Democrat says Obama risks IMPEACHMENT if he acts against Syria without congressional approval

Dennis Kucinich warns that Obama risks impeachment if he takes military action against Syria without congressional approval because, he argues, there is no “imminent or actual threat” to America.

Kucinich also takes issue with how Obama phrased his statement earlier today when he said “I meant what I said, I have not made a final decision.” Kucinich says it’s not ‘I, the president’ but rather it’s ‘we the people’ who formed the Constitution and it dictates that only Congress can take this country to war.


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138 thoughts on “Democrat says Obama risks IMPEACHMENT if he acts against Syria without congressional approval

  1. subie201  
    Sub, let me let you end on a little secret.  The oil companies do sell the oil found in the U.S. directly back to the U.S. consumers.  Even the oil pumped out of Alaska is not sold to the lower 48.  
    The oil companies sell American oil out on the open market(s) around the world; of which eventually finds it way back to the U.S. and the consumer.  
    So what I am trying to say is, be it the Alaskan oil fields or the Keystone pipeline, it will all be sold of the global open market before the oil comes back to American shores.
    This is BS!  Oil drilled and pumped on American soiled should be refined at refineries in this country…….or why bother!
    Another point, you righties need to let the country know when your Republican Coal companies can come up with a way to BURN CLEAN COAL!  Until then these Republican Polluting Coal Companies need to quit their compalints to pollute the air while destroying the environment.

  2. Rastamans
    We have enough oil in this beautiful country! We don’t need your dirty oil! If we had an American president, he would be giving the go ahead to the Keystone pipeline, and coal! Unfortunately, this guy in the WH is one of yours!

  3. billma40RASTAMANSkong1967
    Meh!  The Obstructionist-record setting Filibustering GOP Congress has screwed over 315 million American citizens by purposefully Sabotaging the recovery from the Republican Recession, and obstructing-Filibustering Jobs Bills and infrastructure bills to rebuild roads, highways and bridges.
    1. Filibustering the American Jobs Act.
    2. Stonewalling monetary stimulus.
    3. Threatening a debt default.
    4. Cutting discretionary spending in the debt ceiling deal.
    5. Cutting discretionary spending in the budget deal.

  4. subie201  
    Are you referring to the War Powers Act of which Pres. Reagan used without approval from the Congress to invade Grenada, to authorize Iran Contra and to sell missiles to Iran in the 80’s?  Are we talking about HW Bush who invaded Panama without going to Congress for authorization???  Both Reagan and Bush I trashed our Constitution at every turn!  Yet, once again not a peep of outrage and protest from the conservative voter(s) and the GOP Republican Congress.

  5. Rastamans
    Hahahahahhahahaha…”All because of partisan politics”..Obama is a lying, snake, lunatic! His stupid “red line” comment is about to trigger, WWlll! Trouble is, we have this jerk of a speaker who drools when ever Obama opens his mouth! They have ALL swallowed YOUR radical kook-aid, and the dangerous rhetoric coming from the likes of you! We Americans crap on the cancer you spread! Not to worry…we WILL take this nation back one day, and radicals such as yourself will be eradicated forever!!!

  6. subie201 
    Subie, do you not recall back in 2000 General Elections when Gov. Jeb Bush illegally purged 40,000 voters off the voting rolls who were predominantly African American and were more than likely to overwhelmingly for Gore on the Democrat ticket!!!!
    Then fast forward to the 2004 Election in the state of Ohio, and Republican Diebold voting machines shifted votes to GW Bush to give him enough electoral votes to win his 2nd term.
    Can you provide links/sources to back up your theory that the Dems won Ohio and Fla all due to Voter Fraud!!!!

  7. subie201  
    Clinton had private sex with a consenting adult!  Why was it the Pervert GOP Congress wanted to know about whether Monica or Clinton were having sex?  It was none of the GOP’s business in the first place. Besides how many GOP Senators-Reps were also having affairs and sex at this same time period???

