Dr. Ben Carson on Cavuto doesn’t pull punches when asked about Obama and his policies

I keep thinking that when a host asks Carson why he talked about tax policy or why he talked about debt in front of Obama, he’ll hedge in some way so it doesn’t look like he’s attacking Obama. But he never does! And I love that about him.

He was on with Cavuto earlier today and it was a great interview. Watch below:

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146 thoughts on “Dr. Ben Carson on Cavuto doesn’t pull punches when asked about Obama and his policies

  1. Even now the MSM is working on a rebuttal.
    Somehow they will link him to a “white” something or other and then the next step will be to use the Uncle Tom verbiage – to distance him/separate him from the Plantation folk.

  2. Have you all noticed how much of a David Versus Goliath moment this was with our modern day David (Dr. Carson) versus the modern day Goliath bully (Obama)? And Moochele Obama was sitting right there and sometimes applauding Dr. Carson while her megalomaniac husband sat mostly stone faced while Dr. Carson hit him time and time again right between the eyes with wisdom of Divine Providence.

    I don’t even think the “dear leader” had a clue as to what really hit him.

    Which is good!

    By the way has Mark Levin mentioned anything on his shows about Dr. Carson’s speech?

    I haven’t been able to listen to all of Mark Levin’s shows but I get the feeling that he hasn’t said too much if anything about Dr. Carson’s speech. If he has please let me know what it was. I’d be interested in what Dr. Levin had to say about Dr. Carson.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    No one can accurately predict the future
    resolution of the abortion battle. Much
    will depend on whether society can be
    awakened to the nefarious designs and
    the subtle, satanic dishonesties of the
    death peddlers.

    Someone said: The brave walk in single
    file, while the timid hide in crowds. It is
    already late in the day for those who love
    life and cherish the rights of all to leave
    the crowd.

    One thing is certain: we must continue to fight.
    (The Death Peddlers, Fr. Paul Marx, p. 185, 1971)

    Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity.
    Put out into the deep and let your nets down for a catch.
    [Luke 5:4]
    Pope John Paul II [Castel Gandolfo, August 25, 1981]
    Cd: Abba Pater Track 2: Cristo E’ Liberazione [Christ is Freedom]

  3. An amazingly humble, commonsense patriot of enormous character. I’m betting he’ll run for high office, and I’m betting it’ll be a cakewalk.

  4. I like how Dr. Ben Carson is REALLY under Bob Beckle’s skin.

    Few people today are this blunt and honest – especially in front of the devil himself.

    There is NEVER a bad time to address the problems of this nation.

  5. Comment x-posted at iOTW.

    I liked his remarks about people from all walks of life being involved: “we brought people from all backgrounds into the legislative process”. People had an interest in what happened, because they apprehended that what ever it was, it would happen to them. They understood the right to shape things on their behalf, and the responsibility to shape things on behalf of a civil society informed by the transmission of values agreed upon to be important for its health.

    “An uneducated populace will fall for anything”
    – And they have.

    I do not automatically assign the wish for him to be president. It’s a natural impulse compared to what we have now.

  6. Compare this man to ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton or ‘Reverend’ Jesse Jackson…what an amazing contrast. This man actually appears to believe what he says. Very impressive.

  7. Note to the liberals, who are having a hissy over Dr. Carson’s true and profound words. This is what an educated and faithful man looks like! He does not have to shout, act vulgar, degrade others to build himself up, nor push lies to convince you he knows what he’s doing. Dr. Carson is a Godly, educated man of substance and Odumbo is an empty-headed suit, who got where he is by exploiting a phoney past, a phoney education, and made alliances with dangerous individuals, hell bent on destroying our nation and it’s citizens. God bless Dr. Carson for standing up to the liberal bullies!

  8. I know there’s such thing as “currency,” but I wish folks on the right would temper their tendency to swoon over every new guy that speaks the truth. I loved his speech, but I’m a little put off by his distancing himself from a “side” in this political era. Reminds me a bit of Rubio, frankly.

    Kudos to the man for speaking truth to Obama. We need more like him. But honestly, people are already calling on him to run for President, and like we saw with General Powell back in 2000, and more recently, General Petraeus, they really have no clue where the man’s allegiance lies. I’m sure he’d say something like “it lies with the truth,” but the truth isn’t putting up candidates for office.

