Dick Durbin freaks out and attacks Fox news, refuses to explain why God/Jerusalem removed from platform

This is nuts. Bret Baier was simply asking Dick Durbin why God and Jerusalem were removed from the Democratic Party platform and gets attacked by Durbin over and over for trying to smear Democrats as a godless party:

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266 thoughts on “Dick Durbin freaks out and attacks Fox news, refuses to explain why God/Jerusalem removed from platform

  1. You have to be living in a bubble if you do not believe there are strong inferences being made by Fox news in their coverage towards these sorts of things. This story is drummed up and turned into an issue by them. This is manufacturing news and not the reporting news. Many conservatives just “eat” this stuff up. Stop being a foxheaded zombie and learn to think for yourself and focus on getting news instead of being served news.

  2. Looks like Senator Durbin really handled this political hack pretending to be a reporter. Well done Senator. The CONTURDS are really loosing when they go to GOD for their diversion. This FAKE NEWS monkey really looked STUPID.

  3. As an Illinois resident, Dick Durbin is an embarrassment to the folks of Illinois
    and the USA. Consider this:
    1- Durbins statement calling our troops “Jack Booted Thugs”, for which he later offered apologies, speaks volumes as to his loyalties. Once a person besmirches the military in the manner in which it was done, there is no redemption. His statement will not be forgotten as he crossed the line.
    2- Durbin’s “Dream Act” is another example of democrat pandering for votes and support for illegal residents. Elected representatives should be representing the interest of citizens and not of people that are here illegally. Selective law enforcement and exemptions sends a mixed message to all citizens. As the third most powerful person in government he should use his position to fix the problem and not substitute band aids.
    3- Durbin’s rhetorical commentary regarding the question of having God in the democrat platform is a further indication of where this Obama driven democrat administration is heading.

    Given the above comments and many more that can be directed to the Obama administration’s agenda of “Fundamentally Changing America”, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have respect or support for the democrat party.

  4. This interview took place before the DNC put God back in their platform inspite of being bood three times. I wonder what dick has to say about that. Godless? They said it all when they did that. That said it all. The rejection of Jesus Christ by this nation is the single biggest reason for our problems and means everything. Go ahead. Rebut this statement. Choose. Put yourselves in opposition to the creator. Go Ahead. It’s YOUR loss.

  5. Dear Jesus-

    Please protect me from your nutcase followers who love of piety and public display is surely an Abomination to your eyes, these modern day Pharisees on the right.

    1. What a twisted psychotic mind you possess. You are the abomination. I love how libs project all the hatred they have themselves on to conservatives. You are more worthless than an insect.

  6. Why the hell am I having to listen to anything Dick Durbin has to say about anything on this website??????? If I cared to listen to anything he has to say, I would go to some left-wing website. The RIGHT SCOOP is supposed to be posting “RIGHT” points of view.

    1. I respectfully disagree. Listening to these progressives will expose their thoughts and arguments. Useful to sharpen the blade…

  7. Any political party that supports abortion and queerness the way the dems do IS a Godless party. There’s no way around that.

  8. He totally spun the question around, and didn’t answer. The democrats are not religious at all especially now that they are pro abortion and want to pay for sexual contraception, and pro gay marriage….they sicken me.

  9. Never does answer the question does he? Typical politician. Also lies about Obama’s attitude toward Israel.

  10. “Harping on a trifle,” says durbin. When the democrats lie…..it’s simply a trifle? THEY LIE ALL OF THE TIME!!

  11. Dick Durbin, a master at not answering a question and making the question out to be an accusation and then blaming it on Bush. Geez, who could watch this and want him in the Senate?

  12. They want God out of the classroom, out of the Pledge of Allegiance and out of the convention hall. Reverend Wright will probably remove the God out of his racist damning.

    Sometimes, when you see a snake, you just can’t helkp picking up a stick and poking it.

    Did Brett just play the “God Card?”

  13. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. What a douche. If I was Bret I would have continued to ask “why?” because Durbin obviously wasn’t answering and his tactics of trying to smear the right because of it were weak. The party of abortion is a party of God….really Durbin??? Really? The party of homosexual marriage is a party of God…you sure about that one Dick? Perhaps Durbin should have defined which god he was referring to, because it doesn’t seem like he was talking about the God of Abraham.

