Desperate Obama Campaign wants all your birthday and wedding gifts

Unbelievable desperation here on the part of the Obama campaign. They must really be in the hurt box donation wise:

(h/t: Weasel Zippers)

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161 thoughts on “Desperate Obama Campaign wants all your birthday and wedding gifts

  1. Desperation at it’s best or should I say worse. He said he wouldn’t run again anyway if he couldn’t do the job and he hasn’t so quit already! Give someone with a brain a chance.

  2. If the mainstream media wasn’t a propaganda machine for PinocchiObama, his ratings would be in the 30% range. Sooner or later the media has to tell the truth and then the party really is over. Until then the biggest scam ever pulled on the American people will continue to play out until rock bottom becomes only a matter of time.

  3. It is important to understand this guy. He thinks he is God. He wants a state like North Korea. We joke by calling him Dear Leader, but he is not joking. He thinks that is for real.

    Obama declared an “Obama Shabbath” for Jewish youth. Yes, this is real it is at the link.

    Can you imagine having a merry Obama Christmas? How about a Holy Obama Easter? Maybe not, but he can. This guy is crazy as hell, and totally out of control.

  4. How much lower can this Obama campaign go?

    “If your loved one is in the Hospital…Don’t waste money on them by sending flowers…send your money directly to the WH and show them how much you really care about them”

    “Someone you know just die? Show your sympathy by donating to the Presidential re-election campaign for Obama…he needs your money more than you do”

  5. MOzillia needs your money more than any Bridezilla does. Gawd, what a joke those jackasses are.

    I heard this in the News on FNC and my jaw dropped and nearly hit the floor. To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement. How can anyone be so conceited to think people are going to do this for dear leader?

  6. As we witness the magnitude of the 0bama administration folly, I keep thinking of the possibility of inside sabotage. The war on women was not smart, the Dog War was stunning in its stupidity, the last couple of speeches were painful even for 0bama fans, campaign fund raising by selling meow for Michelle cat collars. Seems they are not into this gig with the precision they once displayed.

  7. Could this have something to do with labor unions’ recent decision to cut back on donations to the democrat party?

  8. From theTelegraph;
    “In a magazine interview Obama and his wife Michelle revealed that one of their steadfast house rules is not giving Christmas or birthday presents to Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven.
    The couple explained that they spend “hundreds” on birthday slumber parties and want to “teach some limits”. Santa Claus is still permitted to deliver seasonal gifts however.:

    Limits? seriously, limits? What limits are those? You can’t all of the money at once?

    By the way, the EPA has said that Santa’s reindeer droppings all over the world are a safety hazard, therefore he is being restricted on how many houses he can redistribute to. Guess what houses those are. That’s right, the White House and Obama donors. Oh, and by the way, nobody gets any coal either!

  9. is this a joke?

    All the birthday and wedding gifts they could receive couldn’t match the amount a typical Hollywood celebrity would donate.

  10. the gall the nerve ….. disgusting ….. how low can you go ???? y’all MUST VOTE THIS GUY OUT OF OFFICE !!!!!!!!

  11. this is the 2nd part of the noose tightning around these libtards necks! the airway has been restricted and is now depleting the brain of oxygen that is required too function as normaly as one can expect a libtard too act!

  12. hey,…………………..”rob a pizza delivery man and give me some…money only!!”.
    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  13. Hey, that is why the special agents where collecting the silverware at Obama’s Hispanic Luncheon!

  14. People have called Sarah Palin tacky because she is old fashioned and speaks with a twang. But THIS is the true definition of tack and low class. Asking for childrens birthday money from grandma, newlyweds wedding gift, peoples anniversary gifts. Jeez. And try posting these things on the site and you get deleted right quick.

  15. If he wins this election he won’t be asking, he will be telling and busting down doors.

  16. OMG, that picture of Obama is absolutely frightening!

    It’s also a pretty accurate portrayal of what I sometimes fear is going on inside of the man and is just itching to come out.

    1. This picture is actually a photograph of a painting that is up in his attic. Ever hear of Dorian Gray?

  17. Somebody REALLY needs to get over themselves. How arrogant! For some, marriage is a once in a lifetime thing, and all Obama can think about is himself. WOW! I wonder how many IDIOTS would actually do this?

