Disgraceful: Eric Bolling BLACKLISTS Michelle Fields on ‘Cashin’ In’ over Trump assault!! Updated!

In an utterly and completely hypocritical move, Fox News’ Eric Bolling is said to have told Michelle Fields she isn’t welcome anymore on his Saturday show, “Cashin’ In.” Apparently he didn’t like how her forearm assaulted Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.


From the Daily Beast:

Michelle Fields used to appear weekly on Fox News weekend gabfest Cashin’ In. The show’s host, Eric Bolling, was one of her biggest boosters—giving her a regular spot on his program, promoting her on social media, serving as a key “advocate” for the budding conservative commentator’s career.

But that’s all over now that she dared to get manhandled by Donald Trump’s notoriously shady campaign manager.

After Fields was grabbed and nearly yanked to the ground by Corey Lewandowski, hung out to dry by her own employers at Breitbart News (who later vowed to sue her), and maliciously smeared by the Trump campaign, nearly all of her colleagues at Fox have publicly and repeatedly shared their support. But not Bolling.

Instead, according to multiple sources close to the situation, she received a phone call from Bolling’s producer informing her that she will no longer appear on Cashin’ In.

Fields was told that she’s off the show because she is no longer “impartial” to Trump and therefore cannot speak objectively on his candidacy so long as it’s in the news.

This is unbelievably hypocritical because Eric Bolling has been boosting Trump without the slightest shred of shame for months now, much to the bemusement of conservatives on Twitter, who mock him incessantly for it:

Even more ironically, el Trumpo often says that loyalty is one of the few things he values above all else. But that’s loyalty to HIM. In order to get in good with the toupee’d totalitarian, you need to be ready to ditch your friends if they become a threat to the campaign. Even if they’re the ones assaulted by the Trump campaign, literally.

Pretty pathetic, Bolling.


Bolling issues this apparent “correction” by posting this from the Blaze on his Twitter:

A Fox News spokesperson, however, disputed the report and said that the “Cashin’ In” producer never told Fields she was permanently banned from appearing on the program.

“The only recent conversation about her appearances on ‘Cashin In’ was with a show producer last night and they mutually agreed to take her role as a guest panelist on a week to week basis,” the network representative said.

Neither Bolling or Fields were available for comment.

That kinda sounds like a CYA move – she won’t ever appear again, but they’ll pretend it’s “mutual” and that it’s on a “week to week” basis. And she probably won’t admit it because she needs the exposure on Fox News. How are these people against the establishment again?

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