Elbert Guillory: Republicans must act with a sense of URGENCY because America has a massive TERMITE problem

This may be the best analogy I’ve heard in a while on the crisis America faces from the Democrat Party. As Elbert Guillory so expertly puts it, if you lived in the finest mansion in the finest neighborhood and a horde of termites started attacking the foundation, you’d act with a sense of urgency and call an exterminator. And he says that’s exactly what’s happening to America. We have a massive termite problem that’s trying to ruin everything that works and Republicans are not acting with any urgency whatsoever.


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89 thoughts on “Elbert Guillory: Republicans must act with a sense of URGENCY because America has a massive TERMITE problem

  1. Do not trust people easily. Do not too easily applaud someone of dubious credentials. We all, on this site, already know what he said. ***I grant that this one idea of his is correct, and his illustration is very good*** but I don’t need instruction from someone with his history. I don’t trust him.

    What I read merely on Wikipedia, in just a few seconds, does NOT give me any confidence in this man. Sorry about that. He talks about God being the rock on which America is built, but he’s been married and divorced four times, unless Wikipedia is lying. He’s already switched party affiliation twice. I’m afraid that conservatives are becoming so fearful of being called racist that they will carelessly accept any black person who pats them on the head.

    Those we need to applaud and pay attention to are those who have not wavered. Those whose lives back up their public image.

    1. If you’re young and not a Liberal, you don’t have a heart. If you’re old and not a Conservative, you don’t have a brain. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I appreciated his comments, but his wish for an un-hyphenated republican party isn’t reality. We’re to exercise discernment to tell the false prophet from the real deal.

    This last vote on the C.R. and defunding CommieCare showed the genuine need to identify those who don’t deserve to be known as “republican.” I’ll use my own hyphenated term re. those who sided with Reid and Dear Leader spineless-republicans.

    I welcome this man’s perspective.

    1. the point he making is, that there is no Black-conservative or Establishment-conservative, etc.,

      either you are a conservative or not,

      the boys-girls who voted for cloture aren’t conservatives, they just used the the name GOP to win the election because that the brand in their state,

      i dont think that contradicts with what you say,

    1. Boycott FOX and tune into talk radio instead (Mark Levin & Savage). FOX has too many FRAUDS there like oreilly, karl rove, Shep, jerry rivers(Geraldo), scott browneye, and every lefty on the payroll…

      1. I listen to Savage every day, and while I agree with Levin, he’s no Michael Savage. Levin has knowledge, and he is right, but he lacks something, and his whininess annoys me.

          1. Now now, just because you team up with Mark, no need to downplay SAVAGE! And Mark Levin endorsed Hatch in 2010 who was always a FRAUD and voted like the country club check pants Rino and agst the people for a long long time…
            Today he is an outright TRAITOR along with McCain & Graham…
            I support both over FOX any and every day…

            1. I have a major problem with anyone who says one thing and does the opposite. You can’t trust them.

              Levin’s endorsement was based on the fact that Hatch was usually a reliable conservative, despite his quirks. Levin said so, right up front. He’s since decided it was a mistake. That’s not saying one thing but doing the opposite; It’s simply a bad judgement call.

              Savage slams oil companies, has no clue about energy in general, donated money to Jerry Brown, and slams conservatives–good ones–every chance he gets.

              I get the fact that we have some very quirky people on our “side.” Glenn Beck is a very quirky guy, but he tries to do the right thing. He just makes bizarre judgement calls at the worst of times, and he’s really bad at chasing down details. He’s incredibly difficult to support. But Savage (not his real name) just makes stuff up, like your run-of-the-mill leftist. He’s no friend of conservatism.

              1. Savage has many faults indeed, so let me address your reply.
                1. Give example of SAVAGE saying one thing & doing the opposite?
                2. Orin Hatch has ALWAYS been establishment FRAUD voting for MARXISTS right onto the Supreme Court. I’d say that was major league judgment blunder for MARK…
                3. Oil companies need to be slammed as they operate as an oligopoly (and yes spank you Clinton & Jorge Bush for green lighting EXXON/MOBIL merger, & Chevron/Texaco)…
                4. Jerry Brown donation…I have no idea why he did that (if true-you did not provide source) and 1000% disagree with it!
                5. He slams Rush Limburger & Hannity who are both on our side and both need slamming in my opinion as they are too much in bed with GOP establishment. I wholeheartedly was disgusted when he attacked Mark though…
                6. Glen Beck is 1000 times better than any Rino such as Pete King-NY…
                7. You state SAVAGE makes stuff up? Supply evidence….!
                8. You sound like a milquetoast GOPER….!