  8. RASTAMANS billma40 kong1967  
    I’m not concerned with Clinton.He only screwed one woman in the Oral office while Obama is screwing around 315 million people. In 2 more years you will deny you ever supported the democrats.

  9. RASTAMANS Orangeone subie201  
    Do nothing GOP congress?
    In 2011 the GOP house passed at least 14 bills that had no other action other than reading the bills in the Demoncrat led senate.After 2 years there has been no action on these bills.

  10. Rastamans
    Slick Willy was testifying to Congress…”I never had sex with Monica Walinsky!” While he was smoking the famous cigar he was thinking…Oops I lied again!

  11. RASTAMANS tinlizzieowner outforbeer
    I was around (and old enough to vote) when both Nixon and Reagan were President. How about you?
    There’s a lot of history from back then, you cant ‘google’. Speaking of pardons, do you know Marc Rich is?
    You can ‘google’ that. 😉

  12. Rastamans
    You’ve got to be kidding??? We’re you around during the 2012 election? Any state that didn’t have voter ID laws had a corrupted election! Look at Ohio, Florida! Dems don’t like voter ID laws because they need to commit fraud to get elected!

  13. Rastamans
    You can’t expect Congress to support a guy who is trashing our Constitution at every turn! Obama is a narcissist who thinks he can bypass everyone with an executive order…case in point, Fast and Furious…another case in point, Benghazi…another case in point, Obamacare…another case in point, NSA, etc…etc…etc!

  14. Rastamans
    When you present an issue where a lib has to speak logically, they continue to rant on that men shall know them mad!

  15. Rastamans
    GWB went to Congress to get permission first! At least he was an American patriot! Yes, he had his short-comings, but he didn’t hold himself in such high esteem as to bypass the Rule of Law! Obama is a lawless tyrant! The only rules he has followed is from Rules For Radicals!

  16. OrangeoneRASTAMANSsubie201
    Can you provide sources or links to back up your claims that the Dems  vote early, vote often, disenfranchise voters by encouraging felons and illegal aliens to vote or is this just another GOP disingenuous “Talking Point”?

  17. Orangeone RASTAMANS subie201 
    A war is when you commit U.S. troops on the Ground!  Obama used the War Powers Act to aid Libya with over throwing Gaddafi!
    Now as we speak, Obama is following the Constitution by demanding that the “Do Nothing-Obstructionist” GOP Congress at least vote and are on the record to destroy Syria’s ability to use chemical weapons.  Obama would have gotten the same non-support from the GOP had he sat idly by and did nothing!

  18. tinlizzieowner outforbeer  
    Don’t you know…..Tricky Dick–Watergate Nixon was the last Republican “Corrupt” President impeached.  And President Gerald Ford should Nixon some welfare love and pardoned Dick Nixon!!!
    Why wasn’t Reagan impeached over Iran-Contra scandal????

  19. RASTAMANS subie201 That’s the Progressive model, vote early, vote often, disenfranchise voters by encouraging felons and illegal aliens to vote.

  20. RASTAMANS Orangeone subie201 That would be dudette and yes Libya was a war.  If Libya did to the US what Obama did in Libya would you say that it was not an act of war?  Of course not. The progressives are playing with words.  War is war and Obama the dictator violated the Constitution again.

  21. yazz55
    Meh, GW Bush had 13 Benghazi Embassy attacks under his watch in 8 years…..Why wasn’t there any talk of impeaching GW Bush!!!!!  More State Department personnel lost their lives under GW Bush…..and not a peep of protest and indignation from conservatives nor the Republican’t Party!
    Go Figure!!!!

  22. billma40 kong1967 
    Oh I see now!  The GOP believes in “Impeaching Democrat Presidents” over trumped up charges if they can’t unseat a Democrat President in the General Elections!!!
    WAY TO GO GOP!!!!  President Clinton beat the Republicant’s TWICE and in his 2nd term…..low and behold, the GOP Congress…..tried to Impeach Clinton for having consenting sex with an adult!!!!

