the Lord (technically, I already have) and walk away. Over the last 6 years, I’ve been moody, sad, angry, and feeling hopeless at times. 2013 has been a banner year. It has negatively affected every aspect of my life. Ignorance was bliss. That doesn’t mean I will give up… not at all. But the energy, attention, and money that I’m expending right now has all but left me emotionally bankrupt. I will likely power down a bit and try to relax more.

    2. Sadly, there isn’t enough energy left for a third party. Every time it’s tried, the Democrat wins. It just happened here in Virginia. One of Obama’s bundlers paid a Libertarian to run as a third party candidate. He did and drew down about 17% of the vote, giving the governor’s seat to Terry McAwful, one of Clinton’s bagmen.

      What’s interesting in those 3rd party #s is how close they are to what Ross Perot picked up in his destructive bash of Republicans.

      The only way a multi-party system works is if you have a parliamentary system, which we have not got. Wouldn’t you love to be able to muster a vote of “no confidence” and call for elections??

      What we’re not factoring in here is the awful implosion that’s coming when there’s no more blood in the turnip for all those entitlement programs. It may be that Debt+Deficit = Doom and that the US slowly fractures along historical fault lines…which will become known as Obama’s signature accomplishment.

      1. I think you make an interesting point – and the abomination of what happened in the recent elections in Virginia is ominous and evil.
        The biggest actionable non-bluff thing I will be doing in the future is thoroughly vetting potential candidates. If there’s one I support, then I will and s/he will get my vote. If the choices don’t include a solid Tea Party conservative candidate, then I won’t vote – or I’ll vote strategically like they did in Virginia. I will no longer stand for whatever the RNC hands us – such as a GOPe candidate (Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, etc.).

        1. The vote in Virginia may have been strategic but in the end it was unwise because it gave the governor’s office to the Dems. Six long years for a hack to do a lot of damage.

          Cuccinelli lost because the Tea Party supported him – the kiss of death for anyone who needs money. So the RNC sat on its moneybags. During the last 10 days the Republican had not one dime left for political ads. Then the Dems *really* ratcheted up, making sure the Libertarian got his money, and bringing in Obama to stump for Demicrat McAwful. IOW, the RNC is responsible for the Dem win.

          We will be seeing that repeatedly in the 2014 election. If you want an early look, visit Wisconsin, where they are still trying to strangle their successful governor and his fiscally conservative policies.

  28. Eloquently spot on. One of the few out there who ‘gets it’ and is capable of accurately articulating the real state of the union and the true danger we are in. Well done.

  29. As an American when I hear conversations or speeches that are wrapped around protecting freedom and liberty for Americans I simple get turned on like a florescent light bulb, then right on cue here comes doom and gloom democrat progressives, communist, socialist and their lockstep media and RINO’s to remove the charge, and like a massive Sun flare hitting the power grid, theirs a compete black out realizing at best, the lights at the US Capital have gone from burning like a shinning city on a hill to burning like a dim candle and at worse, to a complete evil blackout of deception.

  30. He is exactly right! That is why I held such contempt for Romney and how he ran his campaign..when will they ever learn???

  31. Saw this post on another site – it is dead on:
    “Consider the writings of the developer of Obama’s occupation, “community organizer,” the one and only Saul Alinsky. In the foreword to “Rules for Radicals” he included a dedication to Lucifer, and within it spoke of the necessity of not revealing one’s true intentions, but manipulating people toward one’s radical goal via false pretense and lies. He also wrote of the necessity, prerequisite to achieving the radical revolution, of disillusioning the middle class by making them believe that the system doesn’t work.

    Consider then the theories of Antonio (“long march through the institutions”) Gramsci, Andre Gorz, the Frankfurt School and other Communist / Collectivist theorists who advocated eroding our culture and undermining our economic system (while professing to be reforming it), i.e., aligning with Alinsky’s tactic to not reveal true intentions and manipulate the public.

    Consider now the “Cloward Piven strategy” developed by two professors at Obama’s alma mater, Columbia University, which advocated massive increases in welfare rolls as a means to undermine our economy and cause the system to collapse, again as a prerequisite to disillusion the public in the “old system” and pave the way for their “new system.”

    The intellectual progeny and disciple of the above, one Barack Hussein Obama, now occupies the office of President of the United States.

    When viewed with the understanding of the tactics of the aforementioned anti-American / pro-Collectivist / Communist radicals mentioned above, the actions of his administration — to undermine business and economic vibrancy, to hobble potential economic recovery, massively expand food stamp and unemployment rolls, impose massive new entitlements funded with human history record breaking debt — all make perfect sense. The framework has been erected for decades; it just needed someone with the power to execute the plans”

  32. Many of us conservatives have been saying that since 08,but the RINO’s don’t listen and we don’t have that big microphone that they have.There is only one party in D.C. David!At least until we get more people like Ted Cruz ,Mike Lee,Louie Gohmert,and Steve King into office.Principled conservatives.

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