    Let’s watch the man for a while and see what he does. If he starts talking about Restoration of the Constitution, then let’s sit up and pay attention. But so far, he’s simply mentioned a few well-known concepts already articulated by people like Allen West, Sarah Palin, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Mark Levin, and many others. What, we throw them all under the bus now?

    Give ’em hell, Doctor Carson! But let’s stay vigilant, everyone.

    1. I agree K-Bob.It is too soon to make a judgement either way.Stay tuned.Perhaps our prayers have been answered.Only time will tell.

    2. So true! He is our newest ray of sunshine in this dark time we are living in. It’s nice to let in just a glimmer once in a while though. We can dream can’t we.

  9. Spoiler Alert:

    I’m sure the MSM is taking a crash “Dr. Ben Carson” course. Along their studies, they will find that he has a very traditional view of marriage. Mark my words, it will be the issue that they try to hang him with. We need to stand by him and stand up for traditional values.

  10. Isn’t it a crying shame that someone like Dr Carson – or Allen West, or Herman Cain, or Mia Love, for that matter – are not the role models for black kids?

    Obviously, the well-known hate preachers in the meejah, and the ‘role models’ promoted by those meejah, will keep black kids uneducated, and teach them to be violent ‘gangstas’, for the good reason that they thus can be kept ‘on the plantation’.

    I wish some black leaders would stand up, point to Dr Carson, and tell the above to shut it, and accuse them of destroying their own race.

    Btw – can someone tell Cavuto to STFU and let his interviewees actually get a word in edgewise?

  11. We have:

    Ben Carson, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Allen West, J.C. Watts, Jennifer Carroll, Tim Scott, Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Ken Blackwell, Thomas Sowell, David Webb, Deneen Borelli and Angela McGlowan.
    They have:

    Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Andre Carson, John Conyers, Elijah Cummings, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr, Al Sharpton, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, Van Jones.
    I think we are blessed to have such independent and intelligent people on our side who get what conservatism is all about.

    1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – how the hell did you end up with that guy as your first black president?

      Frm my UK vantage point I can see that the US has a more educated, far more established black middle/professional class (in the UK middle class is doctors/lawyers/accountants etc – we call your middle class “working class”) than we have. I suspect this is because we have had welfarism longer than you have and so our black people are more likely to be trapped in it than your own – there is no doubt that historic racism has put barriers in he way of black people both sides of he pond and I guess faced with that, welfare offers a seductive safety/entrapment net.

      1. Am I dissapoint that Blacks are not dissapointed that this deadbeat president is the 1st Black President. It truly is dissapoint. Of all people in America, Blacks should have the deepest contempt for this president. Black umemployment is the worst among the nations, and not a word from the CBC (so called Black leaders, they are hacks for the Dem Party). If it was Bush or any other GOP President, we wouldn’t hear the end of it!

  12. The Doctor was on Fox Business with Melissa tonight. He spoke of a few things, his speech- the flat tax….Very Impressive.

  13. Dr. Carson said on FOX News Sunday Morning show that he’s an Independent, not a Democrat or a Republican, but if there was something called “the Logic Party” he’d be a member of that.

    It was another great interview that everyone on this blog will certainly enjoy.

    Go to the website: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/02/10/ben-carson-logic-party/

    It is another brilliant tour-de-force by the good doctor.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    Praise to the Holiest in the height
    And in the depth be praise;
    In all his words most wonderful,
    Most sure in all his ways!
    (The Dream of Gerontius, John Henry Cardinal Newman)
    [From the Homily of Pope Bendict XVI at the mass for
    beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman, 19 September,
    2010, Birmingham, England]

  14. Run for President huh? Not a bad idea. It’d be nice to have an intelligent man in the WH for a change instead of Skeeter and his merry band of skeeterettes.

      1. She’s a sketerette. Give me an “s”. Gimme a “k” etc etc. Can’t you just see her in her red sketerette uniform with her big brick sh_thouse a$$ sashaying about while waving her hammer and sickle pom poms?

