Dennis Rodman goes NUTS on CNN when confronted about N. Korea holding Kenneth Bae

Dennis Rodman really gets angry when he’s pushed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo to use his position to help free Kenneth Bae who is being held in N. Korea. Clearly Rodman could care less about Bae and even attempts to blame Bae for something. It was very difficult trying to follow Rodman’s logic on this. He even casted himself and the other basketball players as doing something noble by helping celebrate a brutal dictator’s birthday. Not kidding.

Rodman is the useful idiot every dictator dreams of:

(h/t: Hotair)

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75 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman goes NUTS on CNN when confronted about N. Korea holding Kenneth Bae

  1. Rodman is a jerk, Why give him the attention he is seeking…I can see him loving this and the more everyone goes off on it he gets the tingle down his leg.

  2. I didn’t think illicit drugs were available in NK. Actually, this interview is rather funny if you watch the eye rolling and head shaking in the backround.

  3. Its obvious Rodman has been brainwashed and was drunk or stoned during this interview. Maybe he bumped his head or something but for someone who is supposed to be intelligent he couldn’t even make a rational statement. I have a great solution for Rodman and what he is trying to do, MOVE to North Korea since you like it there so much. What he doesn’t understand is that it doesn’t and won’t matter who he is, if he makes his close friend Kim Jong Un mad, he may find himself in the same prison cell with Kenneth Bae and then he will have time to reflect upon how a dictatorial leader uses idiots to do his dirty work.

  4. Why is anyone even paying attention to this moron? When I was in the USAF, we were often told not to drink the local water. Rodman apparently didn’t get the memo… He’s a sad little clown and this is a circus. I wonder if these other players are regretting their role in all of this.

  5. WHAT A TOTAL DISGRACE!! This loser needs to stay in N. KOREA! He is a low life piece of crap!! Poster child for cocaine abuse…………But wait, he could run for 2016, and they would love him! SCARY!!

  6. What a freakin embarrasment Rodman is! And what about those other NBA players with him, they should be ashamed!

  7. using feigned indignation and verbal misdirection to change the topic……totally incoherent and unintelligible. What’s wrong with his lips? What an ignorant fool! I hope he likes canines!

  8. I guess it’s a drug addled druggie’s explanation of “quiet diplomacy”.

    At least in the good old days of the cold war, when Hollywood hypocrites and useful idiots like Ted Kennedy got wined and dined by the Soviets, they didn’t sound like their mouth was full of mush when they prattled on about that evil Ronald Reagan and his “star wars” satellites and cruise missiles. And they didn’t have cigars. Now however, they’re just demonstrably low class.

    This was downright embarrassing.

    P.S. Hey there Dennis! George Burns could carry a cigar… and he was funny. You, on the other hand, not so much.×216.jpg

  9. Damn! He’s even more full of himself now than he used to be. Even the other guys there were trying to get him to shut up. He thinks he and his buddies are going to be responsible for “opening the door just a little bit”? Rodman, you’re obviously more stupid than you’ve shown yourself to be… military grade stupid.

  10. This guy is my favorite basketball player of all time. Having said that, the dude has gone even more batsh** crazy than he was before. That’s saying a lot. He needs his ass thrown into a labor camp. Let’s see how that works.

  11. Rodman’s brain synapses and electronic impulses have been misdirected by the mix of childhood trauma, sin, drugs and liberal/leftism… like Obama, he’s drawn to the worst of the worst of dictators… bet Obama likes Kim Jong Un too.

    1. Obama will be there as soon as they finish that new golf course… which is to follow just after the new ski hill is completed.

  12. …RS not only a useful IDIOT but a DUMB ASS useful IDIOT as are his other 10 players . My God what have we become I pray for some sort of sanity to enrich us from these imbeciles .”

    1. Your right , but he must be one of those obama jokes , like when Pinocchio said Al Qaeda on the run . These people are so funny they make me sick .

  13. Dennis Rodman is proof of the decline of western civilization. Why?
    Because he is stupid; because someone used to pay him millions a year to play a game; and because anyone cares a whit about his opinion.

