Dr. Ben Carson explains on The Kelly File why Obamacare is part of a plan to socialize America

I wish I had time to write more but this is great. Carson really nails it in this interview with Megyn Kelly.


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40 thoughts on “Dr. Ben Carson explains on The Kelly File why Obamacare is part of a plan to socialize America

      1. Must be blind today, didn’t see it on page one or two mentioning medicine and a socialized state.

        brainyquote is hardly authoritative even if it was there.

        1. Well I cannot find this Lenin quote about socializing medicine by Dr. Carson. So is he making this up? Sounds great and something a socialist/communist might say but I cannot verify.

  1. Pinocchio , trust us , trust us if you do it’s all over . They don’t trust themselves , if the house gives in to these thugs , it’s over . I’m glad I’m old , and feel bad for the young people . The people on the left better wake up . Or are they part of his gang .

    1. After listening to the interview I came to post my thoughts only to find that you had already done so.

      I believe the people on the left are part of this gang. They don’t have the true knowledge of American principles and values, nor do they have the genuine spirit of America in their hearts. They are the latest crop of Stalins “useful idiots.”

  2. Connolly looks just like this fag who was addicted to Sudafed and stayed at a homeless shelter I worked at. I guess he got back on his feet.

  3. Let’s get away from the federal government. The most salient thing I have witnessed since the government shutdown began is how little the states, especially red states in the South, Midwest and West, need the federal government. We have 465 members of congress who we don’t need and who don’t serve our needs, but instead promulgate laws which are offensive and border upon being evil…ObamaCare, Dodd/Frank, etc. This is not working and American citizens were never meant to exist so that a socialist president like Obama can practice his demagoguery and persecute them. This Potemkin president has never, ever given one speech that his audience was not cherry picked by his lackeys. He is a total fraud and he is waging war on America and he should be disposed but we are a country of laws. There is not room for more than one despot in a banana republic.
    The republicans seemed to be coming around but then they appear to capitulate as in their strange behavior today, but the proof is in the pudding. The states don’t need Washington DC and they damned sure don’t need the establishment elitists. Mark Levin’s recent book is a good start but why don’t we go further and do it now?

    1. I like it – then whenever a lefty idiot (redundancy) criticizes the administration, he’s a sexist AND a racist, according to their own rules!

  4. Dr Carson sounds like a Constitutional Conservative. The media gets antsy when Conservatives bring up Alinsky and point the Socialist/Communist finger at the Democrats and Obama….but he did…I love him for his brave honest comments. Megyn Kelly looked a wee bit tense….BUT WE NEED THESE VOICES EXPOSING THE TRUTH ON PRIME TIME!

  5. Ridicule, mock, and demonize. Do not talk facts with the enemy because it humanizes them. Gee, we’ve never seen liberals use that tactic, have we? 🙂

  6. Doctor Carson is absolutely correct. Anyone practicing medicne who believes otherwise is simply not following events.

    In other news about Obamacare (so it’s still mostly “on” topic): Dick Morris (yes, he’s still around) wrote an article today that looks interesting:

    RightWingNews: Oklahoma Suit May Knock Out Obamacare – Dick Morris

    (Same exact column appears at TheHill website)

    According to the suit, people are misinterpreting the law, and much of the activities going on (subsidies, delays, waivers, penalties, etc) have followed from that critical misinterpretation.

    Much better article from last year here, by Adler and Cannon, the authors referenced by Morris.

    Worst. Legislation. Ever.

  7. Thank you Dr. Carson….not afraid to tell it like it is! America transformed from Constitutional freedom to Communism. If we do not stop this….we are going down the Rabbit hole to Nightmare land!

  8. ~~ So very correct….ACA has never been about “health care”….its about society control !!!
    So very correct….the average citizen thinks its all a fight about “health care” !!!

    1. They can’t control the trajectory of bullets and they’ll find out soon enough. Excuse me, I have some gunsmithing to do.

  9. We are past socialism. We are living in an oligarchy. Obamacare is but one of the final battle grounds, with a massively over-regulated industry, unsure if it should give in or fight. It is ugly insipid fascism with a smiley face.

    The desperate ignorance and apathy of a free people, fueled by State Media, has left our fate and the freedom of a nation in the hands of these forces.

    1. Exactly.. It’s a flat out oligarchy.. By the time enough people are awake to help us fight against it, it will be too late.

  10. I just love Dr. Ben Carson….he is so down to earth and “logical”! Move over Juan….you now have competition and I cannot wait until you have to argue with Mr. common sense. I got my money on Dr. Carson!

  11. I believe Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation argued that 0-care changed the relationship of the citizen, who is sovereign, to their government. It still disturbs me that so few seem to be able to inturitively recognize that fact.

    1. Excellent point, and also good to recognize LLF. Most people have no idea of the depth and breadth of Levin’s legal and political exposure.

  12. Carson was great and bloody brilliant to have brought up Saul Alinsky and ‘Rules for Radicals’ in the first minutes of the interview.

  13. I love the way he is talking about one thing, and she keeps to her list and asks him about something else.

    1. I’ve noticed that about her also. She can be a little O’reillyish, not really listening to her guests answers therefore interrupting a crucial point at times.
      She gets distracted by her next thoughts.

    2. I think because her talking points were being redirected, and her producer talking in her ear about what to say next. Maybe Megyn was not knowledgeable about Socialism and/or Marxism? Alinsky is first, then Obama will move to full Lenin and Stalin! Chairman Mao is then next!

  14. Congratulations to the courageous Ben Carson not allowing the IRS to intimidate him into silence, for getting out there and drawing more attention to the socialization of medicine issue, a huge one for sure!

  15. “I don’t think the average person even knows what is going on.” Dr. Carson

    And the Criminally Negligent media wants to keep it that way.

    1. I explained to my wife in the first ‘election,’ that the media was going to be America’s downfall. I hope I live long enough to see them be the first ones eaten.

    1. Maybe he wasn’t opposed to allowing Democrat Mr. Connolly to speak foolishly. He not only is mocking concerned House members interested in doing their oversight job, but he is mocking the pain of those persecuted by the IRS and Obama’s administration.

  16. I don’t even have to watch the video to know he is right. Heck many of us have been saying it for years.

    I will watch the video because I like Dr. Carson. 🙂

    1. I agree with you. Ben Carson is brilliant. I often wonder how things would be if America’s first black president would have been someone like him, Thomas Sowell, or Walter Williams instead of the manchurian candidate who currently resides in the White House.

      1. A lot different I am sure. He would of been a real blessing to this country regardless of color but a boon to the Black in our nation.

        1. Considering the plight of young blacks currently and over the past four decades one would have to think of the positive potential of a good role model.

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