DESPICABLE: Obama official suggests Bergdahl’s platoon of ‘PSYCHOPATHS’ is trying to smear him

The indoctrination among Obama officials apparently runs scary deep.

Brandon Friedman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for HUD, is pissed that the soldiers that were in Bergdahl’s platoon are coming out and telling the truth about Bergdahl being a deserter and even a traitor. (While most are holding back in calling him a traitor, I have heard one use the term to describe Bergdahl.)

So Friedman took to Twitter and suggested Bergdahl may have run from his platoon soldiers because they were psychopaths or something, and now they are trying to smear him:


Oh we all know how Obama administration investigations go. And so do these soldiers, who are pissed that Obama is making such a big deal about the ‘rescue’ of Bergdahl.

That’s why they are coming out now, to restore the truth in the face of lies coming from the Obama administration.

There is NOT ONE soldier who has come out to defend Bergdahl. Not one. If there was any credibility to the White House’s ‘story’ on Bergdahl, I assure you there would be several, if not many.

So for this puke to get on Twitter and blame the soldiers of trying to smear Bergdahl while the administration is lying all over the place, well it’s beyond despicable.

(h/t: GWP)

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