Dennis Miller slams Obama for not being the president of all Americans

Dennis Miller is tired of our divisive president and says that if Obama wants to be president of all Americans that he should stand up and condemn the hateful rhetoric and violence coming from unions, just like he did in his Gabby Giffords speech.


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101 thoughts on “Dennis Miller slams Obama for not being the president of all Americans

  1. Yes, lets ask a pencil neck wimpy boy to do a mans job.
    Get this straight- HE DOESN’T CARE!
    His job is to ruin this country worse than he has already done!

  2. Wake up, Dennis and Bill. “He doesn’t like me” is just the start. Research the historical facts of Obama’s background and what he DOES, not what he says. Then you will see Obama is a revolutionary marxist, not a democrat or moderate. What he SAYS are lies. He WANTS violence and conflict. Just wait and see. There is more coming.

  3. Hooray for Dennis and how right he is. I would only add Obama has never been every American’s president or America’s president for that matter. He thinks he is king but as the Bible says:

    “Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

  4. Miller is absolutely right. We need to start sending out all of us millions of letters to obama and the dems. Complaining about how disenfranchized half of America is. We need to let them know how discussed we are with his devisive policies and that we are sick & tired of the race card.Then we need to start organizing large groups to police these thugs that are attacking white children and adults and have them arrested.Please someone tell me who i need to get in touch with that is willing to organize and fight for America. All I get is e-mails asking me to give money for this group or that group> I want to join a group that is actively working on getting more media coverage and working with our Repub. Governors. A group that is boldly organizing to educate niegborhoods and our schools as to who this president really is and the democRAT party.

  5. I love that he was a cast memeber of SNL….. he’s been in thick with dem lib America and yet he has evolved to be a mature thinker of the modern day!!! Good for you Dennis……… we want more of your thoughts

  6. Miller is always great, but he seems to no longer be amused on any level by Obama and his thuggery. O’Reilly just doesn’t have the intellect for the back and forth with Miller.

    Miller feels like many of us, this president doesn’t like us, disparages us, and is not al all, in any way suited to the job. That he holds an office once held by Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan is just so sad.

  7. Come on Dennis! Obama is a community organizer and community organizers pit one group against another for a living! It’s what all good communists do, dontcha’ know!

  8. It’s good that Miller is able to voice this on TV and there may be some that see this and recognize it’s true.

    Of course O’Reilly attempts to show his infinite wisdom by rewording it and Miller has to show him it’s just the same thing. O’Reilly is such a frickin tool.

  9. In his mind we probably had all this union incivility coming. That fat pig Beckel sure thinks so. Anyway, they didn’t build that reputation of violence, someone else made that happen.

    On a different note, I was young when Bill Clinton was elected president, but I was still keenly interested in politics. I never felt that he hated people like me even though my family was very conservative and often opposed to his policies. This president however, is a different story. Barack Obama looks down on people like me with such disdain. You can hear it in his voice when he says things like his “you didn’t build that” speech mocking the hard work of the entrepreneur.

    1. Did you see Beckel last night spitting bullets because the others were calling out the Union thugs and he was trying to defend their violence! That “man” should be GONE from FoxNews for defending violent thuggery like that! Someone could have been seriously hurt or could have DIED!! NObama is quieter than a mute cricket and Morons like Beckel actually defend it! FOX NEWS! GET RID OF HIM! If you have to have a Liberal, get someone like Kirstin Powers. She’s annoying, but she’s not a brain dead moron like Beckel that’s for damn sure!

      1. Beckel is only there and gets paid to disagree. I think the man must not sleep well for the lies of his true opinons that get forced because of a pay check. He’s a puppet that must lie to get fed. Sad existence. The division in America has never been greater. This is what America voted for? Romney or any other republican or a pineapple running this country wouldnt be so devisive. On in Hiltor time have we seen such devision. But we must purge our country of Hiltor and move far away from this movement of power and control over the people. Elected officials are not to be dictators…… We must pray, because our votes are no longer certified by honest citizens. Pray that God straighten out what man has destroyed once again….

