Dr. Jordan Peterson weighs in with 🔥FIRE🔥 on new “gender dysphoria” study which reveals transgendering children DOESN’T prevent suicides

A new study out of Finland reveals that medically transgendering children or young adults with so-called “gender dysphoria” does not prevent suicide.

Here’s the top level findings of the study and the conclusion. Note that “psychiatric morbidity” is just their way of saying “mental illness”:

Gender dysphoria per se does not seem to predict neither all-cause nor suicide mortality in gender-referred adolescents.

Main predictor of mortality in this population is psychiatric morbidity, and medical gender reassignment does not have an impact on suicide risk.

Clinical gender dysphoria does not appear to be predictive of all-cause nor suicide mortality when psychiatric treatment history is accounted for.

In other words psychiatric treatment is what has an impact on suicide risk, not mutilating children and convincing them they aren’t who God made them to be.

In case you are wondering about the population that made up this study…

This study comprised a register-based follow-up of individuals who entered nationally centralised gender identity clinics in Finland from 1996 to 2019 before turning 23 years. … The follow-up period was extended until death or until June 2022, when the dataset was compiled. We did not restrict the upper age limit of the study sample to 18 years, as is common in many previous adolescent studies, because the identity development of young people continues beyond reaching legal adulthood.

So what did Jordan Peterson have to say about this study? I’ll let you read it for yourself:

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