Democratic Senator says House controlled by “Tea Party extremists”, argues against ‘smaller government’

Senator Richard Blumenthal said today on a Connecticut news program that House Republican Majority is “dictated and driven by a small minority of Tea Party extremists” and that they are preventing Republicans from working across the aisle to get things done. When asked if he sees that changing, he replied “not this session”, but hopes it will change after the elections:

“I’m hoping the American electorate will be wiser than it was maybe the last time around, see through some of the Tea Party rhetoric about smaller government being necessarily better. I believe in eliminating waste and fraud and unnecessary spending but the public sector has a role to play, for example, in providing unemployment insurance that benefits the whole economy.

When people out of work for long periods of time receive unemployment insurance, they spend it. That drives the economy, creates consumer demand, more jobs, more economic growth. Anyone who is against unemployment insurance is really undercutting the economic recovery which is all too slow and fragile.”


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After five years of this admitted “all too slow and fragile” economic recovery, you’d think Blumenthal might have realized by now that unemployment insurance isn’t the economic boon he says it is. Well, either that or he’s lying. I tend to go with the latter. After all, Blumenthal was around in the 1980s when we all saw a real recovery, one that spawned a decade of massive innovation and wealth. Is he so dumb that he can’t see the difference between the fifth year of this recovery and the fifth year of Reagan’s recovery?

What Blumenthal wants is what Obama and all the radical left Democrats want, which is to fundamentally transform America into a permanent voting base for the Democratic party, and they don’t care how much of a hell hole they turn it into to get to that end.

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