    “We created the most unread document in political history.” Are you talking about Obamacare?

    “Truman was the first President to recognize Israel.” No kidding….only because he was in office when Israel officially became a state in 1948 you moron. My 6 year old could have figured that one out. That means nothing because your democrat leader now obviously can’t stand Israel and doesn’t acknowledge their capital as Jerusalem.

    I can’t stand to watch it and all their brainwashed zombies. Maybe this is the season premiere of the “Walking Dead” in disguise.

  14. Is God mentioned in the Russian or Chinese Constitution?

    At this convention, the demunists have come out of the commie closet. Should obamunist be reelected, the Constitution will be totally replaced and eliminated from school books

  15. What a jackass!! It was a simple qustion and he repeatedly bitched at Bret for even asking. What’s the matter, Dick? Did he get a little too close to reality?

    They don’t want to answer any questions that put them on the spot.

  16. Gee, could it be because Obama demanded them to be removed? Nice coincidence that it was removed when he took office. Insert Allah and watch Obama get a big smile on his face.

    1. No ,,,it was Obama ,,,OUR president that asked “Why in the world would they do that?” So he intervened and had it reinstated,,,,Nice Try,,,,!!You right wingers will not call us godless people,,,

      1. No one has called you godless people.

        But just two days ago Democrats were saying that “G-d” and “Jerusalem” were removed to reflect Obama’s policy. Now they’re saying it was an oversight. I’ve never seen worse liars in my life.

      2. It took three voice votes from the floor to get God and Jerusalem restored to the platform. What was there to oppose?? You could actually hear the stampede of undecided voters. D W Schputz referred to the issue as a “technical oversight.” Thank you, Debbie. Did anyone at the DNC actually read the platform? The messiah blew it.

  17. We have a colloqial saying here in IL: Lieing sack of durbin.

    And besides, the Dem’s do to have Gods. Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jefferson, Grant and their favorite, Franklin.

    1. Lincoln and grant were both republicans.
      Grant had the most corrupt presidency of any president outside of obama in the history of this country.
      Alexander Hamilton shot Aaron Burr.
      Washington was independant of both the wigs and dem-repub. of the time.
      So if those are the demos gods they have a problem.

  18. Taking lives of innocent children for their platform and leaving out God. I can see why they would not want to mention God.

  19. But, but, but, after removal of those items from the DNC platform, participants were told NOT TO TALK to “conservative media” about them and many more topics!

    Durbin was following orders. . .

  20. Gee this ought to help that Muslim image Obama has….

    Pardon me but Durbin’s freak out and defensiveness brings out the sarcasm in me.

  21. dick douchebag had not been given the party line to defend the godless plank. God or should I say Allah forbid one speak his mind in his own words. These creeps have got to go, Schumer Reid, Schultz, what a bunch of lying drones that have taken us to the brink of anarchy.

  22. dick douchebag. never got the memo therefore at a loss for words. these drones cannot think for themselves and are scared to use their own words for fear of crossing axelrod and b hussein o

  23. This guy is a complete schlong! Typical Democrat indeed! He can’t answer a direct question and deflects to his meaningless talking points. The left is nothing more than drones, heads full of mush, mind numbed socialist loving robots.

  24. Durbin is nothing but an Aliskyite, just like Obama blames Republicans on why they don’t do their job. Chicago politics running rampant in DC. I’m from Chicago and do you know what the State Democrats are doing on the Budget deficit here? Blaming Republicans that they can’t pass anything with out bi-partisan support, although they control everything and don’t need their votes to pass a bill.

  25. My wife mentioned this interview. She’s not all that political and was so turned off by Durbin. Sad he was a major tool. I can see why.

    Way to win vote Durbin.

  26. Durbin always talks like this. It doesn’t matter what he is asked. He just takes one or two of the words in the question and he’s off to the races, talking nonstop, making point after point. Sort of like Waserman-Schultz.

    I’d say Blah blah blah, but me thinks people listen to him. He got elected somehow.

