EGYPT death toll now at 525 with thousands injured; Muslim Brotherhood vows to bring down military coup

Looks like we’re seeing the stage being set for an all-out civil war in Egypt:

FOX NEWS – A defiant Muslim Brotherhood declared it was not backing down Thursday against a crackdown by Egypt’s interim government, vowing to “bring down this military coup” as hundreds of protesters stormed a government building in Cairo and set a fire at its entrance, state television and witnesses say.

Witnesses told Reuters that hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were also marching in Alexandria to protest Wednesday’s clashes between Egyptian security forces and Brotherhood demonstrators, which left more than 500 dead across the country. Protesters were seen carrying pictures of former President Mohammed Morsi and those killed in the violence. A march in Cairo is slated for the afternoon.

“We will always be non-violent and peaceful. We remain strong, defiant and resolved,” Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad wrote on Twitter, according to Reuters. “We will push until we bring down this military coup.”

The death toll in Wednesday’s violence, which stood at 525, according to the latest Health Ministry figures, made it by far the deadliest day since the 2011 popular uprising that toppled longtime ruler and autocrat Hosni Mubarak. The Health Ministry said Thursday that 3,717 people were also wounded.

The casualties were mostly in Cairo where police in riot gear bulldozed two protest camps that had been the flashpoint of growing unrest following Morsi’s July 3 ouster.

Walid Shoebat’s blog has provided us with an accurate picture of what really happened yesterday in Egypt that stands against the narrative of much of the Western MSM. They translated this article from Al-Seyassah that shows how the violence and chaos in different Egyptian cities was started by the Muslim Brotherhood armed militias:

The Brotherhood – along with their allies, gunmen and militia – took to the streets in various provinces to attack vital installations, security centers and public utilities. At least four churches were burned.

In Cairo, war broke out in the streets between the police and the militiamen of the Brotherhood, who burned police cars and blocked a number of main streets, including street League of Arab States south of the capital, and fired heavily on the security forces, who responded with tear gas canisters.

In Helwan, south of Cairo, Morsi supporters set fire to a police station after they surrounded it and released all of its detainees. Helwan metro station was trashed after being invaded by a large number of these supporters.

After storming a police station in Kerdasa in Giza, they killed one police officer and wounded the deputy warden in an attack by hundreds of Brotherhood members.

In Alexandria, three people were killed and 55 were wounded in clashes between supporters of Morsi and the police. Hundreds of Brotherhood members set fires in parts of the building of the People’s local province, and in Raml trams station. The same happened in the Library of Alexandria and a number of cars in The Time Square were set on fire.

In Matrouh Governorate, northeast of Cairo, supporters of Mursi engaged security forces to try and break into the building of Diwan and the Security building and were able to break into the security building on Military Street, Alexandria, and then set it on fire, burning its contents.

In the province of Fayoum, south of Cairo, confrontations were at their fiercest. At least 35 people were killed and another 126 wounded after they attacked dozens of office buildings in the province and looted its contents while wounding 21 in clashes in the cities of Zagazig and Abu Kabir. In the eastern province, security forces responded to the attack by the Brotherhood against the city’s police department after it was set ablaze. Three prisoners fled and some weapons were seized.

The clashes spread to the Suez Governorate, killing at least five people and wounding 40 others while Morsi supporters were trying to storm a government building. Citizens formed a human shield to protect Coptic Christians at Sidky and Military positions in the streets from attacks by the Brotherhood.

In Qaliubiya, northeast of Cairo, security forces foiled an attempt by Morsi supporters to block Agriculture Street and the attacks on police stations and arrested 10 of them.

In the meantime, supporters of Mursi stormed the Building Cabinet of the province of Buhayrah, north of Cairo and set fire to some of its contents. Two police cars, a car that belonged to the central security forces, along with armored vehicles were set on fire before police could respond. These violent clashes resulted in the death of a young man and injuries to 37 others, including 30 from the police.

In Kafr Al-Shaikh governorate, north of Cairo, Morsi supporters cut off the international road in front of the coastal city of Baltim and prevented the passage of cars on both sides, which led to clashes that killed a woman and injured 212 people, including 12 from live bullets.

The clashes spread to the province of Beni Suef, south of Cairo, killing five people and injuring about 150 others when protesters stormed the governorate building, while cutting off the railway which led to the suspension of the movement of trains between Cairo and Aswan.

