ELECTION THREAD: It’s Super Tuesday for the Amtrak primaries


It’s election day again and this time it’s Super Tuesday for the Amtrak primaries. There are 172 delegates at stake. Here’s how they break down:


Tuesday, April 26 -- 172 Delegates Total

Connecticut...28 Delegates, Proportional, Closed Primary
Delaware......16 Delegates, Winner Take All, Closed Primary
Maryland......38 Delegates, Winner Take All*, Closed Primary
Pennsylvania..71 Delegates, Winner Take All**, Closed Primary
Rhode Island..19 Delegates, Proportional, Open Primary

*Congressional district delegates are allocated according to results in that district rather than statewide.

**For Pennsylvania, at-large delegates are WTA by statewide vote, but congressional district delegates are elected directly and are officially unbound.

Note that it says the delegates elected by congressional districts in Pennsylvania are unbound. This means that while there are 71 delegates in total, 54 of them are unbound and Cruz will most certainly get a fair portion of them, even if he does poor in the state, thanks to the Cruz ground game.

Here are the current delegate totals:


All the states are on the East Coast so I expect they will all be closing between 7 and 8PM:
You can monitor incoming election results using these links for each state:






Rhode Island:

So it’s an election thread! Enjoy!

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