  27. Oy. You almost have sympathy for someone who displays as much fear as Durbin.

    Poor thing. Scared out of his wits. /s

    1. ……..Standproud, you are being kind….you assume he has wits. I haven t seen any, so I will go on your kind assumption.!

  28. Durbin in comparison to corkscrew head who was lecturing Anderson about the Republican platform related to abortion. Someone needs to throw this back in her face on Sunday morning.

  29. So Padre Durbin here has dedicated his life to helping others in the name or God…….who knew?

    Here all this time I thought he was just another smarmy, crooked, political, hack, democrat.

    1. I image he supports abortion in the ‘name of God’ as well….. uh, which “God” is that Durbin?(if he does support it)

  30. If you can’t answer the question, go on the attack. Then keep going in circles until the interviewer gets dizzy and changes the subject. It’s a variation of the Sidestep Dance. But the Durbin Dance is for occasions when you need a more hostile approach than the Sidestep.
    (To see the Sidestep Dance, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJG75FJkjr8).

    I have a feeling we will be seeing this strategy employed by Democrats in the future should Obama win another 4 years. For example, when Obama can’t get enough money from the rich to feed the expanding government tapeworm and union leeches, he will break his promise not to raise taxes on the middle class. The MSM will completely ignore his betrayal. But if someone else brings up the subject with Democrats, they will simply begin the Durbin Derangement Dance. First they will accuse the interviewer of being biased and then of trying to further old stereotypes about Democrats always wanting to raise taxes. By spinning between those two diversions, they can force a change of subject without having to give a real answer to the question. So watch for the Durbin Dance to become more popular as Democrats continue to run out of answers.

  31. If I ever had the opportunity to be tortured (sp) otherwise known as talking to a demoncrat. I would abstractly look at their nose as if it is getting longer, say “whoa better dial back your nose almost got caught in the elevator.

    1. Lol, it was pretty annoying.

      Obama probaby demanded that “G-d” and “Jerusalem” be removed. Maybe Durbin doesn’t like it and hates being asked about it. Or, he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be called out for it.

      I would have loved to hear him get angry and say “Obama made us do it”.

  32. I have never met a believer on this site or any other site that posts!,,, They all say and admit they are athiests.

  33. RIDDLE ME THIS BATMAN: How can he claim Clinton had a “surplus” when in the next sentence he mentioned the US ONLY being 5 Trillion in debt?

    1. Yes, isn’t it funny how Clinton back then accused Newt and the Republican House of being obstructionists for putting a limit on his credit card and not passing all of his spending bills but now takes credit for the balanced budget that resulted?

      But not having a deficit for a year or two is not the same thing as paying off the debt. Clinton didn’t pay off a penny of the national debt. In fact we haven’t paid anything but interest on the debt for the last 52 years. Only a Democrat, socialist, or communist (sorry for being redundant) could believe that an ever-increasing, interest-only debt is a good thing to pass on to our children.

    2. The so-called “surplus” of the Clinton era was not adjusted for intragovernmental debt and Clinton’s last budget proposal was for fiscal year 2001, which ended in September of 2001 and generated a deficit. Bush’s first budget proposal was for fiscal year 2002, which started on October 1, 2001 and ended on September 30, 2002. The deficit grew in the last fiscal year of Clinton’s, not in the first fiscal year of Bush’s. This explains it well: http://www.craigsteiner.us/articles/16

    1. How could he, he doesn’t know the Lord obviously and he thinks good deeds will out weigh his positions on abortion , gey rights etc.

  34. This is the same guy that tried to block funding for The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). You do the math.

    1. He should’ve taken notes from Debbie Wasserbot-Schlitz. Even when she knows she’s wrong, she comes back with the classic, “It doesn’t matter” reply.

  35. When he watchs that later, I dont think he is going to be too happy with his performance. I’d be hiding under the table.

  36. I was watching this on TV when this happened, and I couldn’t believe my ears. If Durbin thinks he did the democrats a favor by his performance, he’s more stupid than I previously thought he was.

    I wonder when liberals are going to figure out that Alinsky tactics like this don’t work on us anymore.