In the province of Minya, south of Cairo, one person was killed and two others wounded during clashes with police while Mursi supporters were trying to storm the police station at Abukerkas.

In Sohag, south of Cairo, two people were killed and eight others were injured, including three constables, dozens of gunmen from the Brotherhood forces opened fire on the police and citizens at the culture centre.”

Indeed. The AP is already reporting this morning that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have already set fire another building this morning:

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59 thoughts on “EGYPT death toll now at 525 with thousands injured; Muslim Brotherhood vows to bring down military coup

  1. that is a lot of lives…Notice the story gives the MB a chance to defend themselves…Plus when they say 500 it’s hard to define if it was all MB or was some Military..It would be nice to know if the military is holding their own…Plus you can bet Obama is somehow supporting and backing MuzzieBro Hoods….

  2. VIRUSX2K1 Nice try–I despise Wiki anything and have had a copy of  “The Art of War” on my desk since the nineties.
    You probably won’t agree, but had he same policies been instituted against drug dealers, arsonists, squatters and taggers in Detroit ten years ago, Detroit would still be a viable city.
    It’s probably all just wishful thinking.

  3. It isn’t our job to get involved. While we don’t necessarily have to point and laugh at what’s going on, I still prefer they busy themselves with the gradual self destruction of islam, than attack Copts, Israelis or Americans. The bastard sons of Abraham don’t need our support or money to kill each other off, and blame us for it.

  4. unseen   Who do you think just gave them(MB) the 200 M1 tanks and 20 F16 fighter jets. Who just handed the MB 8 BILLION $$$$$$$$

  5. VIRUSX2K1 I must confess… I agree with you. The unfortunate fact is that I shouldn’t. As a christian, I’m commanded to love all men. I do believe that the God of Abraham will be the final judge of us all. I again confess that now, as a failed human, I await their punishment, as a christian, I cringe to know what they’re setting themselves up for. Eternity is a long time. When they stand before Him and call out to “Allah”, He will say, wrong name, wrong god, you loose, next…

  6. lawman33473 The Sentinel  
    Sorry… the answer is simple: no one should. MB should stand for “Murdering Bastards”.

  7. lawman33473What will you bet me there are no liberals in American uniform agitating to be assigned to a combat unit anywhere in the ME?

  8. barack’s body count is starting to look awfully familiar.
    I wonder how soon the huge banners will start appearing on government buildings here?

  9. WordsFailMeVIRUSX2K1″…motivated, ruthless and deadly. And they would not go away.”
    Man, I love the sound of those words. Sane people don’t want war, but if war it must be, “Cry ‘Havoc’ [no quarter] and let slip the dogs of war!”
    That is, as you point out, a very swift and efficient way to end a conflict. The constant threat of sudden death has a way of clarifying peoples’ values for them.
    An American soldier in Vietnam scorned a Psywar agent’s tale of a propaganda leaflet drop by telling how his patrol had ambushed and killed a patrol of viet cong, then buried them beside the trail, leaving an arm of each sticking out. Each dead hand held a note that said in Vietnamese, “Surrender or die!”
    “THAT’S Psywar!” the soldier said.

  10. Your response shows:
    1: You can read Wikipedia.
    2: You didn’t read Sun Tzu, or anything else, for that matter, to even attempt to understand the enemy.
    The Egyptian armies and police forces are composed of people that worship Satan, have no compunctions about killing enemies of their religion, and see the Muslim Brotherhood as infidels to be exterminated, or put under repression, at the very least. They are unafraid to, and eager to, die in the name of Satan, just to prove a point.
    Their enemy? A TERRORIST organization that SPAWNED al-Qaeda. They are Hell bent for mass extermination of ethnic, national and theological groups they oppose, for virtually any reason, and inflicting brutal slavery on any survivors. They ADVERTISE their desire to be killed, fighting for Satan. They view their opponents as infidel apostates and heretics to be publicly slaughtered.
    And you sit here and LAUGHABLY say ‘you don’t need to kill them all’. These terrorist Satan worshippers are only a little more likely to surrender, than the American Soldier or Marine, and much LESS likely to surrender, than a muslim military member. If ANY group must be exterminated, it’s the Muslim Brotherhood. They do not offer peace, they offer hoodna. Look it up. They will not stop fighting, even if it means years of preparing for later action, in order to achieve what they’re looking for. These are not people you negotiate with, these are not people you bargain with. You kill them, plain and simple.
    “There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. It is only one who is thoroughly acquainted with the evils of War, they can thoroughly understand the profitable way of carrying it on.”

