Democrats and their Garbage Media MELT DOWN over Roe v Wade being overturned…. [VIDEOS]

Democrats and the Garbage Media are melting down and doing everything they can to spew lies and misinformation in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade.

We’ll start with Chuck Todd, who claims for the first time in his lifetime the Supreme Court has just taken away a ‘right’:

Abortion was never a ‘right’ to begin with! Our true rights come from God and that is what our Constitution seeks to protect. It was 49 years ago that the Supreme Court wrongly concluded that abortion was a ‘right’ guaranteed by the Constitution. The Supreme Court today didn’t take away any ‘right’ to abortion, they pointed out that the ‘right’ never existed in the first place.

In fact, as Jan Crawford pointed out on CBS, another way of looking at it is that the right to life was given back to the unborn today, which was taken away 49 years ago:

Kudos to her for actually explaining both sides of the coin, if you will.

But back to the melting down, here is a CNN analyst claiming women won’t be able to track their menstrual cycles on their phones or something:

And what’s worse, this same moron claims the right to carry guns isn’t in the Constitution, comparing it to abortion which she believes is in the Constitution:

The first amendment literally says the “right of the people to keep and bear arms”. What a moron.

Here’s Nancy Pelosi lashing out at the Supreme Court, calling the Supreme Court justices that Trump appointed “right-wing politicians”:

Democratic Women in the House were marching and yelling something about ‘trusting women’ and not ‘going back’:

AOC joins pro-baby-murder protesters, calling the decision ‘illegitimate’:

Here’s another leftist hack on CNN claiming this means mixed-race marriages, same-sex marriages, contraception, and private consensual sexual acts might also get taken away because of this decision. Absolute garbage:

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