  37. The senator never answered Bret’s question because just like the liberal he is tried to obsfuscate and bully. A Dem tactic it is easy to see through this and I guarantee his cowardice in the answer was heard all the way to God’s Throne. Suffice it to say the Dems have become the godless party.

  38. In my experience in the corporate world of private industry, when you were asked a direct question about this or that issue or problem, directly relating to your duties and responsibilities by a peer, customer or manager, you were expected to give a straight, direct and honest answer. Failure to do so, put your professionalism and integrity in serious doubt, and a person who could not be trusted to put The Truth above all else, even at the risk of showing that they had made a honest mistake, was asked for their badge, laptop and then escorted off company premises.

    1. i live in illinois ,though not in empty dicks district,we have plenty to be embaressed about

  39. Do they prefer a DIVERSE, false god, like allah? And they remove Jerusalem?????? I thought that the bad-dinner-jacket wanted to make Jerusalem HIS capitol, Hmmmmmmmm!

  40. Durbin needs to be voted out, he is a poor excuse for a senator. He has been in office to long. Durbin looked like an idiot. Never answered a simple question.

  41. Wow! The Dems are in serious trouble if this is how they are going to be answering basic questions. What a loser Durbin is.

  42. Oh and this video on Politico has been shortened, starts when Dickie D. starts yammering about Fox trying to portray Dems as ‘godless.’ Typical of Politico. And as to Dems being godless, why DID they take God out of the platform?! Heh.

  43. Watch for this to come out in a MoveOn ad with little Dickie Durbin facing down the almighty FoxNews. Durbin spoke in such a manner that indicated he was having a separate conversation, one that can easily translate into a scathing anti-Fox ad.

  44. Oh my God, the guy peddles crap and Bret let’s him, then shakes his hand… While republicans just take whatever the media dishes out to them… Even Fox treats republicans like their defendants on trial.

    That’s one thing I respect about democrats they know the media are a bunch of hack’s even though the media outright advocates for them, so they don’t pretend to give them faux respect…

    This is one of the reasons I think the low information voter votes democrat, because they look tough , don’t take shit, while republicans always come off like pussies, and the unconnected mind, thinks it they let the media push them around , they really don’t deserve my respect.

    Like Paul Ryan, way too nice today, while they treated him like crap off their shoes…

  45. That guy speaking in the background sounds angry and hateful I’m not racist but the tone of his voice is just like he’s mad it sounds like hate does anybody else feel that same way ?

    1. They are the party of hate. If you don’t agree with these freaks they want to drive you into the water (that one’s for you ted).

  46. Durbin is funny, if Truman was alive today he would laugh at the democat party, Truman did not blame anyone for anything and took responability for all his own actions.

  47. Q: What’s your name?
    A: Are you insinuating I don’t have a name? What’s wrong with you Republicans? Just because I don’t plaster my name all over the place doesn’t mean you make baseless accusations.

    Q: Uhh… I’m just asking a question.
    A: You call this fair and balanced? All you Fox News people are all the same. Lying about everything out there. Why don’t we get to the serious issues instead of all these distractions.

  48. And Obama has has spent 5 trillion in less than four years! Up to Clinton was 5 trillion in debt. Durbin your are a complete fraud!

  49. He can’t answer the question. But that’s OK, we already know the answer.

    And yes, liberals ARE GODLESS!

  50. Present your evidence? Hey dipshit Durbin you just presented the evidence by NOT putting GOD in your platform. Who the hell are these people? Who supports this crap? These people spit in GOD’s face everyday and that is why they will lose and lose big in 2012. GOD loves these people with all his heart BUT he also is righteous!

  51. First of all, I couldn’t watch it all. I couldn’t get past half way through. But I have to say Bret Baier did an excellent job of keeping cool and keeping it to the question.

    As for Mr. Durbin.
    You dare to say your party does work for the poor in the Name of God! You might in your private life, but fruits are yet to be seen, however, in public office, you and your government are the god, this god which takes from those you deem to have more than they deserve to give to whom you want a vote in return.

    Your party, which continuously mocks those who practice their faith! The same which disallows public prayer in the Name of Jesus! You claim that God is not a franchise to be used, yet the Only times you mention His Name is to Use Him! You Use His Name when it suits your political ideas, then mock those who proclaim His Name because they Love Him.

