Democrat Ivanka Trump to determine the fate of U.S. Global Warming policy…

El Presidente Trumpo is leaning towards getting the U.S. out of our global warming treaties, BUT he might reconsider after he hears from his favorite Democrat in the world – his daughter Ivanka Trump.

From the Times of Israel:

Ivanka Trump will head a review of US climate change policy even as President Donald Trump considers pulling the US out of a global emissions-cutting deal.

The United States says it it will continue attending United Nations climate change meetings next week in Bonn, Germany next week, but Trump’s advisers will meet Tuesday to discuss what to do about the global pact known as the Paris agreement, officials said.


Though Trump’s inclination has been to leave the agreement, he’s allowed his daughter, White House adviser Ivanka Trump, to set up an extensive review process, a senior administration official said. The goal is to ensure Trump receives information from both government experts and the private sector before a making a decision.

To that end, Ivanka Trump will hold a separate meeting Tuesday with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, the official said. Pruitt is a chief proponent of leaving the deal and has questioned the science that says humans are contributing to global warming.

What’s odd is that he promised he would stop all Global Warming schemes during the campaign, but he’s putting the policy in the hands of a woman he knows believes in Global Warming, AND met with Al Gore about it!! He even said she was totally committed to a “sensible climate change policy,” afterward. 

AND remember when the alt-right had a meltdown because he bombed Syria? Guess who convinced him to go against his campaign promise to stop bombing foreign lands? Yup… it was Ivanka.

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