  18. On a second thot, how about if we strike a deal. I will go round the country collecting all gifts and gift cards that people do not need/want/like. With your power as POTUS we can cash/liquidate these gifts. Here is the caveat, I get a percentage of the deal which I can donate to whoever I like… dont ask me who… waiting for Romneys VP nominee.

  19. Wait a minute-aren’t Progressives against marriage? Oh, silly me, when there is a dollar sign attached to it, marriage is OK after all.

    Crass, cheesy, an embarrassment to the office of the President? Shall I go on?

  20. Got an extra kidney? Don’t need both lungs? Kids birthday, anniversary, funeral, , Quinceanera, Bris, Bat Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah?

    1. I can’t shake the thought of answering a knock on the door and finding two government agents standing there and the next thing I know I’m sitting in a bathtub full of ice cubes with a long stitched up cut on my side with a note that says;

      “You should not attempt to get out of the tub. Call this number and an emergency vehicle will immediately come and bring you to the nearest emergency room for care at a federal discount price for your generosity. Thank you for your thoughtful donation, your country and my presidency needs you.” Barack

  21. Okay. I’m finally starting to realize how much of a gross misunderstanding Obama thinks the role a President should have in our lives. Like Castro, he encourages children singing songs about him in school programs. He encourages America to celebrate his birthday by making cakes dedicated to him and file sharing it to the media. He wants us to treat him like our dad on Father’s Day. Now he wants our birthday gifts? That day is to celebrate and reflect on our lives. How the heck is this guy involved in our lives? Presidents serve the people. We don’t serve him. This guy and the media wants us thinking about Obama during every moment and special occasion of our lives. This guy has got to go.

  22. Is he renting rooms at our White House yet? Bet he wishes he sold the Churchill bust, instead of sending it back.

  23. This is just like the unions operate. ‘We’re going to take your money and contribute it to who we feel is best for you, the Democrat party, whether you like it or not. Happy anniversary’.

  24. Come on gang this has got to be a joke. Please it’s has to be. )):

    “mama said, stupid does as stupid is”, now I know what mama meant.

    Tea Party Patriot

  25. I went to the website, it’s hilarious….

    I said it over there and I’ll say it here….the thing that is sadder than that registry idea is the idiots that will actually do it. It’s just tooooo funny….

    1. What! We weren’t really supposed to donate? Drat. I truly thought that they were running out of crap to throw at us, so I had my septic pumped out and sent him a whole new load. I wonder if they will send it back? Hmmm…

  26. Oh, maaaaan. My youngest son is getting married tomorrow. He and his fiance are going to be soooo P.O.ed. I promised them I’d get them something real nice. Now, I don’t know. And I had them convinced to vote against Obama, too. Well, that’s going to go out the window after I send that wedding gift to Obama.

  27. I’m sorry but this is beyond a joke now! Where is Aston Kutcher to appear live on CSPAN or Fox or whatever and tell us that these past three years have been just one epic “Punking” of the American people and that Obama isn’t for real?!!! Whereeee????!!!

  28. The Clintons donated their used underwear to charity and took an IRS deduction on it of $1.00 per item. I thought that was the bottom, guess I was wrong.

  29. This is pathetic and just plain ridiculous….boy have times changed….this man is burning thorugh cash faster than a Novice in Vegas!!! Why? Because he is desperate!! He keeps using a dart board to try to peg this or that….that BIG ECONOMY that is tanking under him is taking on water BIG TIME!! His Marxist ways and Big Government solutions have been shown to be a disaster!! He does not support liberty or the right of the individual and his administration is the most corrupt in history. The US Constitution means little to this man. And now he is cheerleading for people to show him “THE MONEY” That is just pathetic….someone instead of celebrating a special moment should give those gifts and money to him! Always ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! with this Narcisstic in Chief!!!

  30. I thought it was a joke. I’m still thinking it’s a joke. Are they that desperate?

    “and goes a lot further than a gravy bowl”

    Really? They used the word gravy? I also saw Michelle’s appeal to voters to donate. Obama used to shovel her car out of the snow and scrape her windshield. In that same manner what Obama used to watch out for her, he’s watching out for the country, so donate you cheap bastards. Ok, she didn’t say that last part, but essentially said the rest.

