Dr. Simon Atkins: Hurricane Irene is being way over-hyped

Mark Levin had Dr. Simon Atkins on his show a bit ago, shortly after Dr. Atkins’ article was linked on Drudge, and his main beef is that Hurricane Irene is being over-hyped as if it were a much worse hurricane than it really is and it’s causing mass hysteria. He says this is no Katrina, no 1954 Hazel and it’s no Hurricane Ike. Right now it’s a strong category one hurricane and he doesn’t see it really strengthening. But his fear is that when a huge hurricane actually does hit the Northeast, it will be like the boy who cried wolf and people will simply ignore it because they’ve heard it all before.

As for this storm, he says the strongest winds are in the eastern quadrant and that he doesn’t expect many places to get sustained winds over 60mph. That’s not to say that this storm won’t do damage. In fact he believes that it will be in the top 10 for power outages and the storm surge will certainly cause problems. But again, he simply doesn’t believe this hurricane warrants the mass hysteria or the closing of mass transportation.

So I guess we’ll see if he is right. Listen to the interview below. I’ve edited it down as much as I can to the substance of his comments.

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