  23. subie201
    At least Obama wasn’t selected into the Oval Office by a Republican Appointed Supreme Court, like GW was!!!  Imagine that!  Republicant’s and their conservative voters stood idly by and silent as the illegitimate GW Bush became President!  
    Republicant’s believe in getting back into the WH….by Any Means Necessary, even if it means ignoring “The Will of the American People and using the GOP appointed Supreme Court.
     The GOP and its conservatives may not like Obama; but at least Obama didn’t need the Supreme Court to select him into the White House.  Besides, Obama won the popular vote in 2008 and again in 2012!
    In fact when it comes to the popular vote the GOP has manged to lose in this category 5 out of the last 6 General Elections!!!!
    That tells me the country has been rejecting Republicans and the GOP!!!!

  24. subie201 
    The only way Republicant’s win the Senate is if Democrat voters stay home or if the GOP State Governors and Representatives practice voter purging of Democrat voters off the voting rolls.  In other words the Republicant’s no longer have enough votes/voters to win without cheating.

  25. Orangeone subie201 
    Come on dude, Obama didn’t declare war on Libya!  Libya was just a police action!!  And we didn’t put military service members on the ground and those overly corporate contractors.

  26. snowshooze 
     Meh!  Me thinks Obama is just a danger to Republicant’s and its merry band of out of touch Tea Partiers!
    Republican America and its conservative voters are really just upset that they themselves did not have enough voters in 2008 and 2012 to defeat PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

  27. outforbeer 
    Same reason why Bush wasn’t impeached from lying to the country to invade invade and occupy Iraq!!!!!!

  28. Ugh.  Forgive me, I got a little too defensive.  I apologize for telling you to to stick it where…..well, you know.

  29. Cassie1 No no no no no.  Don’t blame me and claim my voting is with ignorance so I’m at fault for why we are where we are.
    I cannot vote for this guy, and I do my homework on people I’m voting for.  No, I do not study every freaking liberal in the nation that’s in Congress and the Senate, but I’m against all of them and will vote out any Democrat.  I will always study the people I want to replace them with in my own state where I actually vote.
    Take your accusatory “your to blame for our problems” and stick them up your ass.

  30. You made the point tho. Your initial thought of him was that he is honest and now you know more, you find out he is not and about as slimy as the rest (exept a few). This is how we end up with who we do cause people do not do their homework on candidates . We have to or the country will for sure be destroyed. So please, study hard on your choices.

  31. Well you have some saying what he is doing is impeachable and others saying it is not. It may be but we can not waste our time on this impeaching issue cause it will go now where as long as Reid heads up the senate so as much as we might like him to be impeached, it is not going to happen and especially with the present congress so…. The rest of my comment is really what I think we should all be focused on and supporting the Ted Cruz’s and Mike lees out there!!!

  32. Impeachment? Hahahahahah! Oh yeah, the D senate is going vote to impeach you, 0! Better look out! Hahahahahaha…. oh stop, yer killin’ me….

  33. Yes it is. It’s also time to fight a terrible war to defeat an enemy that would keep women as chattel and slaves. It will have to be done, wod.
    The reason civilization has been out of kilter for so long- basically most of human history- is that two principles are required for true civilization and one has not been allowed to contribute freely and fully.
    I know someone I think could knock things into balance, if we can just get her into position. I really do think she could.
    God knows we need something, or a couple of somethings, that are sorely missed.

  34. Tamikosmom Tthere is a problem with links on TRS lately. This is the 3rd link I’ve tried that redirected me to the article it was posted in. Scoop, you there? What’s going on?
    It seems that livfeyre frequently develops problems.

  35. Music to my ears. I wonder if Kucinich will follow through if obobo does start flinging missiles around.
    “After my election I’ll have more flexibility…”
    More flexibility, huh?To steal a Dilbert line, “That would explain how your head got where it is.”