    This party which promotes, and allows babies to be slaughtered by the millions, you say that you are for God? Not God Almighty, but ba’al and molech. Your party that celebrates so called diversity which promotes by laws which you have made, an abomination which is homosexuality. That is NOT of God.
    You might believe you believe in a god, but it is not God Almighty. Your god is one which tolerates any kind of sexual perversion and promescuity, and force others to pay for it. You promote these things and teach them in government schools at the detriment to real learning. You allow for any god’s name to be spoken except for the True God, and mock and call names of those who acknowlege the One True God.
    You claim to love God, yet you spit in the eye of His people. You turn your backs on His People. You dare to believe you have the right to divide HIS Land that He gave to His people.

    You sir, need to read the Bible, then I hope you fall on your knees and plead forgiveness. God loves you, but He will not be mocked and ignored.

    1. Yes, but ask them if they work the work of Jesus Christ. THAT is the clincher! There are plenty of folks who have no problem with appealing to “god”. But those same folks become increasingly hostile when you define THAT GOD! When you ask whether they are adherents to the teachings and doctrines of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, they all jump ship.

      Yeah, liberals serve a god alright. Just not the God of the Bible.

      1. That’s why they never allow prayer in Jesus’ Name! They throw the name “god” around, so people can shout, OH look how spiritual they are! Yet the only spirit they have is one of darkness, which will never until the last day, acknowlege God the SON.

        Excellent point stage9.

    2. Well said, duckie. You stand strong in the Light of our Lord and spit in the faces of the blasphemers. I stand by your side. We will win.

      1. Thanks Nukefriend. I don’t mean to go on… because sometimes when I read what I say, I feel as if I am somehow using God in my comments. But these kinds of people, when they speak such lies, gives me a horrible feeling to the depths of my spirit and makes my soul hurt.
        I need a hug. Will you give me one please?

        1. (((hugs)))

          When I read your posts, I don’t think you are using God in your comments. I get a deep feeling that you are giving Testament to our Lord and Savior and I jump for joy every time I read them. And don’t apologize as to the length of your comments. Sometimes it just takes a lot of words to say what you must say. Keep it up.

      1. That is so right on proudhispanicconservative. If I ever write a book about being an American, with your help, I hope, “I love and cherish you guys” would be a great title!!!! It’s about AMERICANS!!

  52. Durbin’s defense:

    “We produced the most unread document in the history of American politics.” (1:45)

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    1. actually chicago has the best tasting water in the country,we have a giant filtration plant but dems here do buy bottled waster because it s trendy ,,,,,,then eat the the plastic bottle

  53. What this party did in the shadows, it is now doing in the light. For some reason they think the American people are stupid and unaware, or they do not care. If they do not care it is because the fix is in. This worries me. This is an unscrupulous group and I do not trust we will see a fair election. God help us if this administration gets four more years. If that happens they will certainly secure the borders, because they will not want the people leaving, especially those who pay the bills.

    1. Here’s the problem today with the Democratic Party’s point of view (along with that of the Lame Stream Media): They strongly believe that the American people are stupid and they think we will believe any poll that we see. That is why we see all the skewed polls, all the White House talking points in the media, and all the rhetoric.

      The problem is this: the American people are not stupid and are not falling for the rhetoric that the Dems so drastically try to spew forward. It will show in the voting booths in November and the libs will shake their heads afterwards and say, “What happened here?”

    2. They feel as if the American people who vote dem tickets are their slaves. They know they have the media, entertainment industry, a large portion of wall street, and money from billionaires such as Soros. They own the universities, colleges and government education… they feel as if they can finally come out of the commie closet. I agree, they are most dangerous as they are feeling the threats from the minority who are God fearing Conservatives. They feel as though their decades of hard work and infiltration are at stake and they will do everything they can, pull all the stops to hold on to their power. God help us.

  54. Wow! This guest was in defense before the interviewer even got the words out of his mouth. What profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul? If American isn’t shiverring in their boots by these Dems, they should be. Where will society be when “they” finally grieve the Holy Spirit to the degree God pulls Him out of the earth? I’ll tell you where, a liberal Democratic society.. Thank You God for Spirit-filled believers!

