Dem. Congresswoman says small family businesses obligated to pay death tax because of fairness

No, Allen West is wrong. There are no commie/socialist types is Congress. And this ‘fairness’ clip is just a figment of your imagination:

Gotta love the words Rep. Clarke (D-NY) uses in this clip. She’s suggesting that the United States ‘provides opportunity’ for people to ‘enrich themselves’ and therefore it’s only ‘fair’ for them to give back to the community and pay, of all things, the very unfair death tax.

But the United States doesn’t ‘provide’ any opportunity. As Obama said so eloquently back in 2001, the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, not positive liberties. In other words the Constitution simply protects our God-given rights to enrich ourselves, our God-given right to create opportunity for ourselves. The government is supposed to simply get the heck out of our way so that we can prosper and it isn’t responsible in any way for our prospering. If anything it’s responsible for more people not prospering because of it’s heavy regulatory environment.

But our commie/socialist types in Congress can’t let a little 225 year old document of ‘negative liberties’ stand it their way of spending our country into bankruptcy. They want as much money as they can get and they will appeal to our moral sense of fairness every time to get it, even as we stand on the precipice of our economy crashing.

This is why we must defeat these people and elect more people like Allen West who understand liberty.

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