      2. In defense of FOX News, they are able to call themselves โ€˜fair & balancedโ€™ because (unlike MSNBC, CNN, etc.), FOX has opposing commentators on the payroll. Granted, they usually make utter fools of themselves (like Bob Beckel), but thatโ€™s one reason FOX leads in almost every prime-time program. Plus it provides an opportunity to show how foolish Liberals are. I think they are pretty smart, itโ€™s a good format.

        1. I don’t like Karl Rove, Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly, or Charles (Mondale’s Speech writer) Krathammer. The only conservatives are Monica Crowley, and Sean Hannity.

          1. You missed the best one…Eric Bolling..!
            And how many times did Hannity have uber Rino FRAUDS on like McCain, L. Graham just to name a few…

        2. Well, I guess it is, but I find them unwatchable. So I don’t. I don’t get my news from there, but if there is a real breaking news story, that’s where I go.

  3. The Head termite and his muzbro slugbuds better start keepin` their heads on swivels…the Truth is creepin` on em….

  4. Elbert is a good man and gave an excellent speech. The termite analogy is a good one and when I was in real estate we hired pest control companies to get rid of them. Looks like we’ve got to get the “pests” under control. Methinks a truth spray would work.

  5. Ok. Now hear this! On Nov. 19th in front of our WH, millions of our fellow Americans will gather in peaceful protest calling for the arrest of Barack H. Obama. This will be headed by the founder of Judicial Watch, a non-profit legal organization who represent many suits against this illegal administration. Remember the multi million protest in Egypt to get rid of Morsi? That’s what we need to take back our country. Americans have much more to lose by doing nothing but complain on websites like these. We need a gathering the likes of which have never been seen before on the streets of our Capital. We need people like you, to pass on this information. We need an army of voices. Please do your part for your country. We can do this, but we must have an avalanche of supporters to pass this on everywhere. Please help!

      1. That’s all the info I have right now. You can read my OpEd about it on Modvive.com listed under politics by ABDunn

  6. I have another analogy, when you are in a national Park the first thing they tell you is not to feed the bears, because doing so will in turn make them depend on you for their survival, instead of working hard and feeding themselves. That is the state of this country we are creating a dependent class, and the long tradition of individual responsibility is dying with it.

    1. I think we can carry this analogy one step further. Not only do we have a dependent class for work, but we also have one as far politics are concerned. I know I was guilty of if for over half my life. I wasn’t paying attention. Let the other guy do it. What can I do about it? I’m done with the Republican Party. We’ve all said it at one time or another. We need to work hard to preserve our Freedom.

  7. STATE Senator – Hmm.. I wonder what he thinks about an article 5 amendments convention of the states. It would be nice to have him on board.

  8. I do very much like the analogy to termites. I would say that “termites” are far more destructive in their mindless, collectivist nature than cockroaches could ever be.

    I also like his phrase “a culture of killing”. Mr. Guillory nailed it. Some of those in our society, in American society, are absorbed with death as the solution to their problems, whoever that problem might be. (For example, “God is dead.”)

    Humans use abortion, for example – death – as a means of solving a “problem”.

    In contrast, conservatives want to defend life and help life prosper, thereby following the ways of the Author of Life.

  9. Guillory is a wonderfully clear and compelling speaker and understands so well the moral crisis which America faces. It is interesting that Palin discussed this same point in one of her recent posts on the culture of death and violence.
    Mr G is humorous and yet speaks of the most serious issues. He reminds me of the way Reagan approached the people through his speeches. Time for a revolution and the new Reagan Democrat coalition.
    Thanks so much Scoop for posting this.

  10. The GOP isn’t reacting because the GOP are also termites! All of them work for themselves, not the people of the USA! They only care about the lobbyists that grease their palms, not their constituents. Our republic is dead.

  11. Nice analogy, but I’ve always preferred to think of the federal government in terms of cockroaches . Termites actually serve a useful purpose in nature, keeping forests clean of fallen trees and leaves. Cockroaches, like government, are loathsome critters that just render any dwelling unfit for habitation. In my humble opinion, of course.

    1. Hi from a patriot also in Tennessee! Most cockroaches also much prefer darkness to light (such as when most the Senate wanted to make a certain cloture vote this past Thursday evening rather than Friday afternoon) but two conservative Senators reportedly opposed it being done at that time.