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Obama is unbelievable”.

  31. This would make an awesome gag gift to some of my staunch republican buddies.I just don’t want to fund this campaign.No way. I guess I will have to stick with whoopee cushions,blow-up dolls and chocolate covered bugs.

  32. Posted this on over 50 sites that I post, and will be going national with it. Can ANYONE say BAD TASTE???? And this is who we have occupying the Oval Office??? HOW TACKY AND LOW CAN HE GO???? This is pondscum level low!

  33. Remember that saying”taking candy from a baby”. This guy isn’t happy enough indepting our children and future grandchildren with enormous dept. He must now take their wedding and birthday gifts. “abuse” is what he seems to know well….or maybe just Chicago mobster tactics.

    1. Abuse? No, redistribution from everybody else to his reelection, vacation, golf, and
      moochelle’s, heh, fashion designers, (ooh you’re right, abuse).

  34. In lieu of flowers, send donations in memory of your departed loved ones to Obama 2012. They’ll probably be voting for him in November anyway.

    1. And if they’re not dead yet, the death panels would like to know. He is accepting death taxes too.

  35. I wonder if they take foodstamps. Ooops, just threw up in my mouth a little bit. It might be because I ran out of Prilosec, but it might not be too.

    It’s like Obama is connected directly to my gag reflex and the only cure is November.

    Just what is he running on? Empty? Failure? Debt? I don’t get it. The dude has chutzpah for running at all. I would be so ashamed of myself I’d have to resign. Have you no pride man?

    1. Have you no pride man?…uh…is that a trick question? 😉
      I say we get together and all send him gravy bowls…actually they’re called gravy “boats”, but the left are that stupid…
      Hunt down some chipped, used, mostly broken ones and ship them to his campaign!
      After all, I wouldn’t want those idiots to actually have something they could sell and make a dime!

      1. The answer to that question is proprietary. Here’s an idea. Send him a gallon of gravy and keep the bowl 🙂

        This donation request is called The Audacity of something. Hope done died.

        I wonder how many married couples will get divorced and married again just so they get others to donate to O’s loss. Wouldn’t it be much easier to flush a few hundred down the crapper? More efficient too.

  36. LOL. They must be out their ever-screwy minds. Personally, I wouldn’t pee on the Obama campaign if it were on fire.

  37. I’ll be damned, Thatcher was right. This is what happens when socialists run out of other peoples money

  38. Hey, everyone, let’s go one step further.

    Send all your unwanted/ overly used/ downright useless wedding gifts to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      1. Good point GBW. He’ll give them $300,000,000.00, get his cut, and watch them go bankrupt and tell the American people that “unfortunately not all investments work out”. But we have to look to the future and Al Gore (he got his cut also) says if we don’t jump on this ASAP we are going to have hard time catching up with the rest of civilization as we know it in the solar powered gravy bowl race.

        1. Wind powered is the next invention. You don’t have to worry about passing that Gravy Boat on Thanksgiving.It will have wind powered rotors and just fly across that table. Little Drone boats fitted with baby rockets to get rid of that annoying Uncle Biteme that no one can take anymore.

            1. I was trying to figure out who to reply in order to say the same thing about you both!
              That was some fun reading!

  39. Why doesn’t he just make an executive order and demand that we can no longer give gifts to anyone, and just tax money to his reelection. Screw the laws, screw the constitution.

    1. You are correct – This has much potential

      We MUST send this to some media people

      I will do it later

      I really have a headache over this one

  40. I was going to buy my Grandaughter some toys

    Not now

    I am registering to send Obama a donation!

    YEAH RIGHT! – These people are beyond desperate

    I really can’t friggin believe this !

  41. Lotteries for star studded liberal Hollywoodite dinners.Gift registries.
    What’s next on the list?
    An all expense paid trip to the Occupy Wall Street protest of your choice.

  42. All their vacations, all their hob nobbing with the elites, all the money they spend (our money) and they have the nerve, the stupidity, the gall to ask for this? I guarantee this stunt is going to cost them in a lot of ways. Another case of unintended consequences coming back to bite them, hard.