  36. Repeat after me Mr. President. WE! WE! WE! OUR! OUR! OUR
    Democrat says Obama risks IMPEACHMENT if he acts against Syria without congressional approval
    August 30th, 2013
    Kucinich also takes issue with how Obama phrased his statement earlier today when he said “I meant what I said, I have not made a final decision.” Kucinich says it’s not ‘I, the president’ but rather it’s ‘WE the people’ who formed the Constitution and it dictates that only Congress can take this country to war.

    31 Aug 2013
    President Barack Obama referred to the country’s troops as “MY MILITARY” in Friday remarks about how the United States may respond to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria that Obama asserted violated international norms.
    “Now, I have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that norm,” Obama said. “But as I’ve already said, I have had MY MILITARY and our team look at a wide range of options. We have consulted with allies. We’ve consulted with Congress. We have been in conversations with all the interested parties.”
    Read more:

  37. kong1967 Bac Si68 He is the definition of a career politician.  He has never held a job outside of government in his adult life to my knowledge.

  38. “Liberal libertarian”. Years ago Mark Levin railed against stupid labels, like this. (Stupid, and redundsnt.) Like I said: even a broken clock is right once per day. If he believed so much in the Constitution, he would be neither a liberal, nor a libertarian. Putin is making more sense, than Obama, these days. Should I be raving abou how smart Putin is, and how much of a cConstitutional Coconservative he is? It will be easy for guys like this to get bipartisan support in Congress, because too many of them are like him, including in the Republican Party. If that’s what you want, have fun; I only do Conservative.

  39. Bac Si68  Yes, but I would never vote for or support Kucinich, no matter how honest he is.  Fact is, he still has different views than I do, by far.

  40. vettegal14 DoloresLorenzoRichardson You are so right, This country is really in deep sh– with the Democrates and Republicans they are all the same. And Boehner is a real Woosh I think like you said your male dog has the gonards as none of these politicans do, Maybe I just lived too long and seen it when we had real men in office.

  41. Orangeone AmericanborninCanada That is why Boehner, McConnell, Cantor and every cowardly RINO have to go.  Between the progressives and the RINOs,  we have “taxation without representation”.  We have come full circle since the Revolutionary War when our country was founded.

  42. vettegal14 DoloresLorenzoRichardson if anything about this man was based on anything but the color of his skin he would never have been elected. “Positive” racism elected this man and re-elected him…in short…he would have had no chance against Hillary in 2008 if he had been fully white and Romney (if he had been the nominee) would have beaten her in 2012 if she had run the country as bad as Obama did from ’09-’13

  43. outforbeer  
    Do you think that we could ever impeach ‘the first (half) Black President’?

  44. DoloresLorenzoRichardson If anything about this man was based on anything but the color of his skin, impeachment would be an option.  With that being said, he wouldn’t be impeached if he was caught in a crack house with a dozen prostitutes.  The MSM would simply say that he was reaching out to the needy.  The man is the biggest FARCE ever and will do anything he wants to do.  My male dog has no gonads and he has more than the Republican “leadership.”  I have never seen such a display of total corruption and disregard for the laws of the land than this administration has shown.  Boehner’s response to everything is, “THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!”

  45. Cassie1″Okay people, I have been reading all the comments and many people have no idea what they are talking about”  Care to be specific about that?

  46. boats48 VIRUSX2K1 Many articles have been drafted but Boehner protects O because O gives Boehner more and more power.

  47. AmericanborninCanada He’s reached out to “leaders” so Boehner and McConnell likely already approved.  The RINOs are not on TV daily with all this crap O is doing and that tells me they are part of it.

  48. subie201I still believe this is the People’s avenue to remove not only O but all of the corrupt CongressCritters. This has rarely been litigated but it would scare the he!! out of the Repubs if we file suit and name names.