  15. Dr. Carson is a shining example of “America, the Beautiful.”

    He says he’s retiring from surgery in June but will continue to teach and with retirement from surgery it will open up many new possibilities, which I take to mean he is considering a run for high office and I would love to see him run for president. I’d be more than happy and thrilled to work on his campaign.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity.
    Put out into the deep and let your nets down for a catch.
    [Luke 5:4]
    Pope John Paul II [Castel Gandolfo, August 25, 1981]
    Cd: Abba Pater Track 2: Cristo E’ Liberazione [Christ is Freedom]

    Fortune favors the bold! – Alexander the Great

  16. I liked his comment about standing up to the bullies. He tells it like it is. Next interview, I’d like to see someone ask him if he thinks Obama is one of the bullies.

  17. I love this guy and his honest, common sense attitude. Forthright and honest without being bitter or accusing. The motus really looked uncomfortable with this other black man making so much sense and I would say he was even charismatic…..Obama likes to think only he has the gift of speaking. And the respectful doctor didn’t use a telepromptor either. I didn’t even notice him using notes. Loved the story about sending his mom the 2 birds.

  18. The Republican establishment has been talking about how the GOP needs to broaden its appeal to include minorities. O.K. I’m waiting for Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, etc. to embrace him. I think I’ll be waiting a long time. What about you Colin Powell? (crickets)

    1. We have:

      Ben Carson, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Allen West, J.C. Watts, Jennifer Carroll, Tim Scott, Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Ken Blackwell, Thomas Sowell, David Webb, Deneen Borelli and Angela McGlowan.
      They have:

      Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Andre Carson, John Conyers, Elijah Cummings, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr, Al Sharpton, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, Van Jones.

    1. I think, “An indoctrinated populace will fall for anything” would be quite true too. That is the real problem.

  19. Hmm…

    So, Dr. Carson is retiring from surgery in June 2013, huh?


    Dr. Carson knows health care.
    Gov. Palin knows oil.

    I’m not sure if this is the first expression of choice, but, here goes.

    Gov. Palin for POTUS in 2016
    Dr. Carson for VPOTUS in 2016

    Paging Sarah Louise Palin, the LADY with the ‘servant’s heart’ for 2016…
    Paging Ben Carson, the GENTLEMAN with the ‘servant’s heart’ for 2016…


    1. If Hillary gets the dems nod…Let the Catfight BEGIN !!! Carson or West for VP for me…or West/Cruz maybe….

      1. What a bullpen…

        My main reason for adducing Gov. Palin for POTUS is her honorable political experience in Alaska.

        Sarah,, the woman, whupped the men in Alaska by defeating a sitting Republican Governor… AFTER exposing the corruption in the oil commission of which she was the Chair.

        Sarah, the governor, whupped the recalcitrant oil companies into line in less than 2 years… BEFORE Sen. McCain asked her to be his VPOTUS.

        Allan West… needs more political experience.
        Ted Cruz… stay there for at least 1 term.

        Dr. Carson, without political experience, would have the advantage of being tutored by a President Palin about how to deal with the politicos… progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans and Tea Party constitutionalists.

        However the cookie crumbles, God ‘ain’t no not’ finished with America… yet.


        If it’s Hillary and Sarah in 2016… Sarah is a winner… ’cause 4 more years of BHObama a la Hillary is a no go no how no way no uh uh.


        1. Art Telles, are you really saying that West impeccable military experience is not enough to be President? Really! I say less political experience so you don’t become corrupt. Ted Cruz has argued many case before the Supreme Court and he is inellegent and fearless so he is absolutely ready.

        2. PLUS if Hillary is the dems pic, I`m just guessin` mind ya` Mamma Bear Palin would TEAR her SMOOTH UP !!!

        3. Please… no more of this political experience crap. We don’t need more politicians running things. We need leaders, leaders that will follow the constitution and reapply the principles of the Founding Fathers.

          Tired of “this one don’t have the experience to run.” Oblamer couldn’t stand side by side to Palin when it comes to experience, yet the dimwit got into office.

          I say they’re ripe enough if they are a constitutionalist in deed and in fact.


          1. cruz has no executive experience. sarah palin does and along with the dr. carson would make an outstanding team.

            1. Are you kidding right now! Do you reallllllly believe what you posted? Cruz was Solicitor General for Texas for 5 years including graduating from Princton and Harvard. Look, his career did not just start as a Senator from Texas. Additionally, he had overwhelming competition from the State of TX and he wins and he didn’tdo it by demonizing his competition like Obama does time and time again. So he is absolutely beyond qualified.