  11. And what is Obama doing to help the Muslim Brotherhood behind the scenes?  What weapons is he supplying them?  Perhaps the 400 missiles that are missing from Benghazi found a home?

  12. Excellent. The muslims are making themselves plain targets. The Viet Cong would laugh themselves sick over this inbred stupidity.
    Enjoy yourselves in Egypt, MB. If you try that stuff here, you’ll discover why Admiral Yamamoto is alleged to have said, “I would never invade the United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
    Better stick with creeping sharia. Then you might, repeat **might**, not meet allah ahead of schedule.
    Here’s a hint: if you can burn our churches….

  13. Let’s all
    pray none of the overwhelming majority of good Muslims that Bush and Obama are
    telling us constitute this Religion of Peace are dying. Just bad Muslim’s,
    please, Lord. —

  14. jdbairdExactly. My dad once told me that patriotism was not so much wanting to give your life for your country as it was allowing the other guy to give up his life for his country or religion.
    And what is it the hero of the movie Braveheart said? 
    “…and dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom?”

  15. VIRUSX2K1 About six “commandos,” (professional soldiers and mercenaries hired by the government,) were in one of the African republics in the late sixties and in a very short time, a rebellion was put down and the rebels gradually melded back into the population. The commandos, in deep cover of the jungles, successfully ambushed groups of rebels while the ate, marched, camped and slept.
    Their only job was to hunt down and kill rebels. They neither took territory nor prisoners.
    After many successful ambushes in which a lot of rebel dudes died from gunshots they could not defend against, the rebels simply gave up. They never knew who was killing them or when they would be hit. The mercenaries, not having a dog in the fight, simply killed and got paid. The rebels only knew that the killers were motivated, ruthless and deadly. And they would not go away.
    You don’t need to kill them all. You don’t even need to kill all the leaders.. Kill the informal leaders, usually the ones that are strutting and giving orders around the camp fire or constantly seen at the street corners leading the conversation. Soon you have a plethora of leaders and a shortage in the follower ranks.
    If the military wants to prevent the radical Islamist from ruling that land and avoid a prolonged and boring civil war between angry citizens, death squads is the most “humane” method.
    On the other hand, if they want to see Egypt devolve into a civil war which will go on for years and result in no clear victor,, let the mus bros breed.

  16. Exactly…I know to the American mindset where (most) people’s lives have value, it seems harsh, but we’re talking about people who will blow themselves up to please a fake god. What other option is there when you’re faced with an enemy like that?

  17. I agree . With Pinocchio as the great leader , and telling Egypt the violence has to stop . The only people not laughing at the great leader is Mursi and the brotherhood , who i think Pinocchio surpports . He all ways backs the wrong horse , and supports people who want to kills us .

  18. badbadlibs Interesting how history repeats itself when liberals and progressives never become students of history.

  19. Do you know what a “death squad” even is? You don’tsend small cabals of people against what could be more people than what live in some smaller states and countries. In what universe does it make sense to maybe send a handful of people against, potentially, millions?

  20. I blame Obama, for interfering with their government, and I blame Congress for not impeaching Obama for aiding and abetting terrorists, when they allowed him to arm the group that CREATED al-Qaeda.
    As for the rest, so what? Muslims killing muslims. Get some popcorn, sit back, watch and take bets.

  21. Dear leader condemns the violence while arming and aiding the ba$tards. Mclame goes over and tries to plead for the brotherhood’s release from prison. I’m afraid to ask, how much more blood can be on dear leader’s and his boot lickers’  hands? This is making me sick.

  22. Why would anyone support the Muslim Brotherhood – which supposedly stands for peace and fair treatment of everyone?

  23. I think the prediction of civil war is sensationalism, because as the Egyptian military has already demonstrated on a smaller scale they’re willing to do whatever it takes to win. If they have to start massacring people wholesale, that’s what they’ll do because that’s how you win against Muslim fanatics; you kill enough of them until they’re no longer a threat, obviously a lesson our military leaders need to learn.

  24. Insert a democrat as POTUS and all hell breaks loose in the ME every single time. It just escalates with each democrat administration.