    14th Amendment, Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in
    Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any
    office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State,
    who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an
    officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature,
    or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the
    Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or
    rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies
    thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove
    such disability.

  49. oldcynic Would have preferred Mickey Mouse. There is little difference between Paul and Obama, both want open borders and to destroy the US.

  50. Kucinich isn’t my favorite person, but I’ve heard him take his own side to task before, and completely agree with him here. Constitutionally speaking, dear leader has NO choice but to go to Congress. Not to the UN, not to his handlers, but to Congress- who had better say NO!!

  51. Obama does not feel like he has to ask congress for anything, as he is throwing the constitution out the window, because HE IS KING. What are we waiting for, they keep talking impeachment why don’t they just do it.

  52. kong1967 Please remember who else was carasmatic, and well spoken.  I lived in the Cleveland area when Dennis way mayor, he was not the person he publicly shows himself to be.  He is elected as a democrat because the people of Cleveland only recognize one party.l

  53. vorlath
    Obama in a Hello Kitty skirt? – The GOLF outfit should be bad enough –
    Certainly MOOchelle couldn’t fit in either one
    I thought he does all the other stuff anyway? Remember Joe Biden mentioned O’s big stick – What a bunch of idiots

  54. kong 1967
    There must be valid grounds for impeachment and we have them! Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution, but he has not done so! He has bypassed Congress numerous times with his executive orders! Fast and Furious, Benghazi, gun control, Obamacare….all illegal acts! Nothing here grounds for impeachment? After all, they got Slick Willy on perjury.

  55. CalCoolidge  Yeah, that happened to a lot of them.  Well then, I take back every word I said about him not playing politics and voting on his convictions.

  56. kong1967 CalCoolidge SAYS he would vote to impeach.  I remember when he SAID he would vote against Obamacare due to no “public option.”  Then, Obama took him on a helicopter ride, and Kucinich came out spinning the other way.

  57. VIRUSX2K1 Agreed, Kucinich is a far left nut but I’ve found myself in agreement with him a lot recently. He is a “Liberal Libertarian” ! He uses his belief in the Constitution and it’s guaranteed freedoms to justify much of the liberal agenda. In this case, he is  right! If our Speaker of the House had any guts he would be drawing up the articles of impeachment right now. There would probably be substantial bi-partisan support.

  58. We all know just how the obamessiah reacted when there was a real attack and threat on Americans.  Benghazi last 9-11

  59. barack should be impeached <a href=””>for making access to a solid education for black children nearly impossible</a>.
    (H/T Doug Ross.  Heh, check out the photo)

  60. Orangeone  Yes, I agree, but I was only mentioning recalls to point out how Dems abuse the system to get what they want.  I mean, these idiots are signing petitions to have Zimmerman charged with a crime just because they want it, not because he’s actually violated a law.
    I wish we did have the ability to remove a corrupt President and override a corrupt Democrat party that won’t even allow impeachment to reach the floor no matter how corrupt their leader is.  But it would have to have safeguards and not just be mob rule or by vote.

  61. Cassie1  Lol, obviously I don’t know the guy as well as I should, but from what I’ve seen he’s pretty consistent.  Evidently I haven’t seen enough.  He’s an anti-war looney and I’d never support the guy, but evidently his convictions aren’t as solid as I thought.

  62. badbadlibs  I did not know that.  I don’t know the guy very well, just what I’ve seen here and there.  For a long time I wrote him off as a looney, but most of the time he’s pretty consistent.  I’d never vote for him anyway because he’s a Democrat.

  63. We should have learned by this time when you hear a democrat speak, always believe the opposit, if at all.

  64. Kucinich is a far left nut that could be bribed with a bag of peanuts. Don’t get to thinking he’s some sort of prophet or truthsayer. He’s just another broken clock that struck the right time, today, as even broken clocks are right once/day.

