Don Lemon gets OUTRAGED when he thinks co-host criticizes Michelle Obama’s hashtag activism

Don Lemon really blew his top when he felt co-host Will Cain criticized Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls hashtag activism. Specifically, Cain never mentioned Michelle Obama and the inference Lemon cited was weak. In fact he put words in Cain’s mouth.

Cain said the following:

CAIN: We do cheap outrage on TV, we do cheap hashtag activism when it comes to the girls with Boko Haram. And this is cheap. She’s been a cheap punchline for too long.

FEMALE HOST: I don’t think you want to connect the activism that actually got the world to pay attention to the girls with what happened to Monica Lewinsky.

CAIN: I’m telling you putting a tweet up with a hashtag on it? You didn’t do your duty today.

Lemon called his comments disgusting, immediately tying them to the First Lady, who posted a photo of herself holding a sign with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls yesterday on twitter. Cain argued he wasn’t exclusively talking about the first lady, but more generally about society.

Lemon argued that Cain had said “putting up a picture with a hashtag on it”, accusing him of targeting the First Lady. But Cain never actually said that. Cain stood his ground that he was talking about the meme in general, not anyone specifically.

Lemon refused to believe him and the segment went downhill from there. In fact, it got pretty heated several times.


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