  55. Shorter version: (You can see how Bret was out of control and unprofessional.)

    BB: Why were the words God and Jerusalem taken out of the platform?

    DD: If you think I am going to tolerate this line of thinking, well, you are sadly mistaken. So what if we don’t like to use either of these words? You weren’t even supposed to read that document. No one reads those, ever, ever, ever. What kind of a smear campaign are you trying to start here on your channel? I resent the conclusions you are forcing into this conversation.

    BB: In 2008 they were there in the…

    DD: Why are you trying to insinuate that Democrats are a godless bunch of anti-Semites?

    BB: Thank you very much for your time.

  56. And as they speak, the avowed communist, Van Jones, is yelling in the background on the monitor. We all know how God fearing communists are.

    1. Hey, he was a criminal who turned his life around…not for the better. I’m just saying that criminals and communists have something in common.

  57. It would be hyperbole for me to suggest that the Democrat platform is antisemitic. I would merely say that they hate Jews.

  58. I understand Ric Flair was on “Fox & Friends” this morning. So I guess it’s in keeping with the wrestling theme on FNC today that we have this interview, which kind of reminds me of Gorilla Monsoon trying to get a straight answer from Bobby the Brain Heenan.

    1. I dont know who you are but your reference to some of the best inane comedy ever with Monsoon and ‘The Brain’ made me laugh more than i have in a long time( In terms of Durbin). Appropriate. Profound. Thanks.

  59. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance”. Psalm 33;12. The blessings extend to the people and political party. “Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall! Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!” Psalm 144:15 The opposite for the nation or people who has forsaken God is true in Jeremiah 19:4.

  60. They need to send Levin down there to conduct these interviews, he wouldn’t let them squirm out of answering… He’d have to go in disguise though, they definitely wouldn’t let him in the building.

  61. Wow, ol’ Durbin sure reacted like there’s a reason why God was omitted from the Dims’ platform….same with leaving out Israel. C’mon, Dick, you can let the cat out of the bag: Liberals are Godless and they hate Israel.

  62. Turbin committed treason when he compared our Soldiers while on the battlefield to murderers. He should have been tried for treason then and removed from office. He is a Prick.

  63. I don’t know how Bret Baier could have shaken his hand at the end of the interview. Baier had better look to see if he still has his watch on. You’ll notice, too, that Durbin never answered the question as to why the words were taken out. When you’re such a strong advocate for killing limitless numbers of babies through abortion (including during the ninth month through partial birth abortions), I would imagine it’s kind of hard singing the praises of God in your party platform. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the question at all, and Durbin still didn’t answer it.

  64. I’m from Chicago and I’m amazed at the idiots we put in office….Dick Durbin shouldn’t be dog catcher!…He isn’t qualified for it!

          1. toongoon, so glad to hear that you and Nukeman are from Illinois. Would hate to think the whole State was unhinged.

              1. i was the only one with an empty chair in front yesterday ,my neighbor came over and asked me if i was throwing it away

              1. There is growing dissatisfaction with Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, who by political gamesmanship became the mayor of the windbag city. That is also not helping obummer with Chicagoans.

                1. I posted that link in another thread the other day, along with the comment that if the Chicago fraudulent vote isn’t too massive, we actually have a chance to turn this state. It would be a great accomplishment in my lifetime, before I move away from it. Let’s hope Rahm’s shenanigans in Chitown will help the cause.

                  Fingers crossed.

                2. Didn’t Dead Fish (ripping off Hannity) get on the tube and implore gangs to stop going after the children? I mean really, the children? Everybody else is fair game, just don’t come near the kids. What an imbecile.

                3. Yeah, what a dipstick. He appealed to the gang members to not stand next to children when they shoot or when they are getting shot at. “It’s not about crime, it’s about values.”

                  There is no greater threat to the American people than liberal stupidity. The crime rate is necessarily skyrocketing because of it.

              2. Thanks Nukeman. I’ve heard that Illinois is giving the impostor some trouble but this is the first time I’ve read a good account what’s going on in the State. It’s encouraging and informative.

