Did Sebelius really say Obama didn’t know about issues with the website before implementation?

Sebelius did say that Obama was made aware on the first day that there were problems with the website, however when Sanjay Gupta presses her on whether or not the White House had concerns about the Obamacare website before implementation, Sebelius started making excuses about not having five years to create a website:

CNN HOST: The President did say he that he was angry about this and do you know when he first knew that there was a problem?

SEBELIUS: Well I think it became clear fairly early on, the first couple of days.

CNN HOST: So not before that though?


CNN HOST: Not before Oct. 1, there was no concern at that point in the White House or at HHS?

SEBELIUS: I think that we talked about having testing going forward and if we had an ideal situation and could have built a product in a five year period of time, we probably would have taken five years. We didn’t have five years and certainly Americans that rely on health coverage didn’t have five years to wait. We wanted to make sure we made good on this final implementation of the law. And again people can sign up…

Perhaps Obama found out there were problems after implementation, but based on her last answer it sounds like the White House may have had concerns that there would be problems before implementation.

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75 thoughts on “Did Sebelius really say Obama didn’t know about issues with the website before implementation?

  1. This is the same rap we heard about Benghazi, IRS, NRA and every thing subversive in this country! It used to be, let’s blame Bush! Now, that the blame-game is OLD, we are seeing this do-nothing incompetent looking for someone else taking the fall for him…perfect example…Susan Rice! Now instead of asking Sebelius to step down, Obama won’t because she is the Obamacare fall guy! Any one see a pattern here?

  2. “We didn’t have five years and certainly Americans that rely on health coverage didn’t have five years to wait.”

    we didn’t have 5 years, because fundamental transformation requires immediate upheaval to the structure.

  3. Sen. Baucus called it a train wreck back in May I think. The entire nation knew what to expect…and Obama did not? That is a bunch of BS and she is a liar.

  4. Five years? The Dimocrats certainly didn’t want to wait five years because more and more people would have figured out they were going to get a screw-job for sure.

  5. Yes she did say it and it is the standard tagline for everyone in this administration.

    Why is it the Chief Executive never knows what is going on?

  6. Spoken like a committed deadicated goose stepper,. Even when your wrong, your system is wrong everybody knows it wrong who then cares enough to warn you that it will not work, what does the goose say? hey all! Its all good, you know we’ve waited for decades so no problem. Communist / Socialist government’s never take responsibility for their tragedies and failures, regardless, doesn’t matter how many people died from their abuses an lack of life’s necessities. They say their system is for the good of the needy who have not. So when confronted as individual head of a department and all responsibility, we can depend that like dumb old Sgt. Schultz they say, I know nothing!. And really that is the horrendous point.

    This Obama crowed when they speak they all remind me of Mr Baghdad socialist communist Bob, despot, that infamous report when he said on a Live Tv report, “No American Tanks In Baghdad”, You see no tank here!, No tank here! Your reports they lie to you!, Yet! All the while we’re laughing at this silly man because at that very moment on CNN Live News Feed from Baghdad we could see the American tanks with their American flags flying, riding pasting by right behind oh Bob in downtown Baghdad. Sebelius seems to be being silly too!, but shes not funny not at the least, she is part of a dangerous lawless bunch.

    Their Socialist/Communist, their seriously dangerous, and they think we’re are not paying close attention. Yet many Americans are paying very close attention to these goose’s.

  7. Gee. GWB’s “Heckuva job” Katrina Guy messes up and suddenly “Bush hates black people”. Obama’s Obamacare Gal has three years and screws up royally. so does that mean Obama hates sick people because they can’t get insurance?

  8. And another communist slug takes it in the shorts for Dear Leader!
    ya gotta love the dedicated sce of the drones in DC.

  9. Seriously?
    We are looking at only two possibilities: a serial lier, or pathetically incompetant.

  10. If they needed five years they probably shouldnt have waited until six months ago to give their software people their requirements. But, of course, there was an election to win.

  11. Obama didn’t know about it? That happens when you surround yourself with sycophants and ‘yes men.’ It also happens when you’ve gotten rid of everyone who has the balls to tell you the truth. (How many people has he thrown under the bus for one reason or another?)

  12. Kathleen “You can’t kill enough babies” Sebelius is following the example of Commissar Obama: “I never set a red line.”

    There’s no such thing as an honest progressive democrat. They learned from Alinsky and Stalin: you can’t overthrow a society of free people by speaking the truth.

  13. So he remains ignorant and uneducated via the policies he shoves down America’s throat, he’s not only incompetent he’s lazy.

