Democrats have complete ‘lack of self-awareness’ about election loss – Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway gushed over Trump with his most slack-jawed, mouth-drooling cheerleader Sean Hannity and mocked the Democrats for having a complete lack of self-awareness about why they lost the election.

Her comments come at the beginning of the interview below:

She’s right about that. Democrats just won’t accept the results of the election and they keep coming up with reasons why Trump won unfairly. But when it comes right down to it, Hillary lost because she’s just a terrible candidate. And everyone knew it from the very beginning.

It wasn’t the execrable alt-right or some resurgence of racism that propelled Trump into the White House. It was moderate and low-info voters breaking in a large margin towards Trump in the last two weeks of the campaign. What happened in the last two weeks of the campaign? Comey’s announcements about her private email server kept her stupidity in the news headlines. And whose fault is it that she idiotically installed a private email server out of paranoia? I don’t think any pepe-tweeting alt-right racist troll did that – pretty sure it was Hillary herself.

BUT, it’s important to note that the very reason why Kellyanne Conway is right about this mockery of the left is the same reason why Trump doesn’t really have a mandate. He didn’t win in a landslide. Hillary lost in a monumental collapse. And most likely any Republican candidate who was even the slightest bit competent would have defeated her…

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