DEVASTATING: Hugh Hewitt exposes Hoeven and the Corker-Hoeven amendment as a complete fraud

Hugh Hewitt says the immigration bill is a lousy law and that the Corker-Hoeven amendment does NOT compel the border fence to be built and is written in such a way that environmental lawyers will have a field day with it in filing lawsuits to keep the fence from even being built. He tells Hoeven that even he could go work for the enviros and make sure this fence is never built:

I certainly can go to work for the enviros to stop this, and if I was a La Raza type, I could make sure this fence was never built, even it was only three feet and it could be hopped over. I mean, it’s a disaster.

Hewitt went on to say that the lawyers who wrote the law are either really, really dumb advocates for the fence or really, really smart opponents of the fence. He believes they are indeed the latter and infers that they are basically lying to Republicans about how this amendment works. He even tells Hoeven that it looks like they weren’t even serious about getting this done correctly.

Now it makes sense to me why Rubio is making the claims he is making right now, because he’s basically being misinformed by these lawyers who are just telling them what they want to hear while writing the amendment in such a way as to make it completely ineffective with regard to border fencing.

This is a must listen:

(h/t: Daily Caller)

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72 thoughts on “DEVASTATING: Hugh Hewitt exposes Hoeven and the Corker-Hoeven amendment as a complete fraud

  1. “Expose” is an accurate word.  It exposes Hoeven and Corker for the frauds the are.  Hoeven sounded like an idiot, not even knowing that the language drafted by Schumer completely undercuts all of the provisions of the bill.  There is nothing certain in the bill – it gives Big Sis control of what gets done.  There are no penalties for disregarding the bill’s provisions – that’s nothing more than a joke.  There is no accountability in the bill.  It has given amnesty to illegals and shafted American workers and taxpayers.
    The foolish republicans (traitors for working w/ Schumer, Reid and Dear Leader) got taken to the cleaners (as usual).

  2. We have one political party, and not two,  whose members are dedicated to  maintaining their perks and lush life styles at any cost.  This one party  system lies  to the American people all the time. All of  the time.  Republicans? They are  finished as a viable political alternative to the democrats.

  3. obozo will NOT build any fence. I don’t care what comes out of the senate – he just won’t do it. Odumbo wants the border open.

    1. shadetree56 Right, he thinks doesn’t have to obey laws he doesn’t like, see DOMA…

  4. The law would strengthen border security by adding more agents, a fence, and a 90% success ratio at catching criminal territory enterers. The Corker amendment in and of itself added 20,000 more agents to the amount that was previously added.

    1. Hoeven just said that the amendment requires 700 miles of fence. Why does Hewitt oppose the border fence?

    2. One more thing: Hewitt said that “The fence is everything” for a lot of people. Did he not know that this bill also adds 20,000 more agents and also does a lot of other things to beef up border security? If we are trying to keep illegal immigrants out, those things alone will help stop them, not to mention the 700-mile fence in the amendment that, if the fence is everything, Hewitt should support being built.
      It’s a lazy argument to say, “If we hire more agents now, we could fire them in 10 years.” This is true with any law. We had prohibition in the past. We changed the law later. Did prohibitionists oppose the ban on prohibition because they forsaw that it could change later? Did Democrats oppose the “assault riffles ban” in the Clinton administration because it would expire? When Democrats want to hire IRS agents to enforce Obamacare, do they oppose the hiring of agents because agents might get fired later?
      We need a secure border: 20,000 agents, new technology, and a fence will help stop them.
      But FYI, the fence is actually just one part (not “everything”) or the solution. A lot of illegal immigrants came here on valid visas and stayed. The fence wouldn’t have stopped them.

  5. Whatever happened to the idea that LAWMAKERS write the laws instead of a group of special interest consultants. That’s the requirement I want.

  6. “If” Marco Rubio really is a serious & honest person, he needs to start listening & following both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  Otherwise, if he has another agenda, like the direction he voted…  I will pass on supporting him.

  7. Thats 20,000 more union paying dues to the democrats border guards.. This is a crock of Bull Crap..
    700 miles of fence.. What a crock..

  8. Did you expect anything different, what happened after 86 amnesty? thank you Hugh Hewitt!

  9. This Hoeven guy is an embarrassment.  He is either a total idiot or a typical corrupt senator who is doing this for campaign cash that couldn’t care less about the american people.   Probably both.  
    It’s no wonder this country is in the shape that it is when we have dolts like this in the senate.

