Dr. Drew apologizes for getting it wrong on coronavirus, then threatens people on Twitter

Famed Dr. Drew Pinsky is having a rough weekend. As the numbers keep climbing in the U.S. of coronavirus victims, the heat has been turned up on the celebrity doctor for slamming the media and claiming that coronavirus wasn’t any worse than the flu. Then he was hit with this:

That was the final straw. Dr. Drew took to video to apologize and explain why he got it so wrong.

Now I really wanted to praise him for coming clean, manning up, and admitting he was wrong. But then I saw what he was doing on Twitter. He’s making vague threats to people who post the video of his prior comments:

Hmm. If he’s sorry why does he care if his previous comments are out there? It’s no secret. Well he’s not happy about it:

Oh boy. That’s sad. And it doesn’t look good for Dr. Drew, even if he were right about the copyright laws. I can understand why he would be on edge though – he says that he and his family have been receiving death threats over his comments. It’s a sad state of affairs out there, people. Don’t be a part of the madness. But do wash your hands.

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