Erdogan ATTACKS Israel, says they treat Palestinians like America treated BLACKS – Calls on ALL Muslims to go to Jerusalem

Erdogan came out yesterday and attacked Israel, suggesting they treat Palestinians like America used to treat blacks.

He also called on all Muslims to go to Jerusalem to visit the Al Aqsa Mosque which is on the Temple Mount:

ANADOLU – “All Muslims should visit Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Erdogan said during a speech at the International Forum of Endowments for Jerusalem in Istanbul.

He added that “the special figures on the visit of Muslims to Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, show a great failure in this regard.”

“From our historical beliefs and responsibilities, we pay great attention to Jerusalem and its cause and to the struggle of our Palestinian brothers for justice and truth, and we are making double efforts to make Jerusalem a city of security, stability and peace again,” he said.

The Turkish president pointed out “the impossibility of ensuring peace and stability in the region without a just solution to the Palestinian issue,” pointing out that “the laws must be respected and no country should be allowed to be above the law.”

Erdogan said that “the only way to resolve is to establish an independent Palestinian state with sovereignty, with East Jerusalem as its capital, within the 1967 borders, and therefore pressure must be exerted on Israel.”

He pointed out that “impunity increases the aggressiveness of the perpetrators, and that is the reason that increases the number of crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians.”

Erdogan added that “Israel is intransigent in continuing to strike international laws against the wall, drawing its courage from various forces around the world, and the policies pursued by the Israeli government against the Palestinians are no different from the policies of the old American administrations against blacks.”

He explained that “all attempts to achieve peace and stability in the region are doomed to failure, unless the crimes and massacres committed are accounted for.”

“If you are confident in your beliefs, you should not fear the freedom of others’ beliefs. We are confident of our beliefs, so we are not afraid of freedom of belief,” Erdogan said.

He pointed out that “the draft law calling for a ban on the Adhan (call to prayer) is still present in the Israeli parliament, and that the mere discussion of this subject, is a shame.”

He stressed that Turkey “will not allow the prohibition of prayer in Jerusalem.”

“Turkey welcomes and supports the recent developments in the peace process,” Erdogan said.

He stressed “continuing to support the diplomatic efforts made by the Palestinian state led by its President, Mahmoud Abbas.”

On the question of moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Erdogan stressed that “it is a big mistake to just discuss this issue, and Ankara warned Washington to take this step at the highest levels.”

“Some believe that this issue (the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem) is like changing a panel, but the issue is not that simple,” Erdogan said.

“I consider Hamas’ new political document to be an important step both for the Palestinian issue and for the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah,” Erdogan said.

A couple of years ago Erdogan was completely silent when the world was raging over what Netanyahu had said to get reelected. Once Netanyahu was reelected he began making peaceful overtures, even getting Israel to agree to allow Turkey to provide humanitarian support to Gaza.

But now that he’s become Sultan Erdogan and is officially resurrecting the formerly dead Ottoman Empire, he’s attacking Israel and turning Jerusalem into a civil rights excuse that I believe he may one day use to invade Jerusalem with other Muslim nations.

As I’ve told you before, we know from Ezekiel 38-39 that Gog of Magog (Prince of Turkey) gathers other Muslim countries and invades Jerusalem in the last days, which eventually brings about Christ’s return and Armageddon.

Obviously I believe that is what could be happening here, perhaps in the very beginning stages. It’s hard to say with specificity, but it does appear that what is happening now is the fulfillment of Revelation 17, where it says:

The seven heads are seven mountains, upon which the woman sitteth, and they are seven kings: Five are fallen, one is [6], and the other is not yet come [7]: and when he is come [7], he must remain a short time. And the beast which was, and is not [7]: the same also is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into destruction.

The sixth king (“one is”) was the Roman Empire. Revelation was written by St. John during the Roman Empire, before it fell. The seventh king (“the other is not yet come”) is the Islamic Empire that began around 629 AD and continued as the Ottoman Empire all the way until 1923. But then it falls, as the Bible talks about in Revelation 13, but is resurrected as the eighth king (“the same also is the eighth, and is of the seven”).

We all know that Erdogan loves the Ottoman Empire and has a plan to officially resurrect it by 2023, the centennial of of the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1923. But even now he’s been making Ottoman resurrection gestures since the people made him Sultan on Easter.

And he’s beginning to make the case as to why Turkey may need to one day intervene on behalf of the Palestinians, who he says are being treated like backs were once treated in America.

There’s so much more to this, but if you are confused about any of this prophecy stuff, read my Bible Prophecy Primer and my article on Ezekiel 38-39.

As I always like to point out, we could be years, decades, or more from the days when Turkey, Iran, and other Muslim nations invade Jerusalem. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say it’s probably less than two decades and maybe sooner. But we won’t know for sure until certain prophetic things happen, like the war between Turkey and Egypt for example.

SIDENOTE: The above article was translated by Google Translate from Arabic, which did a spectacular job with the translation. I only had to fix one thing, which I put in italics. Google Translate has improved greatly in the last two years with respect to both Arabic and Turkey. It’s not perfect, but it does make the articles quite readable and understandable in English.

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