      1. rick2340 As bad as Hoeven definitely is, Corker is worse.  He is a lying buffoon who has lied to his constituents in Tennessee and he is soon to return to Chattanooga to be the sorry crook he was before he was able to lie his way into the Senate.

  10. “We’re going to double the border agents” …  but they don’t let the agents we have now enforce the laws on the books!!!!!  So basically adding 20,000 more is just a gift to the labor unions.

  11. It would seem the repugnuts are pulling a “Pelosi” – gotta pass it to find out what’s in it. Apparently not one senator has the means or even the education(reading skills) to actually analyze the bill. All they do is preen, strut, pontificate(BS), bloviate(BS), and flimflam the American people. Crap such as this demands recall of the self serving, bottom feeding, parasitic porkers or a demand for term limits. If memory serves, the Founders didn’t deem serving in congress to be a freeloading, lifetime job.

  12. Um, what happens if an illegal breaks the immigration laws of the U.S.
    NOTHING.  Same goes for Janet.  NOTHING WILL HAPPEN

  13. Hoeven doesn’t have a clue.
    This is crap legislation – Republicans are complete morons. Only the evil Democraps have it together.
    Obama and his ilk ignore the law every single day. This will be NO different whatsoever. Rubio and these FOOLS are idiots for trying to do this now. Absolute morons!!! It’s amateur hour for the GOPe. I’m stunned at the complete ignorance of these bozos.

  14. “Now it makes sense to me why Rubio is making the claims he is making right now, because he’s basically being misinformed by these lawyers who are just telling them what they want to hear while writing the amendment in such a way as to make it completely ineffective with regard to border fencing.”
    Rubio is NOT being Deceived, Conned, Duped, Naive – he is not being Told Wrong Things by Lawyers that makes him think something is in the bill that is not there. Rubio Did this all the time in Florida, and He did This When he was a lobbyist. He knows what this bill says and what it is pushing. He has been called out on it, and he has been caught lying. He said one thing in Spanish and then one thing in English. Nope He knows what this is about, and there is nothing that could make me think otherwise. 
    The Background Check that I did on Rubio before he was Re Elected has now been done by the Conservative Media and others. His past, his present and what will be his future, shows he knows what this is all about. Also, Jeb Bush Taught him so Very Well.

    1. kssturgis62 
      I admit tho having  poured time and money into Rubio’s election – too eager  to see Crist forced to  admit his leftwing alliances.
      I admit I was duped. 
      This is dead simple. One need not read the bill or talk to the cabal’s lawyers and lobbyists who wrote it.  America  do not need new laws – we need only enforce the ones we have. Any politician who says otherwise, Rubio included, is a deceiver and intent on destroying America’s sovereignty. There reason to do so, are their own.

      1. sDee kssturgis62 Rubio will go down in history as the youngest RINO in history to be defeated after one term.  He went against Crist who was obviously a leftwing nutjob whose pathological lies exposed his liberalsim to the point he changed parties

  15. IF THEY READ THE BILL, THERE WOULD BE NO, I REPEAT NO MISUNDERSTANDINGS.  We use to send these bozos to Washington to pass laws for OUR benefit.  That means they have to read it.  How dare they move laws through that they have not read!!!

  16. If a Conservative talk show host named Hugh Hewitt had it figured out … logic dictates that the “Conservative” Senator who led the Gang of Eight” on the immigration bill was well aware.  In other words … Marc Rubio was not misinformed when he cast his vote that guaranteed an eventual path to citizen for over 11 million “illegals” … NOTHING ELSE!

  17. Now it makes sense to me why Rubio is making the claims he is making right now, because he’s basically being misinformed by these lawyers who are just telling them what they want to hear while writing the amendment in such a way as to make it completely ineffective with regard to border fencing.
    Right Scoop
    Why do so many Conservatives insist on giving Senator Marc Rubio a pass for selling out America?  There is no excuse for Rubio being misinformed.  This guy made a choice not to adhere to the warnings of Conservatives or bow to the Islamic appeasing/Marxist agenda of Barack Obama.  Rubio betrayed Conservatives.  He sold his soul.  What was the price?
    Marco Rubio, 2009
    “I am strongly against amnesty. The most important thing we need to do is enforce our existing laws. We have existing immigration laws that are not being adequately enforced. Nothing will make it harder to enforce the existing laws, if you reward people who broke them. It demoralizes people who are going through the legal process, its a very clear signal of why go through the legal process, if you can accomplish the same thing if you go through the illegal process. And number two, if demoralizes the people enforcing the laws. I am not, and I will never support any effort to grant blanket legalization/amnesty to folks who have entered, stayed in this country illegally.”
    Rubio-Obama immigration plan?
    Senator’s proposal looks like White House policy
    Wednesday, 01.16.13
    Not only do Rubio and Obama’s plans create a similar type of amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, the two politicians have used similar language.
    Here’s Obama unveiling his plan in May 2011, relatively little-reported at the time:
    “Those who are here illegally, they have a responsibility as well. So they broke the law, and that means they’ve got to pay their taxes, they’ve got to pay a fine, they’ve got to learn English. And they’ve got to undergo background checks and a lengthy process before they get in line for legalization. That’s not too much to ask.”
    Here’s Rubio in the Wall Street Journal on the undocumented:
    “They would have to come forward. They would have to undergo a background check…They would have to pay a fine, pay back taxes, maybe even do community service. They would have to prove they’ve been here for an extended period of time. They understand some English and are assimilated. Then most of them would get legal status and be allowed to stay in this country.”

