Dem strategist says ALL Republicans have ‘LITERAL BLOOD on their HANDS’

This dim-witted dictionary-challenged Democratic strategist on MSNBC opined that Republicans “literally” have blood on their hands because of violence inspired by Trump.

Watch below:

OK, look I’m kind of a word nationalist-socialist and it just drives my OCD brain to murderous thoughts when idiots misuse the term “literally” like this. You are saying that Republicans, all of them, one day discovered that there was human artery-juice on their hands because of the attack on a synagogue. You are a complete idiot.

Anyway, she’s an idiot and Hayes doesn’t even bat an eyelash when she makes her stupid statement.

Here she is on Twitter:


Here’s more MSNBC idiocy – Steve Schmidt whines that there will be MORE BLOOD unless people vote Democrat:

Sheesh buddy.

Aaaand here’s the woman who was threatened by the idiot Trump supporter in Florida who sent out all those package bombs – notice she says that GAB is to blame for what he wrote on their website, even though he actually threatened her on Twitter:


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