    2. Bill in Tennessee and notebene, whether you call them termites or cockroaches or my personal favorite – BORG (Barack Obama’s Re-education Gestapo/Gulag) – the Marxist Democrat party collective nest, led by its BORG Queen, Nero Obama, are vile and detestable forms of life which slither out from the sewers of this world and, as Captain Jean Luc-Picard has so well stated of the BORG, they must be defeated because “they are beyond redemption, beyond reason.”

      And clearly the enablers of the Marxist Democrat collective nest amongst the Big Whigs in the Republican Party need to be sent packing too if we are to have any chance of stopping the infestation that is destroying the foundations of our nation from the inside out and, as Senator Elbert Guillory of my home state so well states, we have to have a sense of urgency in our mission lest the whole foundation of our nation be rotted out from within by the BORG Queen, Nero Obama, and his parasitic drones.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

  12. Oh well, I’d love to stay and play but there is hours of Barrett-Jackson car auctions to watch. That’s like a dose of Heroin to a car ‘junkie’ like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. tinlizzie I meant to vote up on your post but my finger slipped and I think I voted down. I wonder if I can undo that vote?

    2. I used to love watching Barrett-Jackson auctions with my husband. It’s so satisfying to see the real cars that have been restored, but my favorites are the few classics that are truly original beauties.
      Enjoy, TLO!

      1. ” but my favorites are the few classics that are truly original beauties.”
        Those are what we call ‘survivors’. Cars that have been repaired and maintained over the years but never been taken completely apart and put back together. That’s what my Model T is. It was repainted and upholstered in the 1950’s The tires on it are probably 50+ years old, I put a new top on it, rebuilt the engine and trans and made it road safe and (semi) dependable but other than that, it’s an 86 year old, ‘used car’. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Those cars at Barrett-Jackson are what we in the business call ‘Trailer Queens’. 90% of them will never be driven down a busy street.
        My wife has a good way to put it. They are automotive ‘Jewelry’. Jewelry that is so expensive, you wouldn’t dare wear it in a crowded place. We use my cars to do the same things we do with her 4 door, Impala ‘grocery getter’. I bought them to drive, I didn’t buy them to polish. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Interesting. I hauled cars for a while (never anything as old as a Model T) but the ones that attracted the most attention for some reason were Road Runners and ’50s pickups. Old Mustangs, VWs, newer Vipers- no comparison. I spent more time in the truck stop saying, “Yes, it’s a ’69” than going down the road.

  13. It’s not going to take generations of our children to pay off the debt. It keeps getting worse while one party spends as much as possible and the other doesn’t try to stop it. The debt will never be paid off and we will find collapse before we find a balanced budget.

  14. If that doesn’t nail the way I see things, I don’t know what does. If he was White and had called Obama ‘The Head Termite’, this would be front page news. I can’t think of a more apt description of what the left has been doing to this country. ‘Nibbling away’ at our freedoms for generations. ๐Ÿ™ Liberalism is a disease, if Conservatives want to die from it, just keep electing the ‘Politicians-for Life’ we have in Congress right now.
    It’s time for a transfusion of fresh Conservative ‘blood’ in Congress. In fact, it’s way past time.

    1. You know, that must mean he’s a queen. I don’t think the termite world has any room for a king termite.

      1. Yes, Nitwitweeter, Nero Obama is a BORG Queen.
        I hope Elbert Guillory runs for governor of my great state and I would think it would be great if he could get actress Stacy Dash in his corner and do some promo ads for Senator Guillory’s FreeAtLastPac.
        Senator Guillory is one of my heroes. And Stacy Dash is a great heroine for the conservative movement.
        John Craven
        New Orleans

    1. Mary Landrieu made it into the Senate the typical Democratic way. Hurricane Katrina demonstrated she was too incompetent to remain a Governor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Sen. Hillary Landrieu was Lt. Governor, if I recall, but she never became governor. Kathleen Blank-out Blanco was governor but that’s a minor point.
        Sen. Hillary Landrieu has done nothing to stop Nero Obama’s attacks on Louisiana, including our successful school voucher program which actress Stacy Dash has rightly condemned as seen here on Right Scoop yesterday. I wish Stacy Dash would go after Landrieu about this.
        John Craven
        New Orleans

        1. You would know. She’s still as big a looser as the ex-Mayor of “Chocolate City”. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. The ex-mayor of “choclate city” high-tailed it out of Dodge when his term ended and is now living in the great state of Texas somewhere in a suburb of Dallas as I recall but that hasn’t stopped the law from going after him for total corruption since he is a Democrat and that’s to be expected and he is now under indictment and trying to delay going to trial for as long as possible.
            John Craven
            New Orleans

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