  14. PROTECT THE HIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I told you before, after Bengahzi and after the IRS scandal, that NOTHING is EVER going to stick to OBooHoo personally. There will always be some lackey who will take the bullet for him and protect him from scandal. It’s the marxist way of protecting the hive.

    Although he is considered the “Leader of the Free World”, he will never accept responsibility nor will he ever be held responsible for his failed leadership or lack thereof.

    Notice that Obama’s leadership is only seen AFTER his policies and decisions have failed disastrously! Why? So that he will look like the savior-hero that his mindless electorate regards him as, thus preserving his cult-like appeal.

    Bengahzi left Americans dead? “I didn’t know,” says Obama, “but I’m going to get to the bottom of it and make sure it never happens again.”

    The IRS is targeting Christian and Tea Party groups? “I didn’t know,” says Obama, “but I’m going to get to the bottom of it and ensure this never happens again.”

    The ObamaCare website is down? “I didn’t know,” says Obama, “No one is madder than I AM about this, but now that I’M INVOLVED, I’m going to get to the BOTTOM OF THIS!”

    The government is shutdown? “I’ve been waiting on Congress to act, and they’ve finally conceded to my extortion,” says Obama, “but now I’m here as your hero to save you from the wicked Tea Party and open the government back up for you so that you can, by my hand, receive your free stuff again.”

    Each and every time, Obama’s failures are spun around to make him appear like the knight in shining armor trotting in to save the world, when in fact, it was HE WHO HAS ALL ALONG BEEN THE MASTERMIND OF THESE DISASTERS!

    It’s the political magician’s slight-of-hand, and the lap dance media is still distracted by the “ObooHoo trick” long after THINKING Americans like you and I have figured it out and called him on it.

    Back to sleep America, your false messiah is here to save you, and as usual, the repugnantcan party isn’t even in the same UNIVERSE in regard to figuring out what this despot is up to.

  15. Failure, you didn’t build that!
    Once again where is the 66 million? Follow the money, I’d be willing to bet more than half was diverted to some Islamic Terrorist group inside America and outside America: follow the money…good luck with that.
    Please keep in mind, Obama and his thieves Accounting personnel can’t or will not give account for more than half of the stimulus money spending or other moneys sent to the Islamic countries.

  16. shouldn’t she be fired then for hiding problems she’s responsible for and for keeping the president ignorant?

    1. Reminds me of some of the people in Solzchenitsyn’s book “The Gulag Archipeligo”. These fools said the conditions in the death camps would improve; “If Comrade Stalin only knew what was happening”. Such is the power of Communist Propaganda over the feeble minded. Now we hear it will get better if Obama only knows about it.

  17. If Obama didn’t have his nose in on every aspect of how this website was getting along, I’d be very surprised. This is his baby. He’s doing what he always does. When things go wrong, he knew nothing and learned about it the same time we did….on CNN.

  18. It is hard to believe, but it appears that Obama and his entire Administration have ALL epitomized the Peter Principle – they all reached the level of their own incompetency and they are running our country — right into the ground at warp speed

    1. This incompetence is deliberate. The collapse of the Collective Affordable Care Act will bring about single payer, newspeak for socialized medicine.

    2. How can you say that? The man did not know. He knew nothing about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Scandal or any of those other things. It is all these other people that are not doing a good job. He has his hands full with his Golf score and you expect him to take care of this penny ante stuff too. Sheesh next you will be expecting him to know what his administration is doing. Get a Grip.

  19. Silly Sebelius, failure extraordinaire, soon to be nothing more than a bump under the bus for embarrassing the brat. She will be around only as along as she takes the heat for the brat’s incompetence.

    1. Incompetence, crime and sexual misconduct are resume enhancements in this regime. They get ahead by toeing the party line and kissing the right cheeks.

  20. Unbelievable! His lyin azz came out and told America it was ready! A week before it rolled out!!! Goopda must have missed the broadcast!
    Sept 29…. Nobama said it would be as easy as booking a flight on orbits…..
    Either somebody lied to him or he thinks we are truly the stupidest creatures on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I doubt anyone lied to him. As big of a mess as this is they knew they couldn’t have it fixed in time before Obama found out it was a disaster. They would lose their jobs for lying to Obama and causing him to humiliate himself. If that were the case they would deserve it. Obama said he has full confidence in Sebelius, so no way did she lie to him.

      He just did what he always does. Lied.

      1. Yup he thinks we are sssst….ssssstttt….sssttuuu…..STUPID!!
        But, we are not…. He is protected by his willing accomplices in the media.

  21. The President has asked that he not be interrupted when playing cards, golf, or watching sports on one of the big, White House flat screens. So, of course he didn’t know.