      2. Unfortunately, yes I did see it. He calls the Right to Work supporters whiners, hateful, moochers, and scabs, but when the word “thug” is applied to a union member he starts bawling like a baby needing a diaper change. To quote our illustrious president, he was all wee weed up.

    2. Among the many… and I do mean MANY… things that comprise the pathology and ethics and values and politics of Obama… one key characteristic of Obama is that he has no sense of self. In other words, his deep and abiding psycho-pathological narcicism is a result of his upbringing which destroyed any real sense of self. It’s his own personal tragedy, but that would in itself be simply OK if America herself were not a victim of Obama’s psychopathic narcissism as well.

      Yeah… I know it seems contradictory to his narcicism. But Obama’s self is a composite of wishful thinking, heroes he would like to be, and fantasy and fiction he himself made up. You can see it in Obama’s half fiction, half fantasy, half reality book Dreams From My Father.

      Sam Vaknin’s analyses are bang on.

      To get a good picture these very lengthy interviews are very enlightening.
      Part 1

      Part 2

      Vaknin highlights one indicator of Obama’s narcicism through high pronoun density in his speeches and conversations.

  10. He never was the President of ALL the people, and in my opinion, he never wanted to be or wants to be either. He certainly was and will never be MY President. Like many of you, I worked and donated time and money to try and stop him the FIRST time around, nevermind the second!

  11. President Barack H Obama is just a community organizer, not a coalition builder – he knows how to rally like-minded groups, but is completely lost when it comes to dealing with people with differing agendas. It’s almost as if he believes everyone agrees with him, but can’t quite articulate their agreement. Truly frightening.

  12. Miller knows exactly what Obama is all about. Miller lined up his argument with many examples… then says, “There! match up to that Mr. President!” It’s obvious that Obama does not match up, so Miller let’s us make the obvious connection without drawing the conclusion for us. He doesn’t have to call Obama a lying sack-o-shiite. Miller simply pointing out Obama’a actions state the facts well enough.

    Then of course there’s O’Reilly… Mr. Mealymouth. There is no truth presented to this man that he can’t massage into a sticky pile of dough.

  13. Dennis is right.

    So funny that the flaming left condones violence when they are the ones committing it. Then they blast violence when it’s not them doing it… they even condemn violence when it isn’t even being committed (Tea Party).

    Obama is the biggest liar hypocrite of them all. He is not worthy to be President… because he’s not even a man.

    O’Reilly is a fool for even insinuating that Obama isn’t really bad. Obama is a monster.

  14. I believe that Miller is absolutely correct and it’s nice to hear him say this. Did I detect some criticism of Obama from O’Reilly? I’m shocked!

  15. Love Dennis Miller – lately he has been really angry and disgusted with Obama and doesn’t hide it. Maybe just maybe it will rub off on Bill.

    1. I agree. I’ve enjoyed the way Miller keeps up the attack on O’Reilly the past few weeks for defending Obama. Over the past year, I’ve watched Miller get angrier and angrier about the way things are going as he mirrors my attitude as well. Every time I think that’s final straw, another one hits. This morning on Brietbart, the story is breaking about the Benghazi survivors. As so little is know about them or what they know, you have to wonder if they are being held to prevent the American public from knowing the truth. However, if it all came out that Obama stopped the military from saving them, it wouldn’t matter. When you come to believe the vast majority of the populous put in their own home address into their GPS just so they can get home after work, you will also agree that this information would mean nothing to them. This morning I wondered what Eisenhower would think of what has become of this country. Time to go to work. I need to get the medical to get the pills to stay alive so I can go to work.

  16. One of our country’s biggest problems right now is a lack of shame. In that sense our country truly is a reflection of the man supposedly leading our country.