                Good luck to you guys.

  65. I’m not saying that the Democrats are bereft of any sense of a higher being to which we are morally accountable. I’m just saying that they’re Godless.

      1. Yeah, isn’t it Luke somewhere that he was raising taxes on the wealthy and telling people not to work because he was going to take care of them.

        Oh, and I forget which book it was that talks about Jesus officiating gay marriage and telling heterosexuals to quit whining because marriage was equal no matter what sex you are?

        1. Dick Durbin, Senator from Illinois. Obama, occupier of the White House, Illinois. Lets just use one term, ‘Chicago politics’. Nuff said?

        1. Thanks for the link I had not seen it. That said, I looked at the article and nowhere in it did I find Dole saying to, “Ditch the Tea Party.”

          Once you get to the actual linked article, it is titled, “Bob Dole Urges Mitt Romney To Confront The Republican Party’s Right Wing.”

          Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/bob-dole-urges-mitt-romney-to-confront-the-republican-partys-right-wing-2012-8#ixzz25bWLvYnv

          Reading the article, one gleans that Dole is concerned about Romney being swayed by one demographic at the cost of the election.

          But I do agree that he is an old-school, capital R, Republican, that has not grasped the importance of the Tea Party movement.

  66. I got news for ya,,,,DICK, you’re still in a war in Afghanistan. Of which your guy said was the place to be to fight Al Qeada. And your moronic leader more than doubled what George Bush did in 8 years, you dumb gas bag!!!!!!!!

    And in 2007 when 30% were losing their savings, your party was in charge of Congress!!! Wheeling half dead Kennedy and Byrd up to the hill to vote is not an excuse for not passing a budget, you crapweasel!!!!!

  67. I’m a bit confused as to why the major national pollsters are not reporting on whether Truman or Bush is leading in the race for president.

    1. No he couldn’t…did you hear in April when he said Texas would get fewer tornadoes if they had more hybrid cars?

  68. Ha,ha, ha. He said both parties are God fearing parties. Democrats hate everything Republicans stand for, Republicans stand for God.

    Durbin is completely irrational now. If he hates FOX news so much why did he sit down with Brett Baier.

    Democrats are surrendering their privilege of governing.

  69. Jeez Dick, indefensible position much? Attack and deflect and I truly don’t envy you your task or the ulcer that must be eating at you. Ted Kennedy and Bob Byrd as excuses? Too sick or frail to do their job and somehow that serves their constituents or the country?

    Brett should have smacked him with a clipboard and told him “These are YOUR party’s words senator! Don’t tell me I need to make my case for anything.”

    1. They dragged those two old geezers out of their warm beds to pass their damned health policy that We.Did.Not.Want.

      Talk about adding insult to injury! So stick it in your ear, Dick, and don’t expect any apologies.

  70. This convention will expose the intellectual bankruptcy that exists in the ranks of the demonrat party as never before. Their elimination of God from their platform is only the beginning of what they will do to to our nation if this attack on our country is allowed to manifest itself it every part of our life. The vile hatred that will be expressed against our people and our country will only get worse as we get closer to the election. We are striving to preserve our way of life against a well financed gang of anti-American zealots whose only goal is to reduce our country to the levels we have never been. Always remember if more ignorant people vote that intelligent people, the demonrats will win.

  71. Yeah, I saw this as it aired on Fox, and, actually, it was a pretty laughable moment. It was clear Durbin was spinning, and Bret really let him spin the thing three times while actually trying to restate the question AS IF Durbin didn’t understand it. Clearly, this came off as a rehearsed question/answer moment for all involved.

  72. How can he say he believes in God and that the democratic party is a party of religious when they believe in everything that is against God abortion, same sex marriage, attacking the Catholic Church and this is a party that believes in God, I don’t think so.

    1. Don’t you know that the Democratic God favors abortion ? Especially the late term abortions that have been discussed lately. May the real God bless us all for what has become a national tragedy.

  73. When you can answer the question…ATTACK THE MESSENGER!!! I am sure Brett was caught off guard because he really was only asking about the DEM PLATFORM??? It is funny how nervous the DEMS get when actually asked about their POLICIES!!! Brett did a good job but like anyone he was surprised because he did not ask anything difficult!!

