DISCRIMINATION – Christian group ‘derecognized’ by entire California university system

California State University is discriminating against a very old Christian organization, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, that has student groups on campuses all around the country. They are ‘derecognizing’ the group on 23 of their campuses so that InterVarsity will no longer be able to meet on campus for free like all other student groups.

So why is InterVarsity being derecognized by California State University system exactly? Because InterVarsity actually requires that the people who lead the group be Christians! Novel concept, eh?

Watch this interview with one of InterVarsity’s higher ups on Fox and Friends:

While it’s not being stated all that clearly here, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen so-called university discrimination policies conflict with Christian organizations. We know what’s going on here and it’s the homosexual agenda.

So basically, IV won’t allow someone to be a leader if they are gay because it goes against the teachings of the Bible. And that’s what this is all about. It’s discrimination against Christians because of their Christian beliefs. It’s that simple.

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