  17. Miller is absolutely right. It’s about time that people notice that Obama has been one of the most polarizing and divisive presidents in our history. Heck, his whole re-election campaign was about class warfare and dividing this nation into different tribes and special-interest groups. Well, now he can live with those results in places like Michigan, where you have the very real possibility of violence spreading because of the fact that union thugs don’t want to lose their power or their money. And who is the biggest booster of the unions? Why Obama is, espcially since Obama really believes that “You didn’t build that” is a fact and not a fiction. If there is going to be a new civil war, it will be Obama’s fault and I hope he’s happy with the results. This is what you get when you have a guy who values his job over the well-bing of the nation. Disgusting.

  18. Billo is such a blowhard. What is the difference between a guy who doesn’t like me because I’m different from everything he stands for – and a guy who “doesn’t dislike me until I disagree with him and then dislikes me”. Billo, what a stupid, ignoramus statement. You, my friend, are irrelevant.

    People don’t want to believe that there will be a civil war in this country soon. But when 50% of the country are takers from the 50% that are producers, and 80% of the country is manhandled by the 20% that usurped our government from us, there can be nothing else but a civil war.

    Hard times are coming and sometimes there is no way to solve the problems we face, but to face them head on.

    When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” – DoI

    We hold these truths to be self-evident…

    1. Our benevolent Gov. purchased more than a Billion rounds of hollow point ammo leading up to the stolen 2012 election…supposedly for target practice. Question: Just who, yes who–hollow point ammo, do you think the targets are?

      1. I, too, have hollow points. I just don’t use them on the range. Those buffoons that received the hollow point ammo for ‘practice’ don’t practice anyway, so they will be easy in a fight. Those that know how to fight (our military) won’t go up against their own people. The government will be surprised to find out exactly who’s side they are on.

  19. I can’t believe folk on “our side” still have hopes, and expectations for the communist in the White House. Can’t anybody here play this game?

  20. Like I said in another topic. Obama won’t say anything about the violence in Michigan unless his focus group tells him it’s in ‘his’ best interests to do so. And even if he should, it will be another ‘civility’ speech, inferring that there were 2 sides to this blatant union violence, the same way the liberal ‘talking heads’ are trying to spin it, right now.

  21. I think some of you are missing the Miller tactic. He doesn’t have to think Obama will do the right thing, and he doesn’t have to point out that Obama is probably aiding and abetting the situation.

    His tactic is to explain what a decent, serious president would do, and tell him that is he plans on being seen as decent, then he needs to step up.

    It’s a tactic, nothing more. And considering that Miller is able to maintain a lot of cred with the Hollywood types, it’s a decent tactic to use.

    1. Obama has no need to seem decent to any decent people. His aim is to appeal to people who can help him destroy our American way of life and diminish our place in the world.

  22. The President bought his own personal residence with the financial support of a convicted felon for bribery. The same man who was Obama’s financial campaign manager during his campaign.

    As the crown jewel of Chicago politics he is nothing but a front man for the mob. There is no way, this clown of a President can say anything that will go against these gangsters…..

  23. Dennis Miller represents this country better than this fake President. Ask yourself that question, and you will say, Yes!

  24. Obama hates white people, successful people and America. That’s all they preach at Jeremiah Wright’s church – he went there for the message and the votes. It is the largest black church on Chicago’s south side, and even Jeremiah Wright said neither Michelle nor Barack had any spiritual leanings – Obama went there for the votes, and the vitriol spewed was just frosting on the cake. He’s giving his middle finger to America and the media and laughing up his sleeve as he spews his lies. Half the country gets it and half doesn’t.

  25. Obama you are bought and paid for like so many in Washington. Who owns the biggest share of you is what I’m asking myself daily.

  26. Dennis Miller is a patriot. Contrary to what obama supporters believe, obama doesn’t represent ANY of the American people, he represents HIS own agenda.

  27. I’m tired of him too- and the inauguration for the next four years hasnt even happened yet.
    Give me strength!
    I’m either going to be 40 pounds chunkier from all the chocolate we seem to be eating lately-(sorry Barbara) or have a mild alcohol problem by 2016. Heh.

      1. My husband likes the stuff called “adult chocolate milk” but its so expensive!!!

        Im such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol! So funny!!