  18. If only:
    Hewitt, President
    Levin or Malkin, VP. 
    Bolton, Sec. of State
    Steyn, Press Sec.
    Prager, Chief of Staff
    I could go on, but never mind..
    It’d be a blast.

  19. The Senate Republicans who support a pathway to amnesty don’t know what’s in the bill. They voted for cloture because foolishly they think this will help their Republicans. What these morons forgot about was there base which are mostly conservatives Tea Partiers who have declared war on Hoeven and his Republican comrades? See hit list below below:
    Alexander (R-TN), Ayotte (R-NH), Chiesa (R-NJ), Collins (R-ME), Corker (R-TN), Flake (R-AZ), Graham (R-SC), Hatch (R-UT), Heller (R-NV), Hoeven (R-ND), Kirk (R-IL), McCain (R-AZ), Murkowski (R-AK), Rubio (R-FL) and Wicker (R-MS); all of these so-called conservatives should face primary challengers.
    I may keep my Republican registration only because of local elections. In New York, the conservative and Republican parties almost always nominate the same candidate. BTW, did anyone listen to Rubio’s defense of his amnesty program?

    He is desperately pleading a faux facts cause the political amateur thought he could add amnesty legislation to his list of his accomplishments for his presidential resume without concern for his base of conservatives who got him elected in the first place – damn all of them.

  20. Many folks who have actually read the provisions of the ‘amendment’ have been stating these truths for days (since the amendment was first advanced and saw the light of day). I gather as you seem to assume that Rubio has been deceived by these nefarious lawyers, that you also assume that he, Rubio although he is both a Senator (indeed a co-sponsor of the bill itself and by implication of the amendment which he supports) and a lawyer, that he is either feckless and/or stupid.
    Not reassuring at all.

  21. hey Friends,

    Watch this great Cruz Speech and make it viral

    1. phil123 
      Thanks.  I hope Marc Rubio realizes that his betrayal  …his attempts to deceive his Conservative following … implies he is done … done … done.  His credibility on so many levels is no more.

    2. phil123 
      Could it be that the plan is for the Obama administration to concede following the implementation of the immigration bill that legalization of illegals is not working in regards to hiring practices?
      Could it be that it is the expectation of the Obama administration that illegals will take to streets demanding equality with American citizens in terms of government benefits and voting rights?
      Could it be that in that not too distance future the courts will comply and rule that illegals can apply sooner than later for American citizenship? 
      Could it be that over 11 million new Democrats will be receiving government handouts as well as voting in the 2016 Presidential election for the hands that feed them.

  22. Worst thing ever for a politician:  Have a knowlegable constituent read the verbiage.  Honestly, I need to get out of my line of work where quality and precision count, and get into politics – 1/2 assed is ok, and they got a nice salary and benefits package (I notice that their stock investment advise is pretty good too!)

      1. deTocqueville1 Laurel A Then to the bottom of the ocean for shark food they should become.

      2. deTocqueville1 Laurel A I used to think ignorance was bliss and at times I still do but either these guys are really incompetent in regards to the positions they hold OR they are the worst kind of evil that has ever graced the halls of America.

  23. Would be great to have Ted Cruz’s 27 minute speech posted that rips this bill and its punishment to employers who have American citizens as employees rather than illegal aliens.

    1. Orangeone i agree,
      its one of the most convincing non-ideological driven arguments i have heard in this debate,

      1. phil123 Orangeone Yes it is.  Would love to see Ted Cruz do the same with health insurance costs that are ranging $12,000-$20,000 annually.  Add that to the $5,000 and you are seeing serious money.