  14. You gotta excuse my French folks, but this guy is freaking cray, cray!!!
    This guy must think he’s Kissinger!! What is going on here?

  15. Not all blacks follow Rodman, Oprah, Sharpton, Jackson and Wright or belong to the NAACP or NAN dhebler

  16. It looks like the guys behind him wish like hell they hadn’t allowed themselves to be talked into this mess. Rodman you are a freak piece of shit and you don’t even know what to say so you posture. You are no longer anything to America you may as well stay where you are. Myabe you could be the next publicly murdered thanks to your new BUD.

  17. Who needs “b-ball”, anyway? Why don’t you creeps just stay in North Korea, since you like it so much?

      1. It takes a high degree of reflexes and hand-eye coordination. There is definitely great physical skill involved.

        Years ago, I watched the original Harlem Globetrotters play a game. Maybe it’s because I don’t watch sports much, but I think they were the most fantastic team I’ve ever seen. Their coordination with each other was absolutely fluid. So swift and efficient.

        I still don’t like the game, but I don’t mind if you do. 🙂

  18. Rodman’s ranting is reminiscent to that of Muammar al-Gaddafi, when he was trying to explain his good intentions, when he was captured before being shot.

    Bottom line:
    Rodman is going to end up like Gaddafi—“dead”, if he doesn’t watch his step with Jong!

    Rodman is a nut case ready to implode!

    I didn’t realize, that they had that many NBA idiots that would follow Rodman down the path to destruction….

    Oh well, Rodman is leading blacks to stupidity, its a reminder of Jesse Jackson, Oprah, Rev. Wright and my favorite idiot–Al Sharpton!

  19. I don’t believe that the nine fellas that were with him are very happy about the way Rodman expressed himself – I believe that it reflects very badly up their characters, and they don’t appreciate it. JMO

  20. With the possible exception of Miley Cyrus, I can’t imagine a more grotesque example of American idiots. Why do people even care what this moron says? I’d be perfectly happy if he stayed in NK and we never heard from him again. And please, Dennis, take Miley Cyrus with you.

  21. Why am I reminded of a guy who spewed “Resist we much”? He doesn’t have a clue about what he’s saying.

    Somehow, he believes that he is opening doors between our two countries if he sucks up to Kim Jong-un and accepts all the tyranny that goes with it.

    In reality, all he is doing is playing basketball and ignoring all the injustices around him – because, don’t you know, they just get in the way of having a great time.

    He needs to feel some of the pain and injustice N. Korea has bestowed on others. Maybe then, he might get a clue.

      1. There’s one big difference. He rambles because he’s making it up as he goes and Obama sound eloquent because someone else wrote his words and put them on a teleprompter in front of him.

        That’s the only difference between them that I can see.

        Oh, wait – and Obama is only half black.

  22. Dennis, tell me one more time how many guys were there????? Dennis, you’re just using oxygen needlessly you know that, right?

  23. “We have 10 guys here, who have left their families to help this country…”
    Oh my God I feel like I’ve left reality for some twisted twilight zone. People, not only this asshat, but people have lost their freaking minds. They are so full of themselves… This is another ass who compares what they’re doing, in playing a freaking game with men and women who actually leave their families to go fight evil- and this freak of nature has the nerve to sit there and stick up for evil.
    I’m sorry but my mind can’t wrap itself around such ignorant spew.

  24. What a mental case! I’d like to see him asked to explain how diversity inspired the makeup of his exhibition team. And why he won’t let viewers see his eyes.

  25. Rodman has a very public history of mental issues, this is just another sad example…

    The guys sitting around him don’t look very happy or “comfortable!”

    1. That’s their fault. They should never have left America to join this weirdo on some deranged Around-Kim’s-belly-in-80-days tour.

      1. Amen to that. How they look is not worth a harris-perry apology. “Hey dude, I looked my apology dincha sseit?”

        What the ugly green squish were they doing there in the first freaking place?

      2. Wondering what their thoughts of “this experience” will be… Hopefully we hear from some of them!

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