  65. brazen_infidel I’ll be holding my breath until I hear Chris Mathews do a segment about how Kucinich became such a stark mad racist on Fox Friday night. I mean, how dare he suggest the most perfect human being ever to float along the face of the Earth could possibly do anything not perfecty perfect with perfect perfection.
    On second thought, maybe that’s a bad idea, the breath thing…..

  66. May be … but if the choice had been Paul vs. Obama instead of Romney vs. Obama Woolf you prefer Obama?

  67. PressWatchusa You are of course correct. Democrats will never impeach Obama. He could come to work dressed in a Hello Kitty skirt, smoking weed, giving everyone the finger while twerking Biden and the Democrats would cheer him on as the most unique cultural icon of our time.

  68. All this talk of impeachment by these leaders is BS – and they know it 
    For the record – I despise Obama – but understand that he can’t be impeached unless ALL of these events happen: 
    Both the House and the SENATE are controlled by Republicans 
    All RINOS are converted 
    and Boehner sobers up or is replaced to start proceedings – which must be started in the House
    Although I would would love to see this happen – I would rather see him and Holder in cuffs and in prison for corruption
    (I have to admit however – an impeachment proceeding would send tingles all over)
    Reference >>

  69. Okay people, I have been reading all the comments and many people have no idea what they are talking about and while it is fine to vent and express your views, the only thing that will work in the short term is to show up in masses like we never have before EVER and vote in 2014!!! This will be the most important election we have ever had. We need to take the senate and we need TRUE conservatives so do your homework on your candidates and study them yourselves do not take everything they tell you as the truth!! We need 100’s more Ted Cruz’s and Mike Lees etc,. They speak the truth and don’t care what others think… It is what they believe, strong values, principle and most of all the constitution and us the American people. So rise up everyone!!!!

  70. Do you not remember Kucinich voting for Obamacare with the deal that the libs would support him and Clinton promised him a job!! Oh ya about as honest as they come!!! What a joke

  71. This is all a bunch of bs to take us away from MB in Egypt and the slaughter of Christians!!! He never gave a crap about Syria before and now all of a sudden, they matter!! The terrorists in Syria are killing each other…. Let them! Meanwhile, the Muslims in Egypt are killing Christians and he has no intention of heing the Christians out cause he is in BED with the MB!! They are all thru his admin., and if we don’t wake up, they will take over….

  72. Orangeone orpheus paul is less of a nut than mccain. palin was supposed to be a trump card, someone to take advantage of the upset female clinton supporters. but alas it did not pan out. the point i am making is that both parties dropped the ball in 08.  i do not think you will find many honest democrats or republican that will say that they are happy with the way mccain and obama have conducted themselves these past 5 years. do you agree?

  73. kong1967 
    I thought possibly he was an honest man too, until he went from being a Pro-Life democrat to a pro-abortion democrat when he decided to run for president. That smacked of a political opportunist. He threw his personal convictions and the unborn babies under the bus for political gain.

  74. snowshooze Orangeone :}  I think we are all on the NSA list.  At least collectively we know how to escape from the FEMA camps….Ah yes the vanity.  Must fundamentally transform America at any cost.

  75. orpheus Orangeone You’re the one posting that the nutcase should have had the nomination.  Many voted for Palin not McCain.

  76. Orangeone snowshooze  
      I am trying hard to stay off the NSA list. 
      Obama will start a world war to defend his vanity. 
      He thinks he is a King.

  77. kong1967 Orangeone subie201 I’m not thinking recall, I’m thinking impeachment. The taxpayers should have recourse to impeach members of Congress that violate the Constitution not have to endure years of their treason for another rigged election to come about.

  78. think about 2008…if democrats had any internal fortitude kucinich would have won the nomination…think about 2008…if republicans had any internal fortitude paul would have won the nomination…think about obama, think about mccain. we really blew it america,

  79. Orangeone subie201 I kind of agree with that until I think about how Democrats abuse the ability to recall Governors.  They do it shorty after the elections just because they lost, not because the Governor did anything wrong as in Obama’s case.  They’d be trying to impeach every Republican President a week after the elections.