      2. TexasPGRRIder, you are singing my tune, right now! I think Cruz/West or West/Cruz would make an absolutely dynamic duo! And throw in Rick Santorum. Now that would be awesome. All are Constitutional Conservatives and all can communicate and speck the language of America!

      1. Dittos…

        And, keyesforpres, the ‘why’ of the ticket makes sense too and can’t be beat.

        The political newbies make an excellent bullpen.

        Dr. Carson’s lack of political experience is definitely NOT a detriment to a Palin/Carson ticket.


        ‘Cause a VPOTUS is an enhancement to the presidential candidate…

        … as demonstrated by the succinct common sense articulation by Dr. Carson of, for example,

        1- the health savings account (HSA) from the cradle to the grave and
        2- the equal 10% tax that discards the ‘the-more-you-make-the-more-they-take’ tax, aka the marxist progressive tax of the February 3, 1913 16th amendment,

        ALSO can’t be beat.


  20. Certainly Brilliant

    He should run for President – He will SHAKE the HALLS for sure!


    On a side note – This is the FIRST TIME

    NEIL DID NOT Interrupt his guest repeatedly!

    It shows anything is possible!

    1. Hannity was speechless too the other night when Dr. Carson was on. He has that effect on many people and in great good way. People love to hear what he has to say because it’s so well grounded in the Gospel message and in the vision of our founding fathers and what Tocqueville saw when he came to America to find out how a nation “only 50 years old” could already be on a par or greater than the nations of Europe.

      You’re right Joe. He’ll shake the halls for sure!

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      If you always do what you always did,
      You’ll always get what you always got!
      Mark Crutcher – Life Dynamics

  21. I am completely in awe of his calmness and confidence. Not many can come close to that which is why he could deliver such a fantastic speech!

    1. I would love to hear his opinion on many other subjects as well as the ones he covered at the prayer breakfast.

  22. What a truly honest, and selfless man. Thank you, sir– “decisions based on facts, not on ideology.” Wonderful. “If it was good enough for God it should be good enough for us.” AMEN.

  23. If he runs for president, they’ll ruin him like they did to Herman Cain unless there’s a new party he can be nominated from.

    1. No, I don’t think Dr. Carson has the skeletons in his closet that Herman Cain had. I mean really, you run for President and you had as a friend a woman whom your wife does not know about. That whole thing was very suspicious. I don’t think Dr. Carson would do that.

        1. I know that you are not implying that all Black men are alike, are you? Because that would be saying because Bill Clinton is a total douch bag to his wife then George W. Bush would be the same with his and I don’t think anyone believes that.

      1. And that was enough to knock him out of the race? Give me a break. Little things like this is why people like Obama are in the WH and scattered around in Congress.

        1. Perhaps it wasn’t enough to kick him out but that couple with all of the other allegations definitely rose suspicion.

        2. Exactly. He was accused of ‘sexual harassment’ a long time ago by women who didn’t file charges at the time and disappeared back into the wood work as soon as they did the job the Obama ‘machine’ sent them out to do. Obama couldn’t take the chance of having a smart Black businessman in the race. All of those who vote ‘Black’ might actually have a choice. Herman Cain was smart enough to understand that he was going to be spending all of time defending against the allegations and no time expressing his political beliefs.
          Anybody who doesn’t think the Obama ‘machine’ would try to do something like that to Dr. Carson, would be incredibly naive. After that speech at the prayer breakfast, they are already picking into every aspect of his life right now.

    2. Martin2717, I think you are right. We need a new alternative truly conservative party to challenge both wings of the “Big Government Party” – the Democrats and the Big Whigs of the GOP – one which won’t get undercut by Karl Rove’s Big Whig PAC.

      Regardless, I hope Dr. Carson will run for president.

      I will vote for him, campaign for him, put up yard signs for him, whatever I can to help him.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      Show me Thy ways, O Lord
      Show me Thy ways, O Lord
      Help me love when I’m hated
      Spread joy unabated
      Show me Thy ways, O Lord
      (Hazel Shade, 1966)
      Elvis Presley
      Cd: Elvis – Peace in The Valley
      The Complete Gospel Recordings
      Track 21: Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord

        1. 2nd parties die too when they come to stand for nothing, fight for nothing, inspire nothing, aspire to nothing!

          I think the epitaph on the 3rd party that we call the GOP may well read “Born 1854 Died 2012 because it lost the will to live”.