  25. stage9 Obama, Huma Abedin et al., are leftists who support radical Islam. And they wonder why conservatives call Obama a Muslim.

  26. MB doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell of bringing down the military. The best they can achieve is a civil war and I seriously doubt jihadi’s are going to drop Syria for Egypt.

  27. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.
    Five hundred dead muslim brothers, wives children, neighbors and friends out  of at least  4 million muslim Brother Hoods in Egypt, simply is not that many…
    …but it’s a start.

  28. Conservator1 Not really considering Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s family has ties to them and the White House is giving aid and comfort to them. They’re family! And one rule that permeates all mob syndicates is: You gotta protect the Family.

  29. “BREAKING: Supporters of Egypt’s ousted president set fire to government building in Giza.”
    Supporters of Egypt’s ousted president? 

  30. wdobni unseen   hate to break this too  you  but  no matter which  side  wins the army or  MB   you are going to see that anyhow.   Neither side  likes us the only thing  keeping  Egypt  on talking terms with us is their fear of  Israel  and the billions we  give them. 
    the  only  way to stop  it would be to invade, install a puppet regime that is hardline.   Kind of  like what we had  before.   And  at the end of the day it  didn’t work.  As the revolt showed and rise of the MB.     
    the best we  can hope for  is  both sides  kill each other and  make themselves too weak to do any damage to us.

  31. More 100% reporting from the lamestream libfag lapdog propaganda machine
    100% devoid of anything factually correct
    100% astroturf spin
    100% misrepresentation to portray the exact opposite of what actually transpired

  32. strangernfiction he will find it easy to stay out if he observes the muslim brotherhood to be prevailing

  33. MadJack Barry doesn’t know enough to fix a blocked kitchen sink, let alone take action in defence of the greater free world…….his only experience is in organizing so he seeks out and stirs up the chronically disorganized……its an instinct in him that he can’t stop

  34. unseen if alla sorts it out we will see in 2 years a Russian allied Islamic Republic of Egypt (identical to  Iran)

  35. It’s amazing how the leftists wanted the US to take an active role in getting rid of Hosni Mubarak and now want to protect the Muslim Brotherhood.
    People should study Qutbism. Sayyid Qutb, the founder of radical Islam, was an Egyptian. While he never was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, he was certainly the intellectual leader of the terrorist organization.
    In fact, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, the present leader of al Qaeda was a student of Muhammad Qutb’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad movement, he was imprisoned for years by Egypt and of course tutored Osama bin Laden.
    Yet leftists, including Kerry and Obama want the Muslim Brotherhood to rise again while calling for the Egyptian military to stand down. Interesting how quiet the Obama administration was when Morsi was leading Egypt into an Islamic nation that was supporting Hamas as they crucified Coptic Christians.

  36. the muslim brotherhood will now establish an Iranian style Islamic republic and having renewed confidence will then agitate for greater islamization in Europe and the usa……..we’ve seen it before……in VietNam…….its called the Domino Theory……altho muslims are much more in earnest of world hegemony than the Viet Minh

  37. toongoon Suggest you take a magnified look at Obama’s wedding ring, with Koranic inscriptions all around it.

  38. At some point  two  sides  are so far apart on isses that the only alternative is war.  And  make no mistake  regardless of what your liberal  teachers have taught you in school.  War settles things.

  39. None of the mess in Egypt would have happened if Obama had not, in his politico-religious wisdom, decided that Mubarak, who kept peace with Israel for 30 or so years, had to go.  Then he installed his Muslim Brotherhood to run the place and the majority of the people and the military decided that Muslim rule was NOT the way to go.  Great.  Obama destroys another ME country.  And this is international leadership?

  40. MadJack He will also, probably push for Morsi to return to power, and ignore how his friends the MB are murdering Christians and burning down churches.

  41. I hope they succeed in stopping the Muslim Brotherhood. If Morsi had stayed in power, what little freedom/tolerance Egypt had left would have been destroyed and the Christians driven out. Notice how the MB is attacking Christians and police, not the military.

  42. And later today the world’s Lord and Savior Obama (at least in his on mind) will take time off from his busy vacation schedule to say some magic words and wave his hands over the Egyptian troubles and make everything all better.

  43. And barry Hussein continues to tee it up with all the big shots and elitists. What a complete disaster this fraud is

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