  80. snowshooze I don’t believe this is incompetence. He failed at his numerous attempts to start race wars. He will start a world war to try and defeat America now.

  81. subie201 Impeachment?  Nope and that’s a big arse mistake. We also have no avenue other than possibly the 14th Amendment to yank the traitors out of Congress.

  82. Furthermore…
      Obama, being the idiot he is, may well get the United States deep trouble everywhere.
      He is exceeding international law.  We cannot invade Syria at our whim. 
      Plus, he is causing so much trouble that we are in imminent danger of the entire middle east, China, Russia and Africa possibly forming a coalition to combat the USA. 
      This means WW III
      That idiot should be removed from office.  He is a direct threat to every Citizen of this country. 
      Through sheer incompetence.

  83. kong1967 
    It only takes 218 votes in the house to impeach / indict Obama although he would be acquitted in the senate. Although it won’t go further than impeachment, it will always be a part of his permanent record.
    One impeachable offense.

    Exceeding the constitutional bounds of the .
    He did that when he failed to take care to faithfully execute a federal law by modifying obamcare on employer mandates.

  84. mike3e4r7 Could it be the liberals are worried about the next round of elections?  Nah. The GOP committed suicide.

  85. subie201 The Articles of Impeachment are brought in the House, the Senate holds the hearings overseen by Obama’s buddy John Roberts.

  86. Kong 1967
    Problem is Articles of Impeachment is first introduced in the senate, and Harry would never bring it to the floor. Why we need to take it over in 2014!

  87. DarrellGriffin  Exactly, and he’s the kind of man that you can trust.  I mean, if he says something you know he means it, so there is no deception when you vote for him.  Obama was nothing but deception….and still is.

  88. Indeed,
    I respect the man because he’s consistent. May not agree with him, but he calls BS when he sees it.

  89. CalCoolidge  Nope, but he should be…..and Kucinich is at very least pointing out that Obama is doing the wrong thing.  He is probably the only Democrat that would vote to impeach Obama over something like this.

  90. kong1967
    Harry would never bring it the floor. This is why winning the senate in 2014 is imperative!

  91. OMG I’m going to faint! This is the first time I have ever heard any thing intelligent come out of a libs mouth!

  92. Didn’t Obama pull this in Libya?
    I’m stunned to hear a Democrap say something like this. Stunned!
    Watch out Dennis… Dictators don’t like to share power. And emperors have been known to dispose of those who questioned their complete authority.
    Pitchforks and torches folks…

  93. mike3e4r7   Lol, no.  We are talking about Kucinich.  He has never played the games the Democrat party plays…not that I have seen.  He’s still a Democrat, but he doesn’t give me the impression that he puts himself and party first.

  94. I’ve actually grown to like Kucinich as I’ve watched him speak on Fox the last few months.  Not that I agree with everything he says, but he is an honest man.  He doesn’t play the political game.  
    I don’t think Obama risks impeachment because very few Democrats are honest.  They are nothing but political games and deception.  They play for the Democrat party, not for the American people.  I have to respect a man like Kucinich who actually follows his convictions and not kiss the a** of Obama regardless of what he does.

  95. I’m almost starting to miss this crazy little bastard. Imagine where we are when Dennis Kucinich begins to sound sensible.

  96. Could it be that liberals across this country are finally starting to turn against Obama en masse?  Nah!

  97. is ThatGuy trying to push a war not only to help his little friends, but to try to ensure we do not cut spending or defund ThatGuyCare “forcing” him to retaliate by shutting down the government?  Sounds like he has several tricks up his sleeve to push a military action in Syria

  98. “Why can’t Obama do the same thing”? Yes, Cameron respects the will of the people. When did Obama EVER respect the will of the U.S. citizens? He is the king, dontcha know? I,Me,Mine these are the only words Obama knows. Impeach him?? No! Try him for treason! Him & 95 percent of congress.

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