      1. Don’t be absurd. MSNBC is going to post this on the front page next to the Holder contempt vote in 3, 2, 1 and half, wait for it, coming right up, 1 and a quarter, in just…one…more…half…minute….

    1. I’m no Romney fan – never have been, but you really, honestly and truly, could do a lot worse.

      1. Good thing Scoop posted a screencap. When “the others” (ie, LOST) get caught with their pants down, there’s no retraction, only a blank spot where the offensive spot on the web used to be.

  43. I hope they publish the ethnic demographics on the donors, I mean just to show how universal the love of dip stick is.

    And the totals by group.

  44. My goodness –

    These a holes HAVE NO SHAME whatsoever

    between Clinton’s antics and Zero’s arrogance and lack of class

    No wonder our children are a mess

    1. Finding this among your wedding gifts would be a cruel reminder of how this administration has blighted the futures of generations to come.

    1. I’ll go along with the one wife example, besides Moochelle he’s screwing the whole country too!

      1. I guess there’s some satisfaction in knowing that both Michele and the American people will have to mop up after that little bastard.

        1. Joe, only if we assume the Muslim female role. I think in November we (both men and women conservatives) will assert a particular masculine position and divorce ourselves from the one. Then, in Christian fashion we will not stone him to death but let him wallow in his misery.

      1. If you take him for everything he’s got, does that mean I have to pay, too? Here’s my credit card.

      2. o dear! Badbadlibs, you did not sign a prenup? Mama thot me to always leave my bag close by incase I have to scram. Same with Romney, if he does not act fast within 100 days, I will be singing with a different choir, very early on.

    1. OMG, I have been looking for where to donate some crap in my basement.
      I am cleaning out tomoro. Hey organizing for America, will you take a truck load of gifts from up to 20 yrs ago? Dont ask me whats in it. I have wrapped them up properly.

      1. Could you send them to my house as well. I have some cheesy stuff I’d like to send to the WH. Should fit right in with their decor.

        I have an extra Sears tool belt that should fit the Mooch perfectly. She could add it to her collection.

  45. Do you think they’ll accept the dumb honey pot someone gave me? Still not sure who loves honey so much that you buy it a pot all it’s own. I like the little plastic bear myself 🙂

    1. Uh…do you get a honey pot from the “honey wagon”? We could send him the WHOLE truck load!!!!

      1. Speaking of not being from this planet, I was pondering for hours over the last Pelosi press talk (yeah, it will take me days in therapy to recover). I couldn’t figure out the hand signals that she was giving. Suddenly it became clear to me. I saw the same hand signals in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. She’s signalling the mothership!

        Do DO do do Dooooo.

    1. And I keep on warning everyone not to say things like that…they take it as a personal challenge.

  46. I saw this on Twitter and honestly thought that it was a joke. This is one of the most pathetic things I’ve every seen.

  47. Has anything like this been done before with a presidential election?
    Oh, and just so the folks who came up with this know; I’d VOTE FOR a gravy bowl before bo. I have a birthday coming up….I dare anyone….. 😉

    1. I would vote for a TOILET BOWL – filled to the rim

      BEFORE I vote for that POS!

      I can’t take this – It’s only 4:30 and I am done with this

      HEY SCOOP –

      Please put up a Veterans Welcome puppy dog home vid

    2. You forget, buried deep within Obamacare is the mandatory ‘gravy bowl’ donation deduction from each and every one of us. This allows the unmarried to be covered and will reduce the cost of wedding gifts by 100 Billion.

      Of course, we will have to rob from Social Security to cover any unanticipated antique ‘gravy bowl’ hoarders and set up a death panel for anyone not giving up their heirlooms. But it’s all in the bill, should you desire to read it. Move along, now.

      1. Never thought I’d meet anyone that could make me laugh concerning anything this administration does/did!
        Thanks for the laugh, friend! 🙂

        1. You know, it’s actually quite sad that we can actually create something funny by using the exact actions of this administration. Perhaps, it’s because if we didn’t laugh, we would cry.

          The crying stops in November, though, except for those lone cries of “It’s not fair”, and “What are we going to do, Barry?” coming from that solo plane flying back to Chicago.

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