    The attack Fox News mantra again of the Dems….Durbin is another little snake…

    Attack the Messenger right Dickie???? Pathetic..

  74. Wow, he wouldn’t make a very good poker player. His whole presence in that interview was one big “tell”.

    It’s obvious that Turbin Durbin already knows that Obama has lost the election.

    1. Agreed on that. Durbin came across as, dare I say, a “corporate wife” to the Democratic Party.

  75. Watch…now a bunch of other liberals will say the same thing next time they are asked a similar question

  76. Yes, Dick went from zero to rage-boy in a split second. Brett didn’t quite know how to handle him at first, but hung in there and exposed the Durbinator for the tripe he really is.

  77. I was watching thos live and it was so obvious that this nutjob came in very defensive and refused to answer a simple question “why” and then started to as always blame Bush. I think Brett Baier is the by far the most prepared, fair, and to me the best journalist out there.

    1. Meh. Methinks you give Baier (a Democrat, I believe) a bit too much credit. It looked to me as if Baier had given Dick a heads-up as to what the question was going to be b/c he allowed Dick to keep spinning the same useless information for quite a long time.

      1. No he did not, he asked the question three times and the guy just would not respond. All you can do is ask the question. Sorry if you think Brett is a liberal you infortunately are wrong, i have never thought of him as a liberal or conservative.

      2. Bret is one of the last best hopes for Fox. It wouldn’t have mattered what questions Bret asked, little Dickie D. was going to bring out the same retread talking points that we’ve all heard. That’s all they’ve got. I thought Bret did a great job, while preserving his professionalism, unlike Chrissy last week who seemed to be in a melt down everyday.

        1. Right on, he is what we used to call journalists too bad we dont any more like him. I wished he was the one asking the questions on the upcoming debates.

          1. He and Megyn did a great job in the last debates. No gotcha kind of questions and have always been fair but firm during their interviews.

            Unfortunately, the upcoming debates will be moderated by the lap dog liberal media. I sure hope Newt does some coaching with Romney.

            It’s kind of fun to watch when the dems get their britches in a bundle when an interviewer doesn’t follow their script and asks a simple “why” question!

            1. Yes thank you for reminding me about this point why is portman playing the role of helping Romney for the debates, this is the same guy that coached Mclame and we all know how that ended up working for him.

            1. You are right Russert was the best even though he was a democrat you never saw that reflected in the way he asked the questions, he was tough on democrats, and republicans the same way, and no one and I mean no one at this time has that toughness now and we need it more than ever. From both sides people were afraid to go into his show because they knew that Russert was prepared and used their own words to get to the question.

            2. Russet was a relatively righteous journalist compared to this Durbin who has diarrhea of the mouth whenever provoked.

      3. I disagree. By continuing to ask the ‘why’ question, Brett set Durbin up to look like the defensive, idiotic, partisan hack that he is. People can now draw their own conclusions as to why Durbin was so adamant about not answering a simple question. He pretty much buried himself. Kudos to Baier for pressing the question and not letting Durbin sweep it under the rug.

        Obviously, the Dems haven’t gotten the White House daily talking points on this issue yet and don’t know what to say.

      4. I think Turban jumped the gun there. I wasn’t aware Fox News had a “narrative” as far as taking “God” out of anything related to the DNC. Of course, I could be wrong.

    2. He went in purposely to act like a big man so he could say to his lunatic buds “See In took on the big bad Fox News!”

      He thinks he looks cool instead he looked defensive and ridiculous.

    1. Back in the Clinton days, I believe, I heard a radio talk show host refer to Joe Biden and Dick Durbin as Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Evil. I laughed so hard, but I didn’t really know who those guys were back then. I wish now that I knew which was Dumb and which was Evil…I bet Biden was supposed to be Evil.

      1. Dirty Dick Turban had so many nice things to say about members of the U.S. Armed Forces. (sarc-on)It’s a wonder to me why he is not more liked by those in the U.S. military.(sarc-off)

      2. At least one radio station in Chicago occasionally refers to anything Durbin-ish related as “A sack of Durbin”

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