Secretary John kerry was asked today by Rep. Joe Wilson, a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, if we are at war with Islam. In Kerry’s somewhat meandering response about what kind of war this is, he said something that I thought was stunning:

But if you care about what you call it, it is a war similar to what we did with Al Qaeda and terror. And sure, what I care about is not what we call it, I care about what we do. And I care about making sure we defeat ISIL.

If you’re more comfortable calling it a war against this enemy of Islam then please do so. We’re happy to call it that. I think it’s much more important to focus on how we’re going to do it.

Enemy of Islam? Why would he call it that and not ‘enemy of Iraq/Syria’ or ‘enemy of the US’ or even ‘enemy of the free world’?

Again, it seems the only clear agenda of this administration is to disassociate ISIL from Islam in order to protect Islam.

Watch the clip:

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