          A 3rd party born today in 2013 with the will to live, to fight, to inspire, to aspire to live to become all that we can hope to be and so much more, led by such men as Dr. Carson, may live far longer than we could ever dream.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

          One thing is certain: we must continue to fight.
          (The Death Peddlers, Fr. Paul Marx, p. 185, 1971)

          Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity.
          Put out into the deep and let your nets down for a catch.
          [Luke 5:4]
          Pope John Paul II [Castel Gandolfo, August 25, 1981]
          Cd: Abba Pater Track 2: Cristo E’ Liberazione [Christ is Freedom]

          Praise to the Holiest in the height
          And in the depth be praise;
          In all his words most wonderful,
          Most sure in all his ways!
          (The Dream of Gerontius, John Henry Cardinal Newman)
          [From the Homily of Pope Bendict XVI at the mass for
          beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman, 19 September,
          2010, Birmingham, England]

            1. Well there’s the democrat party which apparently controls the entire agenda through its ceasar Nero Obama and then there’s the remains of the GOP which acquieses to everything that the Democrats want which they promote through their state-run media and which fights them on nothing because they’ve come to stand for nothing and aspire to nothing and inspire nothing. If that’s two-party dominance then our nation is lost isn’t it?

              I suspect that the rolls of GOP registered voters are plummetting and I also suspect the same is happening with the Democrats, because as Hillary so infamously put it, “What difference does it make?”

              The TEA Party, with no encouragement from the elites of the GOP, took back the House of Representatives for the GOP and nearly took back the Senate in spite of the elites of the GOP like Karl Rove, only to have the elites co-opt the TEA Party candidates who won or marginalize them or eliminate them afterwards.

              At the grassroots level, the GOP is comprised mostly of hard working people who are both socially and fiscally conservative and who want us to be the superpower we ought to be. At the ruling elite level, the GOP is composed almost exclusively of people who are neither socially or fiscally conservative who really don’t care if we remain a superpower as long as they keep getting their cut of the pie.

              The Bible warns about plowing a field with oxen that are unequally yoked as the GOP has become.

              The ordinary grassroots folk are fed up with party leaders who will not fight, who refuse to fight for what’s right and defend them from what’s wrong.

              That’s not two party dominance. That’s one party bullying the other and the other party being happy to be bullied. That’s surrender. That’s capitulation. And if you believe it is two party dominance I suspect you are more delusional than Obama saying he’s not going to increase the debt “by one single dime” when in truth he’ll increase it by 10 trillion dimes each year.

              John Craven
              New Orleans

    1. You are so right, proud nana….he even looked like he was writing something down at one point….he did that a lot during the debates. He must have been using that as a way to look like he was in control of himself…..I’d love to see the notes he was writing….”who the heck is this guy….I’m suppose to be the star here…..where’s michelle…..where are my nicorette lozenges….when will this be over.????”

  24. It’s so refreshing to listen to Dr. Carson; he makes so much sense, and I suppose that’s why he could never be effective in any high level government position. He would be rocking their boat by suggesting/implementing policies that make complete sense. That’s not the way Congress works….unfortunately.

    Maybe we’ll see more of Dr. Carson once he retires………

    1. If we don`t work together to change the way Congress works, our posterity will suffer the consequences. Keep your Faith STRONG Army, our children`s children will someday Thank Us for the concerted effort !! We won`t know if we don`t give it an Honest Effort !!!!

      1. I hear you, and I agree with you, TexasPGRRider, but it sure gets frustrating sometimes seeing what’s happening to our country and no one with any real power doing anything to stop the erosion of our great nation. The Dimocrats seem to have all the power and the Republicans appear to roll over on command from the Dims. Somebody has to do something to right this ship before it rolls over completely and sinks!!!!

        1. As we put our Faith and Trust in God thru His Son Jesus Christ, not in any one man or group of men, and stress HIS WILL be done…well…that`s the way I try to live. The rest is to worship God in Spirit and in Truth…The rest will take care of itself. Peace be with you Army….

  25. What a great interview. Now if we could just get the rest of the country to buy into the good Doctor’s philosophy of ‘keeping it simple’, as he so eloquently explained when he spoke of the mammoth bureaucracy that has come between a patient and their Doctor under Oblamer-care.

    1. I caught that too. Growing the already too large bureaucracy between the patient and the Doctor; and then saying it isn’t even needed…pure simple genius.

