Does anyone actually believe Kamala Harris’ excuse for laughing at slur against Trump?

Kamala Harris is apologizing for agreeing with someone who called Trump mentally ill. I mean, not really apologizing. She said she didn’t hear him.

Well that’s odd, because in the video she says, “well said.” So why did she pretend to hear him if she didn’t?

We all know the truth, she just doesn’t want to admit it. And that’s really stupid because the media is ready and willing to exonerate her at the drop of a hat, but she’s stubbornly refusing to admit she did it on purpose.

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3 thoughts on “Does anyone actually believe Kamala Harris’ excuse for laughing at slur against Trump?

  1. Harris cannot get traction because the unions don’t see her as electable.

    Plus she keeps promising free things to everyone; and not just to the unions alone. They know there isn’t enough money to go around to all the open border illegals and the unions too. She tried to take a bridge too far and the unions got nervous.

    She is going no where. She just can’t give up the cheap thrills of the free limelight. She might actually have to represent California if she was not running for President – not part of her job description. Hope state voters turn on her too next time and she is a gone girl.

  2. She is the biggest liar even more so than hitLIARy! She is soley responsible for the homelessness in california because she sold the Prop 47 idea which let CRIMINALS out of prison and made it harder for DA’s to prosecute drug use and petty theft!!!

  3. The woman is evil.
    Trust me – we know in California how evil she is and will be.
    Utterly unprincipled.

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