Dolphins chose Cutler over Kaepernick, outraged hot-takes overwhelm twitter

OH boy, turn up the outrage machine!! The Miami Dolphins have signed Jay Cutler to be their quarterback, and all these idiots are burning up Twitter because Kaepernick is a better quarterback but he was left unsigned.

I guess it doesn’t matter that his idiotic political protest was unbelievably unpopular and taken as an incredible insult to everyone, right? And it shouldn’t matter that his enormous insult to our country would probably result in loss of profit for the owners.

If these morons think it’s such a great thing to pay millions to Kaepernick to ruin their business, why don’t they do it? Pool your money, idiots, hire him yourselves!!

Yes, we hate people who insult our country. This is not a revelation.

How is that in any way comparable to a dude who insults all of America?

Then there are the stats:

People just wanna be outraged. You have free speech, but words have consequences. There was plenty of different ways Kaepernick could have protested his cause without putting his job in jeopardy. He chose to do that, and here are the consequences…


A friend on Twitter made a VERY GOOD point – it’s HIGHLY likely that the denizens of Miami, many of which are sons and daughters of Cuban exiles, might not be too happy with cheering for a guy who loves Fidel Castro, right?

From the Wall Street Journal:

With the 49ers visiting the Dolphins this week, San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick engaged in a conference call with members of the South Florida media. However, one reporter wanted to discuss something that happened in August, when Kaepernick wore a shirt that appeared to show support for Fidel Castro, which led to a tense exchange.

The shirt depicted scenes from a 1960 meeting between Castro and Malcolm X, and it bore the phrase, “Like minds think alike.” Kaepernick wore it to a news conference after the 49ers’ third preseason game, which was when his refusal to stand during the national anthem became a major national story.

Yeah NO. Thanks for the wins, Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills needs and appreciates them!!

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