      1. I loved when he said about the billionaire “why do we have to hurt the guy….he just put a billion dollars in the pot!” YES!

          1. Very interesting combinations! Mark Levin is brilliant, speaks his mind, is truthful and extremely knowledgeable about our Constitution.

      1. How about Carson/Carson 2016!

        Afterall his mom just got her honorary doctorate and she was the one that motivated him to become as great as he is. She would be an excellent vice-president, certainly light years ahead of that moron we got now, Joe “Bite-Me”!

        John Craven
        New Orleans

        Pray, hope and don’t worry! — Saint Padre Pio

        1. Yes, he spoke so proudly of his mother. What a woman she must be from the stories he told. Couldn’t even really read those book reports she made him do, but she still “highlighted” certain areas. Heartwarming.

    1. Rubio is for mass amnesty and he is not eligible. His parents were not US citizens at the time of his birth.

    2. We have:

      Ben Carson, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Allen West, J.C. Watts, Jennifer Carroll, Tim Scott, Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Ken Blackwell, Thomas Sowell, David Webb, Deneen Borelli and Angela McGlowan.
      They have:

      Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Andre Carson, John Conyers, Elijah Cummings, Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr, Al Sharpton, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Cornell West, Michael Eric Dyson, Van Jones

      1. Please no comparisons there… we have real patriots… they have
        bunch of moots!

        I’d take off Michael Steele name out though. Guy’s a mush as far as I’m concerned. He’s no conservative.

        1. No but not all moderates are bad. I live in Indiana and seems to me that in my state most people and politicians are moderates.

    3. no rubio. should be palin/carson. let’s elect the first minority ticket – a female and a person of color. that will drive the media and liberals insane. Palin has already been vetted and knows how to handle the media. Both she and Dr. Carson are not afraid to tell it like it is and what needs to be done to restore America to her greatness.

  26. “We need to be able to discuss in intelligent ways….” well that leaves out most of the Congress critters.

  27. I, for one, pray the Good Lord Does “grab you by the collar”, and inspires you to pursue the dreams of OUR Founding Fathers….

    1. Wonder how he’d answer questions on borders, immigration and the middle east. He has a great way of stating facts without pointing the finger, thus not isolating an entire party. He seems he would be impossible to smear by the media. Their “Christianity ain’t PC” would backfire. They can’t call him a dummy or a womanizer or a crook. This is the most intriguing person on the horizon and we need to back him regardless of where it leads.

      1. Just like every human being, I’m sure he’s got his own skeletons he’d prefer remain in his own closet. Like he said at the Prayer Breakfast: he was a HORRIBLE student as a kid, and if it wasn’t for his mom’s caring, love, and attention, and affection, he’d be in jail because of his bad temper.

        I feel very confident that, as a rebellious teenager, he may have done things that would simply humiliate him if they were to be aired out in public (God knows I have secrets that would kill me if they ever became public…). And let’s face it: the fear of our most regrettable mistakes being aired out publicly is what stops MOST GREAT PEOPLE from running for public office in the first place, leaving only the scumbags to run our country (for the most part) who have no integrity and couldn’t care less what people thought of them or the immoral BS that transpires on a regular basis.

        So I really doubt he’d ever run for office.

        1. With his life experiences he is in a position to help so many to understand they are responsible for their own futures and to guide them away from making poor choices. Although it may be easy to fall into the “he’d be a great POTUS” because we are so lacking in leadership, I’d say let’s step back and look at the fantastic things Dr. Carson can do for our country outside of the political arena.

        2. I can’t imagine that he did anything worse than attempting to kill a friend for changing the radio station or trying to hit his Mom in the head with a hammer because she wanted him to wear something he didn’t like – and he was right up front admitting to both those incidents and more. Somehow I suspect he has exposed his deepest character flaws in his public speeches. I’m not saying he hasn’t made any other mistakes, but it sounds like the Lord has been part of his daily life from his teenage years and it’s likely that his errors since would be fairly benign.

          1. That doesn’t mean the likes of Gloria Allred won’t dig into anything that resembles medical malpractice to destroy him, a former patient that was “offended” at the mention of God (violation of patient’s religious freedom). Dems dig dirt and there doesn’t have to be any for them to smear someone. Does Allen West ring a bell? How about Mia Love?