        1. I’ve not heard of the adult… before… How about this… Ok, try this… Beer in one hand, cheap chocolate bar in the other. Bite candy, drink beer, chew… yum! πŸ™‚

  28. When is O’Reilly going to realize that Obama hates this country and hates Americans who love and respect it’s traditional history

    Our schools are nothing more than radical Marxist/Socialist/Collectivist propaganda mills

  29. I hope the Tea Party comes to the inauguration in full force. Upside down flags. Gasden flags, you know, the works. You know, just a little reminder of the resistance.

          1. Not sure… Haven’t looked up the latest dictates from Dear Leader this morning yet. Dreaming may well now be banned under – “For the Greater Good” of course.

            1. Nope. Not gonna happen. I’ve come to a time in my life that words like this are more real and I have a better understanding: “When you have robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power. He is free again.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

              Dear leader and the rest can take what they will, but the more they take, the more free we will be.

              Mornin’ Wolfie. Sorry- I’m in one of those moods today and don’t mean to be weird πŸ˜‰

                1. That was the hoped for reaction. What a determined bird she was! πŸ™‚ Reminds me of a certain overworked and under appreciated duck I know!

  30. What Miller said tonight should have been said by the GOP leadership three years ago. But they are too unprincipled to ever do that.

  31. Sorry Miller, never gonna happen. Obama is just as biased (maybe more so) than the media that pretty much put him in office.

    1. Oh, he’s got the guts alright. For getting a caliphate established, that is. The left in this country hasn’t figured that out yet. THAT is what he’s working on. And a divided electorate would be easy to overcome when it comes time to getting us islamicized. It’s not at all in the interest of obama, or the caliphate, to have a unified US of A.

      A regular president would denounce this pronto and not send that little shrimp Carney out who basically shrugs and says he doesn’t know what you are talking about when you report to him that union violence against conservatives is occurring.

  32. We all know that this country would be in much better shape, if people like Dennis Miller were running it. We know that, instinctively. Then, why don’t we have that? Can I ask you that question? Why is our country being run by these Socialist/Communists?

    Dennis Miller always makes sense. He always puts things in their proper perspective. We need to find more Dennis Millers. We need to elect them to lead us. The concept is so simple. Really. It is just so simple.

    What is so hard about leading a nation of free people? I could do it myself, without even breathing hard. So could you.

    1. The problem is that running for President allows EVERYONE the right to destroy your personal/family life. They can hack into every single database that you are in, steal your information, post it in the public square, and NEVER face repercussions for them.

      EVERYTHING you ever did in your life (no matter how good or bad) WILL be spun into a war-crime. By the end of the election, you will come out unemployable, unlikeable, and perhaps under criminal investigation for things that either never happened, or never happened the way the Liberals spinned the events to appear.

      Remember when Allen West and his wife’s Social Security Number was published in the newspaper in Florida by the Democratic National Convention? Nobody did jailtime over that, but situations like that are what inhibit REAL Americans like you, me, and most people on this website from running for President. I know I have too many skeletons that I’d prefer to stay in my closet. And while I think I’d be able to make a very positive difference in America, I am not willing to ruin the rest of my life for the opportunity.

      Thus, the only people running for President are the people that know that they will be able to rise above all the slander and personal attacks and still be able to live a normal life. I could not.

      1. Brian, your comments here speak of so much truth. You have become one of my best friends here on this site. Go figure. πŸ˜‰

      2. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprising), the politicians that have risen in the ranks are those slimebags that know how to wallow in the mud and the muck. People like you and me cannot and will not wallow in that muck, so we avoid it like the plague.

        Is it any wonder why the Congressional approval rating is in the single digits? Is it also any wonder why most politicians are presently or have previously been lawyers?


      3. All you say is so true, and yet the media hides all of Obama’s skeletons, or more accurately, they do not even look for them and ignore them. That is why he gets elected.

  33. Miller cannot seriously believe Obama ever entertained even the slightest tinge of compassion, sorrow or regret for Gifford or any of those who died. The speech was imagery for him and a compulsory distraction from his first impulse – to not let the crisis go to waste.