        1. Orangeone phil123 its amazing though how this argument or any serious argument get’s so little coverage in the media,

          all they talk about is yes “deal” or no “deal” and how Lindsey Graham is predicting Gop landslides after granting amnesty to 11 million more dems….

    1. phil123 already sent out to over 100 emails with instructions to read immediately and pass on…

  24. Given that Rubio worked with LaRaza and other extremist groups to write this legislation, he knows full well what this is about. He has also said we will never have this problem again knowing that all law breakers going forward will receive immediate legalization.

    1. Orangeone i think Rubio is being mislead with the talking points about the bill,
      but is being totally outsmarted in how the law is written

      1. phil123 Orangeone If you believe that Rubio needs his law degree ripped from the wall.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  He is a Democrat, will flip parties and have his Hispanic bros drinking from his water bottle and this country will be doomed. He was raised by a Communist.

  25. If Hoeven was an honest broker, he’d listen to Hewitt and not use double speak to obfuscate. Great Job Hugh!!!

  26. TRS–I know you’re having a hard time believing Rubio isn’t one of us, but he isn’t. He’s stupid and being misled by lawyers? You want to think he’s just naive and being lied to.
    Is he also so naive to not understand that as a conservative he shouldn’t be pushing the agenda of Obama, Reid, and Schumer?
    He isn’t smart enough to realize that’s a BAD thing?

    1. I’m not buying that he’s naive, either.  Citizens, all over this country, have driven trucks through the holes in this bill and it’s problems….and we’re not politicians nor lawyers yet Rubio is too naive to “get it”?  I might have bought this at the beginning but we’re too far in this game for anyone to be fooled.

    2. rjcylon Look, I’ve said I disagree with voting for the bill, I think he’s shown poor judgement, and he’s done enormous damage to his reputation by getting in bed with the Democrats and this administration. 
       But I don’t think he’s a traitor and I refuse to call him such things. As I said yesterday much of this rhetoric is over the top.

      1. therightscoop rjcylon Poor Judgment! He is a co-sponsor, an active advocate and clearly a liar.

      2. therightscoop rjcylon Of course you’re entitled to your opinion.  Rubio appears to me as if he’s a child sitting at the adult table, so I chalk it all up to political ignorance.  Now he appears to be actively engaged in a dramatic attempt to misinform others, and that’s why I don’t think he’s trustworthy, as don’t others.

        1. E Lee Zimmerman therightscoop rjcylon Rubio has also been the willing and excited mouthpiece for amnesty.

  27. They know what they are doing. They do it consciously. They are LYING right to our face.  What is the problem understanding that. It came from Schumer – any questions ? Or maybe most of the population is on anti-depressants and can’t understand that we do not have 50 million extra votes lying around. Nope – it is deliberate suicide.

  28. Remember this: 

    Police have no legal duty to respond and prevent crime or protect the victim. There have BEEN OVER 10 various supreme and state court cases the individual has never won. Notably, the Supreme Court STATED about the responsibility of police for the security of your family and loved ones is “You, and only you, are responsible for your security and the security of your family and loved ones. That was the essence of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the early 1980’s when they ruled that the police do not have a duty to protect you as an individual, but to protect society as a whole.”
    There will never be protection from the illegal invasion at our borders.

  29. “They have to follow the law”
    Ha ha ha ha ha.  When does this administration ever follow the law?  We have immigration laws now and they are being completely ignored. 
    The only hope we have is an effective fence, because any enforcement from government will never happen.  The proposed fence is a joke.  They aren’t serious about this and are just pulling the wool over our eyes.
    Don’t worry, it will never be built anyway.  They made it so citizens cannot sue to force government to obey their own law (and build the fence), yet environmentalists can sue to stop the fence altogether.  Gee, like that’s not going to happen.

    1. kong1967   “They have to follow the law” but no one enforces the law therefore, there is no law.  The 1986 laws are not enforced but we have them.

  30. They have to follow the law? Like all the existing laws on the border that’s not followed?
    Trust fund? Like social security?

  31. This Bill is now almost 1200 pages long and not one damn person has read the entire thing.  How many things are in this Bill that don’t have a damn thing to do with immigration?  How many PORK projects for both the democRats and the repugnicants?  All three branches of the government have no morals or conscience and are a disgrace to America.

  32. Being misinformed?  Rubio knows darn well that it’s filled with pork let alone the fence was never going to be built!

    1. MadJack ObamaCare II that has Americans unemployed and illegal aliens driving ObamaCars to our former jobs.

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