    1. Anyone other than Obama that would be great sarcasm, but with this guy, you could be hitting the nail on the head.

    2. If Obama had actually cared, he should have been test piloting it himself, since he is so tech savvy.

      None of his administration is competent, and Obama is the biggest fraud of them all. Unfortunately, we have a weak-kneed Republican party who are letting politics win over doing what is right for the country.

  22. “I saw it on the news, like the rest of you.”

    That always seems to work for him, no need to change tactics now.

    1. Can you picture WW111 starting without him knowing because the paper boy got up late and didn’t deliver the paper on time. I shudder.

      1. He miraculously doesn’t know about anything else going on within his ranks, so that’s not a difficult picture to imagine.

  23. Obamas speech reminded me of the old communist saying! Communism didn’t fail! The people failed communism! Democrats cannot get their minds around the idea, that the beauracracy is the problem. Communists could never understand why the “workers”, could produce more food from their gardens, than they got from the state farms. Obama reminded me of Joe Stalin, who was really angry about the Ukraine famine!

  24. Let me get this straight. $400M and 3 years isn’t enough to build a website? Oh, and once again, POTUS had NO idea how screwed up it was until after the mess had hit the fan on October 1. Riiiight. First of all, that’s total bull, and you know it. Second, if you believe what you’re saying, then how come your administration refuses to delay the implementation? The Tea Party fought for a delay but Harry Reid continued to drive the train wreck.

  25. Either we have a total incompetent in the WH or she is lying through her teeth. IMO its both. This was done so to stop the GOP from saying “I told you so” but it has royally backfired and Obama and the Dems will pay a heavy price for it.

  26. Obama was not told because he sure does not know what he would have done except blame somebody … it was being torpedoed by staff left from previous president’s time.

  27. Obama never has any knowledge of or involvement in the bad things that happen, but when there is positive news he immediately takes credit.

  28. This failed system, its design and implementation is the perfect metaphor for the wonderfulness of big government.

    You take a room full of academicians that have ZERO real world experience and let them run the world. Amazon gets 20 million hits a day without crashing.

    Everything I hear about this debacle screams incompetence just like our government.

  29. How can an individual with so much power know so little about so many things and get so upset when he finds out about them? It boggles the mind.

    1. He relies on the doctrine of “plausible deniability” and he has people around him that will swear to whatever he wants them to swear to. He also has the Criminally Negligent media covering his failures. Unfortunately for him he has used up all the bullets in those guns and the people are starting to see him for the liar that he is.

      Bottom line, he’s either incompetent or a traitor to America. Either is cause for impeachment.

  30. In My Opinion, she has been notified that she’s gonna be thrown under the bus.. Now she is removing blame from Oblamer and reiterating the “good” thing that they are doing for Americans. She seems smart.. But she’s just another example of the lights being on and no one is home….

  31. I’m sure he found out like everyone else did. The news.
    Unbelievable that his fans either can’t see in these situations of his utter incompetence or lack of leadership or he is just lying. Can’t come to any other conclusion. At some point they have to ask; what does he do all day?

    1. Well, at least he’s angry. My question to him yesterday would have been, “Who the hell cares that you’re angry? We the people you work for are what matter, and WE’RE angry, and you’re what we’re angry at.” .

    2. C’mon now. He’s got fundraising, vacations from the stress of campaigning, and tries to squeeze in a little golf now and then. Pretty busy guy. kerry makes feeble attempts at diplomacy, biden provides the comedic entertainment, irs keeps their thumb on the peasantry, nsa maintains the eyes and ears to keep us all safe, carney blows smoke up everyone’s azz, and the media caries his water. It’s called ‘delegation of authority’. You need to study up on your politics, MR.

  32. as another drone falls upon their sword….

    …No, we/I didn’t tell him, he was too busy with real important worldly matters to be concerned about this….

    …what’s that, did we know what we were doing? well, we had a committee of our bestest and brightest experts there to guide us….

    …money no object…$700 Billion Taken out of Medicare…

    …Steny Hoyer today…We need more money to fix ObamaCare, b/c republicans whined to much…

  33. I’ve been reading some other things via internet, I believe she will take a fall for Obama. They’ll get rid of her, blame her for the craziness of Obamacare website….and Obama comes out on top, smelling like a rose…

    1. I doubt it. If she goes, Holder ought to go, Hagel, the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the IRS, the EPA, the NSA and I probably missed a few.

    2. No that will be war on women. He will promote her to a WH advisor’s post at a higher salary, just like the former IRS Official promoted to run Health Care activities at IRS

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