    Neither can Miller seriously believe that Obama’s cabal was not behind the Union violence.

    Typical O’Reilly theatrics. It is time to cut the not-so-nuanced entendre and tell America the truth: Hussein Obama is cold blooded – a post-American president intent on bringing us to our knees. Class warfare and thugs (political, economic and physical) are just a few of his Alinsky tactics.

    1. The Gifford rant was just to place another brick in the wall to be used against the second amendment, you know, never let a good crises go to waste.

    2. I agree but it isn’t just his anti-American behavior or past.This man has no feeling for others suffering. None. He is a sociopath.

      Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
      Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
      Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
      Conventional appearance
      Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
      Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
      Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
      Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
      Incapable of real human attachment to another
      Unable to feel remorse or guilt
      Extreme narcissism and grandiose
      May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

  34. Mr. Miller you have hit the proverbial nail on the head, He is not the president of all of us, as he continues to drive wedges between all Americans, He is a divider not a unifier.
    Obama hates America and will not rest until he has it on its knees..

    1. But here’s the thing, we won’t go away. Nor will we be quiet about what we see him do and we will call him and his cronies out on things. So the left needs to get used to that. It’s going to be another verrrrrry long four years.

      1. Fox calls him out on the surface stuff – the secondary and tertiary effects, not the root cause. No one on the left, in fact no one who gets their news from cable, broadcast or print sources will ever hear this, let alone get used to it.

        It will be along 4 years because Fox has neither the integrity or backbone to bring Beck back, give Levine his own show or let America see or hear the truth – that Barack Hussein Obama is a dangerous, subversive, treasonous, anti-American who is dismantling America from within.

        The Founders knew the consequences of the government controlling the press. Could they ever have imagined the press willingly offering themselves up as the propaganda arm of the State? The press, Fox included, has failed America’s trust, abdicating their most essential responsibility.

        Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.

        – Thomas Jefferson

  35. Is there any doubt that Obama dislikes those of us who disagree with him? Like all lefties, he hates people who dissent from the lefty point of view. If he could, he would silence the lot of us.

    The whole Gabby Giffords speech was merely Obama exploiting a tragedy for political ends. He’s proven time and again that the only time he opposes violent rhetoric is when he can accuse the right-wing of using it. The man is a hypocrite, like most lefties.

    1. Well, I used to be a liberal and I can confirm that the definition of a liberal is someone who is open minded as long as you agree with them.

      1. When and how did you see the light and cross the Rubicon? Did you have to burn bridges? Did you find that some of your friends were just “friends” when you agreed with them and now suddenly they went cold on you? Just wondering.

    2. I’m sure that Obama hates white leftists, too. He probably hates them even more because they’re dupes.

  36. Dennis, with all due respect, he does hate us! We are white, we are successful, we are God-loving, we are arms-bearing, we love our country, we defend against terrorists (foreign and domestic), we love our families, cherish our freedoms and will not stand silently by as he tries to fundamentally transform this great nation into socialist he!!.

        1. Well, I did the best I could, I tweeted him to read your comment and gave him the link. He really should read it, you hit the nail so hard on the head you drove it clean out the other side of the 4×4!

          1. You are such a sweetie!Β  Many, many bloggers on this site knock it out of the ballpark with their great insite πŸ™‚

  37. Dennis Miller has a lot of class and he was right on. Barack Obama does not behave like a regular president would. And spare me the racist accusations. I’m referring to his character.

    1. Barack Obama is a post turtle – albeit a particularly nasty one. It is what put him up on the post, protects him, and why, that O’Reilly might find a few guests to tell America about.

      Just looking out for us folks. Right.

    2. The reason for his behavior is that he isn’t a real American. It’s always been obvious from the beginning. He has no feeling for our culture of freedom, his education is lacking severly in most areas even the law, and he has no clue as to how our system works. He just knows that he wants to change it into something that none of us recognize. We are not a redistributive country and anyone that has been brought up here knows that. All he knows is community organizing and we are seeing the results of this with his interference in Michigan. This man should be nowhere near the levers of power. Nowhere.

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