            1. No need to be snippy. All too True. They could do the same number on him that they did on Romney and the great people you mentioned. That’s what they do all right. Too bad their policies aren’t as successful as their smears.

              Whether or not the public would buy it with Dr. Carson remains to be seen; considering his poor beginnings and the marvelous contributions he has made in medicine and now in education he could fare far better than others have.

              1. I wasn’t trying to be snippy at all. The Dems did a number on both Allen West and Mia Love as well as Herman Cain. All are black conservatives.

            2. Mentioning God is NOT a violation of a patient’s religious freedom. Just because someone is an athiest doesn’t mean a believer can’t talk about their faith.

              1. Try telling that to muslims and the ACLU. They are suing all over. Just because a case wouldn’t be won, doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t sue, happens all the time.

          2. Yes, Patriot….I would actually run for public office except I got detention at an all girls catholic high school in 1969 for putting a beanie on the bust of the pope during pep rally week. That would do me in for sure.

            1. You better sit this one out, Mary. It doesn’t take much to get them in an uproar if they are afraid We the People will respond like they did to Reagan.

              1. Not sure I understand your comment Patriot. Why would I want to sit this one out? Oh, are you referring to that detention thing? You wouldn’t tell anyone, would you?? ha!

                1. Yes, with that incorrigible past you might not want to run for high office. They’ll tear you limb from limb

                  Sorry I should have used the sarc tag 🙂

          3. Dittoes! Patriot077.

            If Brian Jones were to go on YouTube and look up the video “Ben Carson Part 2” he would see and hear all that you just talked about and more.

            I doubt seriously there is much of anything that he did as a teenager which hasn’t publicly spoken about.

            As you say, the Lord has been a big part of his life for a very long time and the Lord took away the anger that compelled him to do many violent things when he was a teenager.

            Actions speak louder than words and for decades now, as brilliant as Dr. Carson’s words have been to listen to, his pioneering actions as a neurosurgeon speak for greater than his words.

            Let’s hope and pray as another poster just wrote, that God will indeed “grab him by the collar” and throw him into the public arena to run for president.

            John Craven
            New Orleans

            Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and
            the rule of law under God is acknowledged.
            Ronald Reagan
            Remarks to the Convention of Evangelicals
            March 8, 1983
            [ http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/speeches/1983/30883b.htm ]

        3. Yep and look what happened to Cain. The same thing will happen to this guy primarily because there’s a double standard and we’re no longer living in a free society.

        4. Having great secrets in your past, hard drug use, homosexuality and serious questions as to your very eligibility to serve as president haven’t stopped Barry Soetoro aka: Barrack Obama.

          1. Which is exactly what I said (if you’d just read the entire post). I SAID that the GOOD people won’t run, and that the only people that run are the ones that don’t care what people think of them and their BS that transpires daily (ie: OBAMA).

      2. I would love to hear his view on those other subjects also, conservative! Very interesting, very genuinly nice man.

    2. I prefer him in the role of educating and bringing people back to faith and appreciation of our Constitution and founding principles.

  28. President Carson sounds good to me, but people want experienced politicians. Where has that gotten us? Geez, try something new America!

    1. And President Carson would truly be our ” first black president”. The one in the white house now likes to forget his mother was white. Barry is our first mixed race president. Maybe Dr. Carson would be able to reach the black population without giving away all the free stuff. ( and I know lots of whites, hispanics, etc got their share of the free stuff too) Barry would still hold the title as our first born out of the country president. teeheehaha!

    1. And a calm, heartfelt demeanor. I also heard him in another interview say that he asks the Lord to “guide his words” in a prayer he does before he addresses an audience. Good to see someone who is not afraid to tell people he is a man of Faith, and has no need of a teleprompter….

      1. He tells the story in Gifted Hands about his temper and how God helped him change. If you haven’t read his book, please do! I read the entire book in just a few hours last Saturday.

        1. When an individual learns important life lessons and attempts to share them, it`s an opportunity for others to enhance their own life experience. Thanks for sharing nosilasunny !!

          1. You’re welcome. He is a wealth of knowledge and a class act. Our young people could learn so much from him.

      2. Yes, Texas, and I loved that about him. Unashamed to be a man of God. He truly is a breath of fresh air llike poljunkie said! Wonder how old he is…since he is retiring. He looks young to me. Handsome, too.

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